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DUCKSBACK Zippered Jacket


 Product Description

This is a finger tip length jacket. The fabric is the most water resistant non-coated or laminated fabric I know of, hence the name DUCKSBACK—as water runs off of the fabric like water running off of a duck's back. Completely vapor permeable.

This garment works best if you wear the fishnet top as a first layer and loose fitting non-coated layers over it.

  • 3oz. Lamilite lining
  • Completely machine washable & dryable.
  • Elastic wristlets
  • Permanent hood

 Excellent for all outdoor uses including sailing.

When you receive this jacket, run water over the fabric and you will see what I have seen: water running down the fabric like water running down a duck's back—hence the name. As for its vapor permeability, it will work best if you wear under garments that are themselves vapor permeable. I strongly recommend—for the absolute best results—that the very first layer you wear is the fishnet top. It will allow the entirety of moist vapor coming out of your pores to move quickly away from your skin surface. The fishnet underwear should always be loose fitting. Remember the fishnet material is a barrier separating the surface of your skin from the next layer of fabric; that is its primary purpose: so that the vapor can easily move away from you. All subsequent layers of clothing should also be loose fitting so as not to be constricting of your movements and never coated with anything. This will give the moist vapor the very best chance of moving through all layers (including the Lamilite) and out of the garment—meaning through the DUCKSBACK cloth as well.

 Product Videos

Wiggys › Introducing the NEW Ducksback Material!
  • Wiggys › Introducing the NEW Ducksback Material!

Product Testimonials

  1. 1 Year Review

    The Ducksback Zippered Jacket is a phenomenal garment, and one of Wiggy's best in his jacket lineup.
    I've had the jacket for a little over a year now, and shes held up through all the use and abuse I've thrown at her in that time. She makes an excellent layer or standalone jacket, and I'd highly recommend her as one of the best jackets I own.

    The jacket wears like a parka, with a very generous hood that does an excellent job covering the entire face. The jacket comes down well past the waist, akin to that of a parka or anorak, excellent for sitting on a moist bench or possibly in the snow. If you zip her all the way up you can get away with temps as low as 45 F with just a T-shirt underneath, any colder and you'll want a sweater, rest assured though she's built well for accommodating layers so such is not a problem. If you live in the city and happen to be living in very humid summers, you can zip the jacket all the way open and ventilate as you move from building to building. You'll be surprised at how well the garment breathes in the heat.

    The Ducksback fabric is very soft and very strong. I keep this jacket permanently packed in my backpack, and she compresses very small and retains loft like Wiggy claims. I've not felt her any less warmer than the day i bought her. I've washed her numerous times, and she always stays warm and water resistant. As a rain jacket she works very well. In absolute down pours you'll want a poncho if staying dry is your priority, unless of course your on the move and sweat is your bigger of the two enemies. It takes a down pour before water got through the seams, in lighter rain no water ever got through. In the cold, she cuts the wind very well. Most impressively, wet or dry the jacket was never cold, always stayed warm. Even fell asleep in her while the jacket got soaked through and woke up dry. Amazing, absolutely amazing.

    If you buy this jacket you will be happy. She's light, warm, and highly water and wind resistant. Makes an excellent layer, and retains loft very well. She packs very well into my pack, and dries incredibly fast should she ever soak through. I'm very happy with the product I've received for my money, and would recommend this jacket to anyone.

  2. A great winter jacket!

    It was 21˚F this morning in west Tennessee... pretty cold for around these parts this early in winter (even though it isn't officially winter yet). I was wearing my Wiggy's jacket liner AND my brand new Wiggy's Ducksback Zippered Jacket. I was so warm! The pockets kept my hands warm and the hood really kept both face and head warm. I used a baseball cap under the hood for protection against the elements and sunlight. I was glad I ordered this jacket. I also have another coming in for me and one for my wife. I can't wait to give it to her. She will finally be able to stay warm.

    Now, Mr. Jerry, I do have a problem with your jackets though. While I was outside enjoying my new jacket, one of my daughters slipped on my Ducksback Pullover and put it over her vest and warm up. She was standing right next to me. the problem? I have now lost my pullover! THAT IS THE PROBLEM! Daughters, they are truly something else...

    Take care,


  3. The Perfect Winter coat for me


    My Ducksback zippered Jacket came today.

    This may well be the perfect winter jacket for me here in Oklahoma.

    Oklahoma winters can be vicious or mild. Depends on which way the wind blows.

    South from the Gulf and things are pleasant.
    West and it depends SW is ok NW look out.
    North and it can be super wet cold.

    Locally we say nothing but fence posts between us and the Artic.

    I thought long and hard between the jacket and urban parka. I made my decision based on other Wiggys clothing I have. Years ago, I got one of you sweater jackets (before the Ducksback version came out) and it is by far the warmest jacket ever. Except for a few days it is actually too hot.

    I also have your liner jacket, liner vest and fishnet top and bottom. Last summer I came by your shop and got the boots and socks.

    I also have one of your pull overs and it super light and warm.

    I have your sleeping bags and now think I have the entire mix of outer wear that I need for anything that comes at me for Oklahoma Winter time.

    Your gear is the best and the fact that you live and make your gear in Grand Junction CO USA is even more reason to buy from you direct.

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