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ducksback garment

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They are now in inventory as is the pullover.

All orders that were received until now are shipping this week.

They are remarkably light in weight. The extra-large that I have been wearing has a weight of just one pound and nine ounces. To weight it I placed it in a poly bag that measure 12 inches square and it packed down to about 2/3rds the size of the poly bag.

I have worn it in temperatures in the low 30’s and been very comfortable. The pullover has basically 3 times the insulation so it performs at 0 degrees.

Of course if these garments get dirty they are easily washed in any washing machine and drying should be hung dry as they will not be wet for very long.

I expect this garment will get much use during the cooler months of the year by anyone who buys one.

To those of you who have purchase either the pullover or the zippered jacket and had to wait I want to thank you and I hope you are satisfied with these garments.

I wonder if any of the buyers are with companies that have claimed to sell what I am now selling?

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one more bogus insulation

A NEW TESTIMONIAL AND THEN FAKE NEWSAnd I have to say, as I sit here spelling out this reply I’m wearing one of your liner jackets. I love this simple and wonderful thing. It’s so simply adaptable. I can get a little chilled here at the desk, but with the liner I’m perfectly comfortable. Further, [...]

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final comments about testing a sleeping bag

HOW A SLEEPING BAG IS MADE ALSO CONTIBUTES TO ITS EFFICIENCYWhat I published on Monday concerning the temperature ratings of my bags using the Natick Theoretical Clo chart was incomplete. I did not include the numbers for the systems. My Ultra-Light plus the overbag is rated to -20 degrees which equates to 8.5 clo.My Super-Light plus the overbag [...]

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random thoughts

ODDS AND ENDSThe first comment I received about the second Clo article was a very nice compliment. I hope that there were many more that were educated as Marty was.Great follow-up article & summary of your bags’ actual capabilities! Here’s what I’ve learned: Continuous filament fiber surpasses any other insulationThe thicker the filler, the better the insulationLaminating avoids the cold spots caused [...]

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more Clo points

FOLLOW UP TO CLO TESTINGThere are other reasons as if they are necessary why Clo testing needs to be clarified and why the testing of insulations as standalone materials is not a valid method and is unacceptable.Recently I had each of the three primary weights of Lamilite/Climashield Clo tested, but I encased each weight with the single ply nylon taffeta that [...]

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clo value?

WHAT ACTUALLY IS A CLO UNIT?In 1941 A.P. Gagge, A.C. Burton, and H.C. Brazett published a paper in Science Publication explaining a Clo Unit. Clo UnitsThe insulation of a clothing or sleeping bag system is defined in terms of a clo unit. Gagge et a. (1941) derived the value for 1 clo by first considering that the resting [...]

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HYPOCRISYHypocrisy; a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.The following article was published on the SPG’s business e mail that I receive each day; ASTOUNDING!Textile Exchange and NSF International are working together to merge the Responsible Down and the Global Traceable Down Standards into one global down standard. The two parties intend to combine and improve the attributes from each [...]

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more about antimicrobials and boots

CUSTOMER IN PUT ABOUT ANTIMICROBIALSThe following e mail was received in response to my article about antimicrobial. The link is very revealing and for those interested (all should be) in preserving their health the article in Scientific America should be read. The article is about two pages and is written in layman’s language so even I could understand it.Hi [...]

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wonderful testimonial and more on antimicrobials.

THE TESTIMONIALS JUST GET BETTERTo Jerry- I do not know if you read these E-mails but just-in-case you do, I wanted to tell you something you already know: In my humble opinion, your outdoor clothing and sleeping bags are the best in the world. I have been a customer of Wiggy's for quite some time- since the early [...]

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more bad news for gore

The following comment appears in the May 3, 2017 of OUTDISE MAGAZINE.I do not subscribe to the publication but one of my readers either does or happened upon an article titled “GEAR THAT DOESN’T WORK” and sent me a link to it because of the author’s (Wes Siler) comment about Gore-Tex lined running shoes made by Adidas. I am [...]

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