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foul weather gear for bikers

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If you are a biker traveling long distances the need of a rain suit is very important.

The answer to basically staying dry is to wear or have available to wear a rain suit that is very light and very compactible and does not retain any moisture when you get out of the rain. That rain suit should be made using the DUCKSBACK material.

Today two fellows from California came in to buy a couple of sleeping bags this morning. While they were here I took them into my very sophisticated laboratory and demonstrated how well the DUCKSBACK material sheds water, to say they were impressed was very encouraging. They asked if I made rain gear for bikers. The answer is yes.

My Alaska Range Parka is excellent for bikers as it is for sailors. Having the L-3 liner in it is added protection from the chill that can take place when faced with a driving rain. As for pants a bib is probably best. Anyone wanting a rain suit will have to call about the bib since I have yet to make one and cost it out. We do have rain chaps at this time that are actually waterproof.

One of the beauties of the DUCKSBACK fabric is how light in weight it is and how small it will pack and finally how wrinkle resistant it is, you will always look good in a DUCKSBCK garment.

The biking season is just getting started so if you want to be assured of staying dry consider the DUCKSBACK garments made by Wiggy’s.

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