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Supplex Sweater


 Product Description

Now produced with Supplex Material, the sweater is tougher, more wind resistant and for some... More stylish! 

The sweater has undergone an update that incorporates a supplex shell material. Other than that it is still the same reliable garment.

We call this a sweater since it replaces a sweater. It is extremely light in weight. The front zipper is backed by a draft baffle. The Lamilite insulation is the same as that used in the Overbag. The base of the garment is a nylon rib, as are the wristlets. The Raglan sleeve allows freedom of movement. It can be worn as is or under a variety of garments when layering. And is especially good as a foulweather liner...

Jerry, President of Wiggy's: "Having had my own sailboat for several years, I found out first hand the importance of what you wear under a waterproof garment. Either the sweater or vest is an excellent addition."

The sweater is completely machine washable.


Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. I've been sold on Carhartt for years.

    For years we have bought Carhartt outerwear. I used to work in the oilfield and at that time and for years, I knew of nothing that would stop Wyoming wind and be warm enough to work in, especially in winter. Being a cotton shell, it wears well, but will get soaked when it is raining or snowing, but also allows safety around pipeline welding. Even when stained by crude oil, it would clean up with "oil field salty" stains. When real bad, I would take them in to the dry cleaners but that shortened the garments' life. One thing that I noticed a bunch, was the wear through at the cuffs near where the ribbed cuffs were sewn in. This is where that story stops and a new one begins. My wife and I purchased sweaters for each of us about three years ago. I wear mine more than she wears hers, but we were talking the other day about how ratty the Carhartts get especially around the cuffs after not even a year. The cotton also loses a lot of coloring with multiple washings as well. Back to the sweaters: they have been laundered a bunch. They still pretty much look like new. How about the material around the cuffs? Not a sign of wear, and I don't baby my every day wear jackets. This Supplex material is amazing! The other thing we have noticed is that these are our go-to jackets in any weather. they are warm when wet, and the temperature seems to be self regulating. 50 degrees or 10 degrees Fahrenheit, these are comfortable even though I usually only wear t-shirts plus maybe a light knit sweater under these Wiggy's Sweaters. Jerry, all I can figure is all your discussions about moisture regulation through the LamIlite has got to be the reason for this comfort through such a temperature span. It does everything I ask for it to do, but now I only put an old Carhartt on when I'm welding, grinding or plasma cutting.

  2. The Indispensable Single Garment

    Everyone who has lived, worked and recreated in the outdoors either has a shelf or box full of junk, or has consigned many items to thrift stores or the trash bin. Most of us are lured into equipment purchases that promise much but don’t deliver. Items underperform, fall apart, or turn out to be badly designed with depressing regularity. Much of this may be due to lockstep delusion on the part of manufacturers but even more of it is due to simple greed and outright mendacity in marketing. The disappointments are apparently endless. Well, I’m old now, but I’m done with being disappointed. Wiggy's is my brand of choice.
    I live in Northern New Mexico and I’ve been using Wiggy's Lamilite Sweater for about a year. It is now my “go-to” garment. Wiggy goes to a lot of trouble to explain why his field products work but nothing can replace actual personal experience of use. The sweater has been comfortable down to 0° and a bit below. It’s tough, snag-resistant, well sewn and finished, and light to carry and wear. The zipper and draft flap are big and flawless. It's a fine garment to fill a wide range of uses. I’m fully satisfied and see that this garment will be a good companion for many years.
    Embarrassingly, for all my decades in the outdoors, it was only in the last few years that I came into contact with Wiggy’s, and that mostly by retired military word-of-mouth. Since then I’ve bought a wide variety of items. I’ve learned that I can buy with confidence knowing the items will exceed my expectations. How many times can a person say that about any purchase? With so many big outdoor names, they took my money and I got product failure and frustration. With Wiggy I have had the unique experience of feeling I “took” the vendor/manufacturer. How does he sell stuff this good at these prices? Why doesn’t everybody know this name? Well, I know the name and I telling you, buy Wiggy’s; you can’t do better.

  3. My favorite jacket

    I've been wearing this 'Sweater' jacket almost every day for the last 3 months. So far I haven't worn this jacket below zero , but down into single digit temps it's been great. I'm in northern Minnesota and wear jackets at least 7 months a year. I wish it had a zippered pocket, but other than that, I highly recommend this jacket, or Sweater.

