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rubberized boots and waterproof breathables

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Your pac boots are the only rubber bottom boot that works. Had a pair of LL Beans boots in 1980/90s. Always got cold feet! This winter wore your pac boot on my winter Caribou hunt in February along the Denali Hwy. Temps between 0-10F. Feet sweated of course but never cold. Dragged out a Caribou in 4ft of snow even so and worked up good sweat.

I think the ultimate footwear combo is your leather boot, Lamilite socks plus Mukluks.

Steve P,

I have a pair of those Bean boots-pile lined with an unspecified amount of Thinsulate in the bottoms. Without your Lamilite socks the boots won't remain effective in sub-freezing temps for long.

Years ago Bean claimed those boots were good to -20.What a joke.

Donald L.

I find it interesting the number of people who write to me presenting their experience with the various products I expose as being not what the companies selling them advertise about them. This is a perfect example of that. I am also puzzled as to why people who do get products that do not work chose not to go back to the source and complain. Not doing that will not get a product corrected if that is possible. Also note that Bean is going the same direction as ALL of the other boot makers, which to my mind is to I believe potentially harm their customers.

Having read these responses to my article I decided to see if the Bean Company published a temperature rating for the only insulated boot I could find, Gore-Tex and Thinsulate. They have one of these contact boxes so you do not have to call them. What follows is the written communication that I had with one of their representatives. In the event that she gets to read this I want to personally apologize to her, since she was the conduit between me and the “product specialist” who has never worn these boots in the 0 to -25 degree F condition, in my opinion.

what is the temperature rating for the goretex thinsulate boot?

jerry • 9:06 AM

You are now chatting with Michele

Hi Jerry. I will be happy to check if there is a comfort rating for these. One moment please.

Michele • 9:09 AM

The Gore-Tex/Thinsulate Boot has not been tested for a comfort rating. I apologize for this. They have 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation which will provide a good level of warmth though.

Michele • 9:11 AM

Let me check with a product specialist for an approximate temperature range for that type of insulation. One moment.

Michele • 9:11 AM

i am waiting thank you for your attention to my question. winter in colorado can be very cold so i always check what i buy for winter use.

jerry • 9:13 AM

Thank you for waiting. You can expect them to keep your feet warm in approximately 0-25 degrees, depending on your activity level.

Michele • 9:14 AM

thank you

jerry • 9:14 AM

You're welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Michele • 9:15 AM

Yhttps://help.llbean.com/system/templates/chat/core/chat/img/icon_clock.pngour estimated wait time is 0minutes

The following information I copied straight off of the Bean page of these boots.


  • Waterproof protection of rubber-bottom “duck” boots with the supple comfort of full-grain leather.
  • A uniquely shaped foot form offers comfort and stability, and a steel shank adds support.
  • Thinsulate™ Insulation olefin/polyester for extra warmth during cold snaps.
  • Waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex® lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable in extreme wet weather.

    Additional Features

  • These boots – the “original antidote to wet feet” – were designed by L.L. Bean himself.
  • Still crafted here in Maine from the highest quality materials.
  • Made in Maine.

    “The original antidote to wet feet”. Are they kidding? Obviously not! I can’t believe that any employee of this company has ever used these boots in these conditions. If they had they would have at the expense of losing their job told the powers to be that they did have wet feet to start and if it were only in the teens their feet would also have been cold. Notice their literature says these boots were designed by L.L. Bean himself, however would he have used the Gore-Tex and Thinsulate if available 100 years ago? If he personally tested the boots possibly not!

    IF Bean is marketing the most famous product based on erroneous information what else do they sell that is erroneously misrepresented, winter outerwear?

    This attitude perpetrated by a company that has grown over the years and been well respected is repeating what has been happening over and over again by many companies serving the outdoor enthusiasts to the detriment of the outdoor enthusiasts, in my opinion.


    The following article is from the Industrial Fabrics Association e mail I just received.

    Active sportswear spurs waterproof breathables market

    April 7th, 2017 / By: IFAI / Industry News, News

    Market interest in apparel that protects active people from the elements, but doesn’t trap sweat, will continue. Information from Global Market Insights Inc. (GMI), reported in an article by David Bradley on materialstoday.com, suggests consumers’ increased demand for environmentally friendly products, general market growth in sportswear, and more people taking up extreme, mountain-based sports could all boost demand for breathable, waterproof apparel.

    The report expects growth in the breath-able market to increase by 5.1 percent each year from 2015 to 2022. Waterproof and breathable footwear is predicted to surpass $550 million by 2022 at a growth rate of 6 percent. Active sportswear is projected to account for more than 80 percent of the market share during the time frame discussed in the report.

    Trend reports also reveal that membrane technology is more popular with consumers than textile coatings. The manufacture of densely woven, waterproof, breathable textile materials for military, medical and workwear in other segments is also on the rise. Revenues of $231.5 million by 2022 are predicted.

    Consumers and marketers have an increased awareness of the need for sustainable products, which may fuel growth of waterproof, breathable textiles. Some manufacturers have created environmentally friendly products that are PTFE-free, PFC-free and recyclable.

    GMI notes key players in the sector as W. L. Gore & Associates (Goretex products) and eVent, part of General Electric. Other companies include APT Fabrics, Columbia Sportswear, Heartland Textiles Co. Ltd., Helly Hansen, Jack Wolfskin, Mountain Hardwear, Nike, The North Face and Patagonia.

    I do not know who David Bradley is but I do know something about him, he has no knowledge of the fact that waterproof/breathable material does not exist at this time and as far as I am concerned man will never be able to make such a material.

    What is revealing about the article is why these companies want to make claims that cannot be substantiated to market such a product; many millions of dollar!!

    Here is a challenge to each and every company that is mentioned in this article as well as each and every company that makes the same claim about their product whether it is a fabric or finished garment to come to Grand Junction, Colorado to Wiggy’s and show me how their product actually works. I will bring from my home my treadmill and stationary bicycle and wear whatever they bring and get on these work out machines myself.

    I will have my cameraman who shoots my videos on hand and will post the video with an apology as well as with drawing every word that I have said that is negative about this concept IF I don’t sweat and keep the sweat inside the garments.

    Do not hold your breath while waiting to see if any of them takes me up on my challenge.

    David wake up to reality!!!!!!!!!!!

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