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Freedom Shelter


 Product Description

The Freedom Shelter is a Tent that Can Serve As:

  • A Long or Short Coat 
  • Poncho 
  • Sit Shelter 
  • Sleeping Bag Cover 
  • Bivouac Sack 
  • A-Frame Tent 
  • Lean-To 
  • Field Expedient Rescue Litter 
  • Tarp
  • Emergency Body Bag 

The Freedom Shelter may be used as a one person tent or two may be joined to accommodate three people. The all-season tent comes with a mosquito net that zips into one side for hot summer nights. Two vents provide additional air circulation, if needed, to control condensation build up.

The TMP Freedom Shelter is made from waterproof fabric. All seams are factory taped to prevent leaks. The total weight (including aluminum shock corded poles, stakes, and carry bag) is no more than 4.5 lbs. it rolls into a compact size of only 5" x 17" / (12.75cm x 44cm).

Technical Specifications

Fabric: 100% Polyester warp and filling. 70 Denier 34 Filament. Weight 2.1oz / per sq. yard. Grab tensile pounds warp 90 x fill 50. Trap Tear pounds warp 9x fill 8. Coating is a three pass systems of an aliphatic urethane solution which is waterproof and fire retardant.

Size: Tent = 8 feet (2.45 m) long x 38 inches (93 cm) wide x 24 inches (62 cm) height.  Rolls to 17 inches (43.4 cm) long x 5 inches (12.9 cm) in diameter.

Weight: Approximatly 4.5 lbs

Poles: Shock-corded Easton pre-bent aluminum alloy 7075W with T9 temper (96,000 PSI) tensile strength.

Stakes: Tough, lightweight 7.5" wire skewers stakes.

Screen: Nylon no-see-um-netting summer screen.

Zipper: YKK # EYE-855L Coil 2 way w/double non-locking pulls for side and 1 single pull slider at the bottom. Two YKK #Coil w/double auto-lock slider for the ends.

Shock-Nylon wound, withstands temperatures to -20° F/-29° C.

Other Features:

  • Full Bathtub Floor
  • Withstands Winds up to 45 knots
  • Well ventilated 4 season design
  • Capable of closing vents
  • Be capable of quick and easy entry and have at least three exits
  • Provides for protection against insects (flying and crawling).
  • And Much Much More

The Backstory...

In about 1984, a fellow who had never served in the military living in military country, Virginia Beach, VA., created what I believe to this day is the best multi-purpose shelter and garment for soldiers that exists. Unfortunately the product just limped along until a retired Marine Corps Colonel purchased the company; Dick Haislip. Dick proved to be a good student of the textile industry and did research of insulations since he wanted to have a sleeping bag to coordinate with the shelter. He contacted me in, I believe, 1993 and sent me a pattern for his sleeping bag. The upshot of his labors was a contract for approximately 3000 shelters and bags for the Marine Corps Force Recon. A second success is the fact that ALL Army aircraft must carry the shelters for each person boarding the aircraft or it cannot leave the ground. However, the overall purchasing of these products hasn’t been as aggressive by the military as I believe they should. That said, I am seeing an uptick in their interest.

As I see it, each soldier—regardless if he is in a squad, platoon, etc.—is always an independent individual and must be prepared to survive on his own. These products make that a more capable situation. You not only have a shelter and a sleeping bag, you also have not one, but two garments. The sleeping bag is made with a closeable hole that will fit over your head when worn as a poncho. The shelter has a hood in the same location so you have a rain poncho that covers you. The pictures illustrate how it can be used.

For hunters who go into tree stands or duck blinds, you just take the items with you so you can wear them while you are basically stationary and not generating much heat.

For the person who likes to solo camp, this is (in my opinion) the best setup there is! I take no credit for creating this product, only for making it a reality for the creators. I am very happy to be the only company in the world that makes them. And because I make them, they are guaranteed just like the sleeping bags I created.


Product Testimonials

  1. youtube video testimonial

    ...Dave has a video with the EcoTat bag being shown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ1KvlUMDHU

    I believe it was designed by you and was being sold as the Freedom Shelter Super Light (correct me if I'm wrong). I purchased one a few months back and love it. Great survival bag.

    I posted this on his youtube page giving the name of your site. Hope you still sell them and hope a few of his viewers visit your site. I have two of your bags and wouldn't buy another brand again. Yours are the best bags in my opinion. Now looking at your clothing when I can log into your site again.

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