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Alaska Range Parka Liner


 Product Description

The Alaska Range Parka Liner: a jacket/parka all on it's own, or the liner for additional support.

The Liner zips into the Alaska Range Parka shell of your choosing.

There are two different insulating layers that can be zippered into the Alaska Range Parka depending upon the weather conditions you will be using the parka for:

  • the L-3 layer for temperatures as low as +20° F
  • the L-6 layer for temperatures as low as -10° F
  • the L-12 layer for arctic use

The shell fabric used for the zip in liner is supplex so it can be worn as a parka without the shell.


Product Testimonials

  1. Alaska Range Parka Liner, L-12

    I purchased the L-12 Alaska Range Parka Liner. Here are my observations:

    Although Wiggys sizes have run a little large for me in the past, this one was on the money. If you are uncertain when ordering this, you may want to go one size larger than you think you need. If nothing else, you will allow yourself some room for layering.

    Since it is described as a liner, I was not completely sure if it would work as a stand alone jacket all on its own. Now that I have looked it over, I can say that yes it can be used as a jacket and will do a good job. It both functions and looks like any other good quality jacket, and there is nothing about it (other than maybe the pockets) that says it is a liner. It is not flimsy by any stretch of the word. It seems like the zipper is reversed (left hand instead of right hand) which I assume is to make it compatible with the zipper on the parka shell, which I did not buy. As usual with wiggys, it is a good quality heavy duty zipper.

    It has a high collar, which I think is important for staying warm. I wouldn't mind some adjustability of the collar such as velcro or a draw cord, but it is also good just like it is. Combine the high collar with the Insulated Head Cover also sold by Wiggys, and you're in business. It also has nicely and generously cuffed wrists which I know from experience are an invaluable design feature for staying warm. Add a pair of good quality, gauntlet style mittens, and you will be able to keep working all day long.

    It has two pockets, and although they are large pockets, they are not the huge insulated pockets you think of with most cold weather jackets. If you are wearing mittens, it will be virtually impossible to put your hands in the pockets as they are not big enough or easily accessible enough to slide your mittened hands into. You will be able to get bare hands into the pockets just fine, but these pockets will do next to nothing to keep bare hands warm, as that is clearly not their intended purpose. Also, the two pockets open from the top rather than the back of the pocket. For carrying something lightweight that does not need protection from the cold, the pockets should be fine. An advantage of the top opening versus back opening pockets is that things will not slide out of the pockets; gravity keeps them where they belong. If you need more conventional, larger, or insulated pockets that you can stick your mitted hands into, you may need to buy a parka shell to go with this liner. For me, the pockets seem like a perfect place to put my headwear or gloves when I am not using them.

    To summarize, this is a high quality, perfectly viable and effective cold weather jacket in its own right, provided you do not require the larger and more accessible pockets presumably found on the parka shell.

  2. Temperature range

    I have been using the L-6 liner/Alaska Range Parka for over 10 years now. Like all Wiggy's products, it lasts and the Climashield keeps you as warm as advertised to -10F. What tends to be overlooked, however, is that, given its moisture transparency, it remains comfortable to higher temperatures. I have worn this combination to 50F with zipper down and been fine. I have worn it both alpine and cross-country skiing. Most clothing leaves you overheated in such intense exercise but Climashield passes moisture so quickly I'm fine in the thirties. Rain doesn't soak in easily and body heat dries it quickly. For higher temps, I prefer a Wiggy's jacket liner in an Army field jacket. You're only choice is Ducksback or not. Climashield over fishnets is better than anything else I've ever tried.

  3. The L-6 Liner/parka

    I received my L-6 liner/Parka,,let me say this,,you will be so thrilled at the weight of it,,its non fancy looks like other well known trendy brands have,,but I put it on, went outside,,didn't feel any cold air from my thighs to my neck area,,even though its designed to be a liner for Antarctica,,or the other specific parka its made for.
    The neck area to me could be just a little more closed,,but thats not a deal breaker,,I have seen Wiggy's video's and read his newsletter emails,,its exactly as advertised,,I can imagine what & how his other products are,,EXCELLENT,,if you want to buy some outstanding made in the USA outdoor, camping gear Wiggy's should be your choice,,I'm now convinced no more trendy fancy labeled brands with the fake stuff on the inside claiming to be Duck or Goose down,,now back to this Liner on the pockets theres a little slit top opening to place your stuff,,ie keys, phone,,etc,,its not getting wet either,,

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