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Pack Boots

$120.00 (You save $40.00)
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 Product Description

Our second most popular & warmest pair of footwear. Less weight & only one pair of liners needed (included), and so much warmth! Find out what thousands of others already have!

In all the years I have had Wiggy’s I have not made a product just because someone thought I should. I maintained if I could improve on something that someone else makes, then and only then would I make it. I do make the Sunwalker’s, which are Lamilite inserts for all of the pack boots currently available on the market. They are an improvement over the felt liners, and originally made for a police officer with the Barrow, Alaska police department. They are a 1000 percent improvement over the felt liners that come with the pack boots. The felt absorbs the moisture from the foot, which is the part of the body that emits the greatest amount of moisture. Once absorbed the wet felt liner needs to be in a house with heat for as much as two days to dry. They also wear and need replacement sometimes during the season if worn often. The Sunwalker never absorbs any moisture, can be worn as a bootie around the campsite as well as in the sleeping bag. Sunwalker’s are so durable they can go from a worn out pack boot to a new pack boot. Now for the exciting news, I am manufacturing pack boots that utilize a molded rubber sole that keeps its flexibility in temperatures as cold as -40° F. The upper or shaft is insulated with, you guessed it Lamilite. And the liner is of course the Sunwalker. These pack boots are an improvement over all other previously produced pack boots. They have been improved, by replacing the sole with a rubberized sole, which is also on the inside, which gives excellent traction and eliminates slippage.

Now for some technical information why my pack boots are significantly more efficient than what has been produced before I started making pack boots. It all rests on the Lamilite insulation and how it is used in the boots. First the lower part of the boot, the waterproof part is roomier than traditional pack boots. The reason for the extra room is to allow the Lamilite to expand to its maximum thickness. Remember the greater the thickness the harder it is for the heat produced by the foot to be conducted away from the foot, and conversely the more difficult for outside cold to settle into the boot, hence giving you cold feet.

Color: Black - 600 Denier Nylon 

Receive a FREE pair of Pack Boots with any order over $200. Get another FREE pair for each additional $100 of gear added to your order! You only pay $10 for shipping per pair of boots.

To redeem this offer, add at least $200 of gear to your cart + the number of Pack Boots you're eligible to receive, then enter the code FREEPackBoots in the "Coupon Code" box in your cart, or during checkout (codes for additional pairs provided during checkout).




Product Testimonials

  1. Over-Exceeding Expectations

    Just wanted to let you know that, as usual, your products over exceeded my expectations. I wore a pair of Redington mukluks to loved them but wanted a pack boot. So I ordered a pair and decided break them in on the Beargrease trail. Unbelievably warm and comfy for the whole week.

  2. roomy and that more comfortable

    Hello Wiggy,

    The gear arrived today! That was fast, I was thinking it would arrive in early September. Thanks very much for the fast service. The Jacket and Bib fit perfectly, as do the mittens. I am very happy with the quality as well. I'm also very happy with the quality of the boots. When I first saw them I thought that I had made a mistake on sizing, but comarping with my old boots they were the same size. Then I remember your description of how they are roomier than normal boots. They are so much more comfortable than my old ones. My old ones, while being nice boots, only gave a few mm of wiggle room in the front. These are lot roomier.

    I ususally dread the long winter here, this year I'm almost looking forward to it. I want to go out and test the clothing. I don't think I'll have numb feet or arms this year.

    You'll most likely be hearing from me the next time I need more winter clothing.


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