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SALE: ACU, MARPAT & Coyote Brown Sleeping Bags

$150.00 (You save $115.00)
Super Sale!
Ultra Light:
$150 / +20ºF (-20º FTRSS) / 3.25 lbs.
Super Light:
$160 / 0ºF (-40º FTRSS) / 4 lbs.

 Warranty Information

Your Wiggy's sleeping bag is guaranteed for a lifetime of use. If a seam opens, the zipper breaks or the Lamilite insulation deteriorates (such as losing its loft or separating, clumping in one place or another), Wiggy’s will repair or replace your bag at no charge to you.

 Product Description

Because the military is converting all camouflage to MULTICAM®, there is now a surplus of Marine Corps MARPAT and Army Universal Camouflage (ACU) materials available. When I was told about it, I requested samples. The price was extraordinarily low so I bought it—all of it—several thousand yards. They come with standard stuff sacks, a pillow and free delivery within the lower 48 states until the materials are gone.

Choose between the Ultra Light (+20° F) or Super Light (0° F) weight bags. The addition of the FTRSS Overbag adds approximately 40° of additional protection to each bag.

When selecting the Boat Foot option, like the name implies, the foot end of the bag will be shaped like the bow of a boat. The shape causes the Lamilite fiber to come together at the foot end of the bag increasing the insulation markedly and thereby increasing the Lamilite's ability to insulate. Then there is the hood section of the bag. It is flat to begin with, but when you start pulling the draw cord in tight the hood begins to form and a massive amount of insulation forms around your head.

Please note that the Long Length/Regular Width size option is not available with the Boat Foot.


Product Testimonials

  1. Unmatched value

    I now own three of the super light bags from Wiggy's, and unlike so many other manufacturers of sleeping bags, the temperature rating you see online is indeed the temperature that you can sleep at AND keep warm! My friend and I took our bags to northern Michigan in late January for their 'maiden voyage' if you will. The temperature dropped to two degrees fahrenheit that night, but our Wiggy's bags kept us both warm without issue. I just ordered an additional two super light bags for the family along with a matching Wiggy's dog bed for our four-legged member of the family. I plan on ordering the FTRSS overbags for each as soon as I can afford them. Keep up the great work Wiggy's, you have a customer and referral for life!

  2. Ultra Lite The bomb proof river bag

    I love my Wiggy. Yes, I carry an ultralite down bag that weighs less than a tshirt on summer mountain trips, but my Wiggy is the only bag I trust in wet weather. Especially on winter river trips when I paddle solo for a week at a time. When everything else fails, it works. Even soaking wet and nothing else can do that.

  3. Temp rating was right on the money

    I bought the super light rated to zero deegrees. First night I used it while car camping between oilfield locations, temperatures dropped to 03 degrees and I was comfortable. At about -8 degrees I could feel some very slight cold spots, not enough to keep me awake, but that was already exceeding the temperature rating. I kept telling myself I should have bought the overbag to go with it, but it turns out it didnt get any colder than that and I had a good nights sleep. The bag hit its target, and exceeded it by a few degrees more. Right on the money! I'm still using it for a second year now, and still thinking about adding the overbag to beef it up a little more, but extremely happy with its performance thus far. Very good quality and you will realize that the very first time you use it.

  4. Wiggys vs the other guys

    I keep a MARPAT super light in the car at all times in case of a snow emergency (I'm from western NY).
    This thing is warm as can be, to the point of sweating and having to open the bag up at 40 F.

    The North Face Cat's Meow is rated to 20 F (so 40 F comfort level) and costs 180 compared to the 120 for the MARPAT super light. At that price point youve 100% burned your money for no reason buying a cat's meow.
    Just buy the Wiggy's bag and be done and warm!

  5. Best bag ever!

    I have been wanting a Wiggy bag for years. When a friend mentioned these bags being on sale, I decided to pull the trigger. How I wish I had ordered sooner! This is hands down the most comfortable, best made sleeping bag I have ever had. It could be the last sleeping bag I will ever need to buy. But it probably won't be, because I'm thinking I should order a lighter bag for summer. :)

    If you are on the fence about ordering one, don't waste another minute. Get your bag coming to you and get out and sleep in the woods. :)

  6. Great bag at a great price

    I purchased two Ultra Light bags for my wife and I to use while tent camping out west. They have been fantastic. We have used them down to 19 degrees F in Bryce Canyon in a cheap summer tent. My wife had on a base layer and I was wearing regular underwear. Neither one of us was cold at all. I'm confident that you could use the Ultra Light down to 10 degrees with no discomfort, or even zero with a good base layer and a four season tent. I recommend getting a color on sale. We picked MARPAT camo, and my wife thought it was pretty neat looking. Same quality material as all the stuff from Wiggy's, and at a great savings - what's not to like. If you want a durable piece of gear at a fair price, that is made in America, then look no further.

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