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Chukka Boots

$150.00 (You save $60.00)
CLOSEOUT SALE – While Supplies Last!

 Product Description

This item is being discontinued. Learn why here »

These new boots are mostly the same as the 10" Lamilite Boots, but are shorter. The Chukka Boots are:

  • 8" Tall
  • Lined with Lamilite
  • Come with a Replaceable Sole (Sewn-on)

These are boots that can be worn anywhere from 90° down to 10°. Add the Lamilite socks and you will easily go down to -10°. When you add the Overboots these boots can go down to -35° or lower.

Read more about these boots in our blog article - Do You Have Cold Feet? and Why You Want Leather Boots.

The New Chukka Boot is made from 100% USA leather, lined with Lamilite insulation, and includes a Vibram sole. The color is dark brown. Available sizes range from a size 4 to a size 15 both regular (D width) to a wide (E width). If you need a special size, I may be able to accommodate you. There may be a surcharge.

One of the major differences between each of the three factories that have supplied me in the past is that the sole is now sewn on, not molded—so if you wear down the sole, it can easily be replaced.

As with all of the previous boots that I have sold, there is no film attached to the leather so it is vapor permeable. The shaft is also more form fitting and provides more ankle support. At the very top of the shaft there is a foam padding that makes the top of the boot very comfortable.

If you are uncertain regarding the size of boot you need, please have your foot measured at a local shoe store and contact us before ordering to help avoid unexpected restocking fees on any returned orders. Please see our Return Policy for more information.


Product Testimonials

  1. Chukka plus Wiggys sock

    I've worn these boots for two winters now using only the Wiggys sock. My feet are kept warm and dry. When taking the sock off you can actually feel the weight difference with all the moisture they have absorbed.

    I put the Wiggy boot dyers inside the boots after use and they are good to go....after years of wet, cold feet, and slathering my old leather boots with greasy weatherproofing, I'm very pleased with these boots.....

  2. Excellent boots

    I was shopping for new boots, the usual American made brands and decided to give wiggy a try since I love my parka so much. What a great boot at a totally reasonable price. Well done. I will always buy these boots!

  3. comfortable boots

    Picked up a pair of the chukka boots and they were comfortable with no break in required. If I had a complaint it would be that they do not have a gusseted tongue to keep debris out . I have thrown out boots because debri would get in the boot without a gusseted tongue. Time will tell if these boots will have the same problem.

  4. An Amazing Pair of Boots

    I ordered these boots as a Christmas gift for myself, after hearing how lamilite insulated boots, were the best choice for trekking through cold climates. I've owned a pair of Soloman Quest 3d GTX for most of my hiking life, and quickly fell in love with the Wiggy's Chukka Boots. They are very comfortable, and are my go to for just about any climate conditions. I've worn these boots from the freezing streets of Toronto and Waterloo Ontario, to the 90 degree humidity of Houston TX. These boots have never failed me, and have always allowed the sweat to pass right through, just as Wiggy had said.

    They are fairly prone to scuffs and bruises, but nothing a bit of conditioner cant fix every now and again. I've never had any comfort issues with these, and have always kept them well maintained. Take care of these boots, and I promise that they'll take care of you, every time. Thank you for these amazing boots Jerry!

  5. Best Boots!

    I've been wearing my boots now for over 2 months. They were very comfortable from the start and now are truly broken in and a pleasure to put on and wear all day. The sizing is dead on. My foot is a measured size 14 and that was what I ordered. The fit is perfect. They are a well made, good looking, superbly comfortable pair of boots!

  6. Chukka Boots

    Just received them,,,they look & feel marvelous,,just in time for snowstorm coming up the East coast,,,I won't really know how warm they are until tomorrow,,but look & feel very sturdy,,thick vibram soles.

  7. Great boots!

    Ordered these boots after using one of the Wiggy’s sleeping bags. These boots were comfortable right out of the box. So tired of over priced foreign made junk! The last pair I had from a large outdoor retailer (from Maine) had soles just come unglued and had a goretex lining. I used to constantly have issues with athletes foot from my feet being damp. I drive a truck and days can be 14 hours long. I’d take my boots off and my socks were cold and damp. I wear the Wiggys chukka with medium weight wool socks all day and my feet are warm and dry and no more foot issues with athletes foot.

    My only complaint are the hooks to lace the boots. They really close together and can be a little tough to get off and on. If there was one less or further apart it would be nice. Just my humble opinion.

    Love to buy US made products! Keep up the great work.

  8. Sold!

    I went ahead and bought a pair of chukkas. Couldnt wait for them to arrive, they got here today and I immediately put them on! Jerry you were correct, most comfortable boot I ever put my foot in especially straight out if the box!! Im ao jappy to finally have an alternative to all the hot sweaty got tex boots out there! I am looking to buy a pair the taller boots next for all my hunting excursions! Thanks Jerry!!
    north carolina

  9. Hard to over praise these boots.

    I've had these chukkas from early November and have worn them nearly every day since in rain, snow and slush. Perfect fit out of the box and fine performance on every level.
    People who review Wiggy's products go on about Lamilite. I'll just stipulate that within my experience it's the best insulation you can buy. What I'd like to concentrate on in recommending these boots is design and construction. Nice finish and tight seams are in evidence. And leather, repeat leather, gives you many options for maintaining your purchase. It isn't just as Wiggy says that you can resole these beauties, although that is a considerable advantage. You can use multiple means to preserve the leather and make it water resistant. I've used Pecard's Duck Wax leather dressing for years and these boots love it and look better than the day I received them.
    My opinion? Buy Wiggy's and get a long term investment that will help keep you safe, warm and comfortable in the outdoors!
    Best boots I have ever owned. I like them better than my White's customs.

  10. These are great.

    Put them on and expected a few days of break in. They were good out of the box. Wear them at work in Afghanistan with normal wool socks. Feet are warm at 20 degrees. Just the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

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