  4. Comfortable & Warm!

    Have to tell you Jerry how much I enjoy the comfort of the sweater on our mornings in the teens. Hard to believe how much body heat is captured and keeps out the cold.

  5. deserves a new name: "Wiggy's Jacket"


    I purchased one of your "sweaters" several years ago. I think it deserves a new name: "Wiggy's Jacket". I live in Butte, MT elevation 5574' and it gets cold in the winter. The only 2 jackets you need are a light weight summer-fall jacket and Wiggy's sweater. The Wiggy's sweater is such an excellent garment I think it should be called a jacket. I know this is a minor thing, but that sweater is that good. The only improvement I would recommend would be an inside pocket for cell phones. Thanks for all the great USA made products.

  6. Thanks for your great gear

    My son has been off to college. Like many young men his age, he knows more than his dad. At Christmas break, he told me he needed warmer clothing for college. I offered him my Wiggy's sweater and jacket liner. (Money is very tight with alimony and helping pay for college, so I didn't buy him Wiggy's gear. I apologize that I can't do much buying at this time.) He convinced his mom to buy him a "fashionable" down jacket. Home for Spring break, he commented that the down jacket only kept him warm for a few weeks, and that it didn't do much good after it got wet in a rain. Drying it in the drier didn't help much. He decided to take some Wiggy's stuff back to college and dump his down jacket. He noted that maybe I knew more than he did about staying warm.

    Thanks for your great gear, and the chance to be somewhat better in my son's eyes. I can't thank you enough for that.

  7. my expectations are exceeded


    After what has been essentially a 4 year hiatus from hunting with my daughter off to college this fall I plan to get back to it and so I've been going through all my gear and looking at where I'm deficient. I'm a public land hunter and to get to isolated unpressured patches I'm having to traverse rugged terrain features, steep ravines, rock faces, river crossings and the like often covering a mile and a half plus. I need insulated clothing that is highly packable, lightweight, extremely warm and that can be layered. How I stumbled onto Wiggy's is that their products are known for extreme conditions and I had been talking to Jerry about some footwear solutions. But I've heard about his vest and "Sweater" which is really a jacket and I mentioned to him that it's too bad that he doesn't offer the vest in Multicam as my Predator fleece wind barrier vest wasn't cutting it and I need something to throw on that last hour or 2 when the temps drop as I need that extra layer of core warmth and wind resistance. He said oh you can have that in Multicam and I said I want it and he offered it for a good price shipped and the order was placed. Well the thing weighs next to nothing provides tremendous wind resistance, is as warm as a furnace and is highly packable.

    Well I had recently purchased a Cabelas Stand Hunter Extreme Coverall for the late season that I never wore and returned because it was just too heavy and not packable at all. So I said to Jerry it's too bad you don't have a hooded jacket and a pants with the same construction that I could pack in and put on when I get out there and then throw the vest over that for the last hour. We talked it over he shot me a price and I swear it was like he read my mind. I think that he's a hunter too and hunts in some harsh conditions made him attuned to what my needs are.

    It is literally like being wrapped in a sleeping bag while retaining complete mobility for the task at hand. I remain amazed by how light and packable this gear is.

    It is not often that my expectations are exceeded but I have to say that it is certainly the case here. The Multicam Sweater with detachable hood precisely meets my requirements of lightweight windproof packable warmth. With the addition of the vest, the combination will provide warmth for any conditions, while allowing the mobility necessary for the task at hand. The Multicam pants with full zippers will allow for easy on and off over clothing and boots. The features of all of the garments are highly thought out for maximum function. It's as if I am surrounded by a sleeping bag while maintaining complete function. Perfect fit. It's like you read my mind and delivered.
    Thank You!!!

  8. my whole family happy

    Just wanted to let you know the 3 sweaters you made for me and my family are the warmest coats we have ever worn! I have several down parkas from Cabelas and they don't compare to yours. I had you make mine with an extra 1.5 inches in the arms but it came in marked with 4 inches extra in the arms. It's a little long but I am not complaining at all. At my size, it's unusual to have something that does NOT bind me up.

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