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reclaiming the new old stuff you bought

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A few years ago Patagonia started reclaiming used garments and most recently I read that Columbia Sportswear is doing the same thing. How many other companies and I suspect several are doing the same program.

Maybe if they made better garments they would not be wearing out so fast.

ALL of these large company’s products are based on planned obsolescence. They have to have new styles each and every year so the garments have to wear out fast, deteriorate quickly so people will by the new one. You see they have to meet targets set by Wall Street and if they don’t their stock takes a hit. They have this need to increase sales each and every year again to meet the Wall Street investor’s expectations.

I believe and hear it from customers all the time that this company or that company simply does not make the same quality they did years ago.

For those of you who happen to view any of the business news programs you learn quickly the needs placed on companies having to hit certain numbers for the investors.

I have been intrigued by the program “shark tank”. People present their ideas to these investors and all you hear from them is “what is the return that I will get for my investment”? I do not believe they are really concerned about the long term for the most part. Generally speaking the person doing the presenting is looking at a long term business. The point being that investors want to see one thing and only one thing profits constantly. Some of the ideas are at best questionable, but it shows me we still have people who at least think.

In order for the companies serving the outdoor industry are doing is allowing the investors to direct them. To begin with the products must be made in Asia because labor is cheap. That means all the components must also be made in Asia. However, as some labor in Asia has risen the offset is less quality material used to make the product. Last year I purchased 6 short sleeve shirts and noted the quality of the cotton was possibly one half the weight of shirts previously purchased by me four or five years ago.

I have shown in one of my videos a North Face sleeping bag that is sold at REI as well as other retailers I assume that is by no means worth the $180.00 I paid for it. The fiberfill used is the cheapest fiberfill you can buy in Asia, the construction of the bag is as cheap and poor as I have ever seen and I can only assume the fabrics are also incredibly poor quality. In addition while the temperature rating for the bag is plus 20 degrees F, it will not perform at that temperature unless you are using it in your heated house when the temperature outside is 20 degrees F. The poor quality of the North Face sleeping bag is but the tip of the iceberg for their line of products but, you can add to the list every brand that is publicly traded who also get their production from Asia sources. Companies like Columbia, Nike, Under Armour to name a few. I repeat the need of these companies to maintain their position with the Wall Street investors is to constantly show profits regardless of the quality of what these companies deliver to the stores. The store keepers don’t care either because all they want is something to sell; good, bad or indifferent.

So who is the recipient of all of the trash that these companies make available to the consumers, the consumers.

By the way, while I noted a sleeping bag, I could have noted all kinds of products that cover the human body from footwear to head wear and everything in between.

If you are an investor you might as well buy the trash put out from the brands that you own stock in.

Now you know why these companies have reclamation programs!!!

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