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1lb (16 oz.)

 Product Description

Rain Gear That Covers You & Your Pack!  

3 Quarter Length For Adequate Coverage! 

Stop Buying New Raingear Every Year, Invest In Quality! 

A full-length rain garment, the cagoule is sized to fit over everything, including your pack. It can even be used as a bivi shelter in an emergency. The fabric is a 200-denier Oxford nylon that is waterproofed with polyurethane, and all the seams are seam taped. The hood has two draw cords, one around the face and the other across the back of the head. The latter draw cord reduces the overall size of the hood for a better fit. There is a pouch pocket in the chest area. There are two shock-cord drawcords, one at the waist and the other at the base of the garment. It is as close to the ultimate in rain protection that you can get. The garment also provides excellent protection when used on a boat.

All Materials Are Urethane Coated Nylon *Waterproof*


Product Testimonials

  1. Best Raingear

    If you're looking for great raingear, look no further.

    The coverage on this is great, and its kept me dry being out in pouring rain for hours (multicam PU coated).
    Football games, steelhead fishing, turkey hunting, its great!
    You wont feel damp as long as you have a bit of Lamilite on underneath (L-3 works just fine).

  2. Best sleeping bag..Period!!!

    Dear Gerry, I have your Nautilus Overbag Rectangle; rated for +35 F, and the Hunter Ultima Thule bag; rated for -20 and when used as a set for FTRSS it rates -60. Between these two bags, I can sleep in any condition. I also have the Alaska Range Parka Liner with the L-12 for Arctic use, warmest parks I have ever had. I also have the Liner Jacket and vest which I wear most of the time. When it gets a little bit cooler I wear the vest under the Jacker which stops the wind and will keep me warm down to about 30F. Your boot liner socks are unbelievable, to say the least, Wow what a product as my feet are never wet or damp with daily use! Sam Larson who won the last "Alone" show where they were in Mongolia and it got really cold. Sam Larson used a Wiggy's Antartic Bag rated at 60-F. Sam stated to me that he never was cold, he told me that Larry who was a runner-up used a bag from "Feather Friends at a cost of $1,100.00"! and he, (Larry), was cold a lot of the time. He stated that he could never really get warm at all!! Wiggy's bag does it again! What a testimonial from some who had to endure the elements for over 60 days! While I was in The Yukon, I had used my bags and Parka with conditions of -20 with sleet and snow and Wiggy's equipment always worked and kept me really warm. I had accidentally worked up a sweet while being in -10F and got into my sleeping bag and I was almost immediately was warm and I was completely dry within minutes of being in the bag. Thanks, Gerry for such great products "That actually work"!!!!

  3. thank you, great customer service

    ...And I sincerely thank you for looking into the matter. You seem to have a quality operation at Wiggy's. I'm not surprised that FedEx couldn't understand why it wasn't delivered, as there was no real reason for it. I'm certain that it was your inquiry that did the trick.

    The Cagoule arrived today and I'm very satisfied with it and plan on taking it on it's first outing soon — a hiking trip on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. It'll cover my pack nicely. It'll also be just what I need to get back to shelter when caught out deer hunting. I can slip my arm out of the sleeve and carry my rifle inside it.

    Thanks again.

  4. Summit Successful

    Dear Wiggy –

    I just returned from a four-week climbing expedition to Canada’s Northwest Territories. Several of your products helped make the trip warm, dry, and enjoyable and I wanted to share some details.

    My sleeping bag system consisted of the Desert rectangular bag paired with the Ultralight mummy. I used both in base camp, for a roomy and extremely warm sleeping set-up that also allowed space inside to contain water bottles and footwear. But the real test came on our main mountaineering objective, a vertical, 2500-foot granite buttress called the Phoenix.

    Weight and bulk were critical, since all supplies for our four-man team had to be hauled up the wall, so I took only the Ultralight bag. Instead of using a bivi sack, as I’d always done previously on walls—with generally unsatisfactory results—I paired the bag with a Wiggy’s Cagoule for shelter.

    One evening, as we prepared to spend a night on a tiny ledge about midway up the route, a cold drizzle started, and would keep up the entire night. The perch I was on proved to be much too sloping to use: when I got into my bag I found I’d just slide off, coming tight against my harness tie-in. The cagoule, however, allowed me to rearrange the rocks on my ledge, while still remaining sheltered from the weather. I quickly managed to build a cradle-like spot that kept me from slipping off. Once construction was over, I pulled my arms out of the cagoule sleeves and slept with them inside.

    The cagoule hood was much more weatherproof than the always-problematical bivi-sack closure. I could sit and doze comfortably in a knee-up sitting position, and by using a small foot sack (my climbing pack also would have worked) I could stretch out full length. When the drizzle turned to a rain/snow mix, the bag proved more than warm enough. Even where I had let the foot get directly rained on, the bag held absolutely no water other than some dampness in the shell. This will be my regular system from now on!

    I also experimented with the Wiggy’s Leg Jackets, and I will be using these more in the future. Layering is key to staying comfortable in the rapidly changing conditions on a rock wall, but because of your harness and the need to stay tied in, it’s very difficult to add bottom layers during a climb. The leg jackets solved this problem, providing an amazing amount of warmth, slipping on easily without me needing to untie, and leaving my harness gear and belay loops completely unobstructed. I think I could even use these in place of a sleeping bag for bivouacs, since I always carry a warm jacket anyway and really only need lower-body insulation. I’ll let you know how that works out!

    When my partners started stirring the next morning—I won’t say “woke up,” since I’m pretty sure they didn’t sleep—I could tell they had not been as cozy and comfortable as I. Fortunately, they were young and strong and climbed well anyway, and late the next day we succeeded in reaching the summit of the Phoenix. Despite my vote to make another wall bivouac on the way down, my partners, their bags still damp, overruled me, so we rappelled all through the next night, and made it down safely. Thank you, Wiggy’s, for that extra night’s sleep!

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