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Urban DUCKSBACK Antarctic Parka

Temperature Rating:
-20° F

 Product Description

Recently, I made a multi-layer garment for military purposes. It contained the following: an Antarctic parka using an L-8 ounce Lamilite versus the normal L-12 ounce Lamilite and a zip-in L-3 ounce liner and a zip-in L-3 ounce liner vest. When all three are used as one the temperature capability is about -50° F.

I decided to make the Antarctic parka with the L-8 Lamilite insulation and the DUCKSBACK shell. It will not have the coyote ruff unless someone wants to order it special.

As for warmth, the Barren Grounds Parka is lined with the L-6 Lamilite and is temperature rated to 0° F. I expect the L-8 Lamilite version will comfortably perform at -20° F.

Over the years I have sold a number of city dwellers the Antarctic parka and I am sure more would have bought them but for the -50° capability. This one is more suited. I would have liked to have one when I lived in Manhattan for winter wear. Not only does one have to deal with the wind, but the humidity—which can be worse than the wind during the winter months.

Of course the fact that the shell fabric is DUCKSBACK means that no moisture can get in from rain or melting snow.


Product Testimonials

  1. New Urban Parka for Mama

    Just received the new blue parka today, two weeks before it was expected. My wife is overjoyed at the color and fit. I went over every seam, as I did when we got our two FTRSS bag systems, quilt, TV blanket and both sweaters and head warmer. I'm always amazed at the quality. Stitching is parallel, never strays from the straight. Looking at the Ducksback fabric for the first time, it looks to be coated. So I tested it by exhaling and inhaling through it. Sure enough, it is permeable! I poured water on it over the sink, and it acts like it is hydrophobic...runs right of without leaving any trace of moisture. Now we'll see how durable it is long term. If it is like the other Wiggy's we have, I'm expecting to last a long time.

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