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i could not believe what i read

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The following article was sent to me by a customer. I guess the MIT crowd believes they can say what they want about what they believe they have created. In the case of the following article it is obvious to me that they have not given thought to how the body works and how best to help it work as good as it can. (All comments in italics are mine).

MIT is Shattering Fashion with Ventilated Clothing that Actually Breathes


If you’ve ever bought “clothing that breathes”, it usually doesn’t take long to figure that it is a huge lie. I do hope that the Gore Company and every one of their competitors read’s this opening sentence if nothing else of the article. The statement is blatantly and factually correct and true.

Well, the folks over an MIT have had enough of all the lying. Not so fast, because what you are about to read is equally nonsensical in my opinion.

A Sweat-less future---just a plain old dumb statement!!!!!!!!!!!!

They’ve created a material of clothing whose pores actually open and close based on the level of body heat and sweat it detects...and the promo-video looks like something straight out of National Geographic.

What’s so impressive about this material, is that the ventilating flaps lining the back of the shirt are live microbial cells that shrink and expand in response to changes in humidity. If you are a nature lover you may like having living organisms on your body emitting their waste product.

So, when you are in mile four of your five-mile run, you better believe those flaps will be wide open. And when you are cooling off at the juice bar across the street, they’ll close up. How about cooling off at a beer joint?

In a sense, they kind of remind me of windows in a car. But, MIT says they were influenced by bacteria in nature, which respond to humidity and temperature in similar ways. I fail to comprehend the similarity between car windows and bacteria.

This material and garment has huge implications for athletes achieving the highest level of performance, which is why they aren’t stopping at clothing. The article of clothing pictured is a close fitting garment so moisture will be trapped against the skin surface just like the garments from all of the other sports apparel manufacturers. They all function exactly the same way trapping perspiration.

They also believe that the material can be useful in shoes – helping guys with sweaty feet finally get the air they need. No one likes it when their “dogs are barking”, but we all hate it more when that person has to take their shoes off to “air those puppies out”. This is the second most outrageous of their statements, the most outrageous is coming up. Are they going for socks or shoes made with this material? The reality is the microbes will die causing greater odor as is the case with ALL footwear that is lined with ptfe film, primarily from Gore these days.

A breathable shoe would be an amazing advancement in the struggle of foot odor. The breathable shoe might just eat your toes. See above comment!

Interestingly, MIT has been hard at work in their fashion labs creating the technology in the future of fashion. They are full of themselves aren’t they?

That’s my favorite (and only) shirt

Imagine if a single article of clothing was all we EVER needed. Just imagine!

Well, MIT’s Self Assembly Lab is currently working on a material that will redefine the wardrobe, eliminating the need for a walk-in closet and even a washer and dryer. They call it “active auxetics”, which are a metamaterial whose pores grow and shrink based on the weather elements. I am sure this will appeal to women all over the country, having but one outfit; really!

This metamaterial prototype (seen in this video) will shrink when it’s cold and expand when it’s warm, allowing the same garment to be functional no matter the climate or condition. Here is the first most outrageous statement. MIT is located in Massachusetts a place where winter can be brutal at times. I for one would like to see the one and only garment that one can wear for ALL seasons. It is at this point I become aware of the overriding fact that the level of intelligence associated with MIT no longer exists there. Education like building a house MUST have a solid foundation in order to proceed and unfortunately those who get accepted at MIT were educated in government schools so I believe there is a lot to be desired when you consider current student body.

Active auxetics enables designers to create clothing that doesn’t get dirty, sweaty, or worn-down. The power that lies in this material could revolutionize what it means to consume clothing. If there is no need to have three pairs of the same jeans, people won’t buy them. In years past I dealt with designers and the only thing they think of is how to make a garment attractive and nothing more.

MIT is an unlikely player in the fashion arena, but their ability to create new materials that are responsive to the human body and the outdoor elements is inspiring. Yes they are not only unlikely and they have proven with this entry why, they don’t really know what they are doing. Maybe this is a late season April fool’s joke, if that was not the intention, they have been successful regardless.

When you look at the picture or pictures of the garments it is obvious that they are made from polyester fiber yarns. They probably have spandex yarns mixed in so the garment has stretch. The fact that there are these flaps on the back where I guess moisture is emitted in large quantities does not mitigate the fact that there are pores all over the human body emitting moisture. The end result is moisture being trapped by the material where ever it is covering the human body.

They obviously do not know that the moisture will give one a chill when worn in cold conditions, I believe once the temperature goes below 50 degrees F.

I wonder if this was/is a government sponsored project, so they would have a government grant. Welcome to higher education!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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