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I bought one of these in Red Deer Alberta, in around 1994 it was and is my favorite garment. 23 years later and it's still pretty good just a little rough from wear and tear. It wore so well lasted forever, you can wear it on a crisp summer night or at -40 F it just keeps you at the right temperature. You can compress it in a sack and it dries fast. World class garment thanks for making such a high quality garment that has kept me comfortable in town and outdoors for more than 20 years’ worth every penny and more. Regards James G Boyd

Dear Wiggy,

Having seen your recent post about using your Lamilite socks with LL Bean boots I thought I would share my experiences with you.

I have hunted and camped in New England since the 1960s. Was away from the area from 1997 till 1988 and when I returned bought my first pair of LL Bean boots. They were a slip-on Gore-Tex Thinsulate model that I still have but is on it last replacement bottoms... They always kept my feet warm but by adding your socks gained at least 10* and my feet seem dryer.

The second pair I received as a gift in 1999. They are a tall uninsulated pair that I usually use in the fall and spring. If wearing wool socks and moving the boots are good down to about 35*...45* if sitting. By adding the Lamilite socks to these boots I can sit down to about freezing for a couple of hours... Walking in the snow is no problem.

Last is a pair of rubber bottom paces from LaCross. They came with two sets of liners, one was wool and one was polypropylene. They have always been warm walking and standing to about 25*. This year I took the liners out and replaced them with the new tall Sunwalker booties...now my feet are warm down into the single digits sitting and will probably be comfortable to at least zero...

Thanks for your great products...Bob in NH


About 25 years ago or so I bought one of your sleeping bags.Still have it, still in perfect condition. Still purple.

Was looking at your website recently and saw that you were having a sale on the military camo bags. So I ordered one for my wife. Wanted it for camping and our bug out bag. We just got it today and I just have to say how much we like it. Haven't used it yet but if it's anything like my other bag we'll have a quarter of a century to see how well it holds up. I expect it will do well.

Thanks, Royce

P.S. This isn't a complaint but I think that I actually may have paid more for my first bag.

Not sure how you made it better and cheaper.


Believe it or not, I have not received a contact from one company that makes waterproof breathable fabrics or garments taking me up on my challenge. Of course I do not believe it will ever happen but strange things do happen now and then. Will let you know if it does happen.


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