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 Product Description

The Wiggy's Vest: Now produced with DUCKSBACK material, the vest is tougher, more wind and water resistant and for some... more stylish! 

Made from our 6oz Lamilite, the vest makes a great liner or outer garment.

The DUCKSBACK is nearly as close as you can get to a waterproof material while retaining the vapor permeability you need in cool climates. A little contradictory at first but allow us to explain. The lining of our garments is as we have stated, made of nylon taffeta. The shell of DUCKSBACK material will keep the wind and the moisture from penetrating you as easily as it would in a taffeta. As the moisture you create moves thru the taffeta nylon and thru the silicone coated insulation it will hit the shell. Once the moisture has hit the shell, nature or physics will take its course to draw and dry the moisture from the DUCKSBACK to leave you with the garment you awoke to put on.

DUCKSBACK has also proven to be more resistant to tears and snags, standing up to the terrain you will see with better durability. 

The Design:

  • #10 YKK Zipper
  • Two insulated, hand warmer pockets at the waist (outside).
  • Medium to high collar
  • Snap shut zipper flap
  • Rear tail to prevent penetrating breezes when sitting



Product Testimonials

  1. Best vest ever

    This is my favorite piece of Wiggy's clothing. Built to last a lifetime, and you can actually wash it whenever necessary, unlike the down vests you buy for twice the price that are made in China. I recommend going up a size.

  2. special order filled, thanks


    After what has been essentially a 4 year hiatus from hunting with my daughter off to college this fall I plan to get back to it and so I've been going through all my gear and looking at where I'm deficient. I'm a public land hunter and to get to isolated unpressured patches I'm having to traverse rugged terrain features, steep ravines, rock faces, river crossings and the like often covering a mile and a half plus. I need insulated clothing that is highly packable, lightweight, extremely warm and that can be layered. How I stumbled onto Wiggy's is that their products are known for extreme conditions and I had been talking to Jerry about some footwear solutions. But I've heard about his vest and "Sweater" which is really a jacket and I mentioned to him that it's too bad that he doesn't offer the vest in Multicam as my Predator fleece wind barrier vest wasn't cutting it and I need something to throw on that last hour or 2 when the temps drop as I need that extra layer of core warmth and wind resistance. He said oh you can have that in Multicam and I said I want it and he offered it for a good price shipped and the order was placed. Well the thing weighs next to nothing provides tremendous wind resistance, is as warm as a furnace and is highly packable.

    Well I had recently purchased a Cabelas Stand Hunter Extreme Coverall for the late season that I never wore and returned because it was just too heavy and not packable at all. So I said to Jerry it's too bad you don't have a hooded jacket and a pants with the same construction that I could pack in and put on when I get out there and then throw the vest over that for the last hour. We talked it over he shot me a price and I swear it was like he read my mind. I think that he's a hunter too and hunts in some harsh conditions made him attuned to what my needs are.

    It is literally like being wrapped in a sleeping bag while retaining complete mobility for the task at hand. I remain amazed by how light and packable this gear is.

    It is not often that my expectations are exceeded but I have to say that it is certainly the case here. The Multicam Sweater with detachable hood precisely meets my requirements of lightweight windproof packable warmth. With the addition of the vest, the combination will provide warmth for any conditions, while allowing the mobility necessary for the task at hand. The Multicam pants with full zippers will allow for easy on and off over clothing and boots. The features of all of the garments are highly thought out for maximum function. It's as if I am surrounded by a sleeping bag while maintaining complete function. Perfect fit. It's like you read my mind and delivered.
    Thank You!!!

  3. You guys are awesome!

    Hey there!

    You guys are awesome! No doubt about it. It's hard to find an American company with such outstanding service in this day and age but you guys have it! Your clothing is amazing. And your gear is perfect. I love you guys! If you have any free stickers you could send my way I'd love to show my support. Thanks my friends.

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