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All-Purpose Lightweight Jacket


 Product Description

This all-purpose jacket is the same design as the Ducksback Zippered Jacket, but with different materials.

  • The shell fabric is a lightweight Supplex
  • The lining fabric is nylon taffeta
  • The insulation is the 3 ounce Lamilite, quilted (the reason for the quilting is to stabilize the light weight Lamilite)
  • There will be a two-way separating YKK molded tooth zipper

Based upon use, this level of insulation is very efficient from 32° and higher. I have been wearing my Ducksback zippered jack most of the winter in Grand Junction, Colorado but our winters in general are not severe. Also, based upon feedback from customers who have used the Supplex shell jackets such as the sweater or Barren Grounds Parka in rain situations, customers have reported staying dry—even though the Supplex got wet—which leads me to believe that having the lightweight Lamilite in the garment keeps the rain water out. I also know that hiking through any mountainous region when the ambient air temperature is 60/70° it will drop quickly when it rains. Therefore, having the layer of insulation if the drop in temperature goes into the 40’s is very necessary. I can tell you for a fact that sailing in the Long Island Sound during the summer when the temperature is 80° – 90°, it dropped to 60° when a squall came up. So my foul weather jacket was never enough when rain was pelting me. I always had to have a vest to wear under the foul weather jacket.

The other aspect of this garment is the fact that it will allow perspiration to migrate out. When I look at ALL of the light weight garment with the bogus waterproof/breathable labels I know that ALL who wear these garments when caught in rain get cold. The rain presses the garment against the body and since the rain water is cold the nylon that the water hits reacts quickly to that temperature and it gets cold, so you get cold. Then, of course, the fact that their own perspiration has been trapped in the garment against their skin surface also contributes to getting cold. The thickness of the Lamilite prevents that from happening. Once again, it is important to understand the necessity of getting rid of body-produced moisture. The Lamilite prevents the outside rain water from getting into the garment and also keeps you warm so your body heat can cause any perspiration to change from liquid to vapor so it can flow out of the garment.


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