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follow up article

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Jim does receive my commentary so he wrote the following.


The bag I have is your 20 degree MARPAT Ultra-Light. My previous bag was the North Face 20 degree synthetic mummy style. So at first glance on paper they are similar. I feel lucky you had yours on sale. In my opinion your bags are a tremendous value. It's so comfortable we use it around the house often - for two reasons (will be camping soon); one is that the materials you use have a more comfortable feel and two, no matter what I am always dry. Being an active person, my body sweats easily. My problem had always been in the NF bag, regardless of temp, I was always clammy inside which made for miserable nights and mornings. I had to keep their bag half unzipped for ventilation.

After reading all the testimonials and seeing some videos, I tried your bag. There is no comparison, regardless of their price or marketing claims Wiggys do have the best bags. I don't know how to thank you enough as I'll be spending more time camping which is something I love to do.

I am not sure what made me think of testing your bag in that manner, maybe reading about your boot dryers. I think it's worth restating, after a hot shower and climbing in your bag, I was comfortably warm (not hot) and completely dry in less than 10 minutes. That is something a NF bag could never do.

Thank you for what you do. We informed consumers really appreciate it!


I am glad that Jim let us know which Wiggy bag he has and which F bag he also has.

The time frame it took for him to dry off is significantly faster than I expected to hear.

This causes me to wonder how long it does take for a wet person getting into a wet bag takes to dry, 2 hours or more or less? I guess you would have to get into a Wiggy bag wet and set an alarm clock for say 2 hours and note if you are dry or not. If dry great, if not set the clock for one hour and then note if you are dry. Anyone out there game to do the test and let us know how long it does take to dry. You should be in a tent on a ground pad and also use an Ultra-Light 20 degree Wiggy’s bag.

I Jim’s situation he was in his house so a reduced drying time is understandable.

For some years I have thought about writing an article explaining as best as I can the how and why that the continuous filament fiberfill performs as well as it does and why I strongly believe that it will not only not be replaced in the foreseeable future but if ever. I am confident that one hundred years from know if the country exists continuous filament fiberfill will still and possibly be the only form of insulation used for cold weather clothing as well as sleeping bags. A “joy-full” thought.

Since the article will be very detailed it may not be published for a while.

Once again, many thanks to Jim not so sleepless in Seattle since he changed from NF to Wiggy’s.

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