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Antarctic Parka


 Product Description

If Just In & Out Of A Very Cold Climate Or Staying Out In The Cold For Days On End, We Give You The Warmest Parka On The Market! 

WARMEST PARKA MADE IN THE WORLD.Making a statement that you make the warmest parka in the world is very bold, but there are facts to support the statement. The primary ingredient is the insulation, Lamilite that is used in all of our sleeping bags. In 1989 and 1990 we produced sample garments for the oil field workers on the North Slope of Alaska. At the same time we also made parkas for the Alaska State police, the Barrow police department, and LTR Training Systems also located in Anchorage Alaska. LTR Training Systems is one of the most respected companies in the country training people to survive in extreme cold conditions on land and in the water. The feed back from the people involved has been invaluable. The garments were used in temperatures as extreme as -80 degrees F, ambient air temperatures. What was learned, was that if otherwise properly dressed, the L-12 Lamilite was all that was necessary. L-12 is used in our Ultra Light model bag. A large size parka has a weight of 3 lbs. I further found that 3 ply supplex fabric was very efficient as the exterior material. It performs very well as a wind break fabric in the strongest of winds. The fact that the Lamilite does not collapse from the wind aids the fabric. The set in wristlet, full length hook and loop closure along the zipper, fingertip length are some of the features. There are large cargo/hand warmer pockets and large inside cargo pockets. The hood has a removable fur ruff. The zipper is the #10 YKK molded tooth zipper, with two-way sliders, the same as we use in our sleeping bags. It has proven to work at temperatures of-100F. Machine washable and dryable.


Product Testimonials

  1. I plan to have this for years!

    I finally wore out my old harsh weather parka of 20 years, and it served me well, so I searched high and low for something I want to use for the next 20 winters (if I'm around that long).

    This totally fit the bill. Just trying it on, I could tell it's the warmest parka on earth! I could have sworn it was heated!

    I can't wait for the polar vortex next year. I'm ready for it!

  2. Very Warm

    This is a very warm jacket. I used it several times last year when it got cold enough. I brought it along on a dogsledding/winter camping trip, at -30F. It is too warm to wear when I was very active, but I put it on when I we made camp. I wear a size Large sweatshirt and just like with the Wiggy's Sweater, I had to order an XL to get the shoulders to fit right for me.
    Spending much time in extreme temps the fur ruff on a coat's hood is very important. I had a much larger ruff custom made for mine. I wish the jacket did come with a better ruff, but that could easily double the price of the jacket, and if most of your time is spent in temps above -15F, then it's not quite as important. That aside, this is an extremely warm jacket. It really is like wearing an arctic sleeping bag as a coat. You won't find a warmer jacket near this price.

  3. 41 years later still like new

    To whomever this may concern,

    I just thought you might be interested in hearing this. Or maybe not.

    My husband came from the Philippines in 1971 to Akron, Ohio as a medical intern. It was very cold and coming from a warm climate he needed a warm coat. The coat he bought was a brown Antarctic Parka with a furry rimmed hood. He wore that coat all of the time. Well, here we are in North Carolina 41 years later and still wear that same coat every winter. It's the warmest coat we have! I wear it too. It's still in perfect condition, just like the day it was bought.

    I'm only writing this to say thank you for making superior items. You certainly can't find that now!

  4. FAST!

    I ordered a jacket less than a week ago. It arrived quickly, and only $6.00 to ship up here to Alaska. I must say, I'm impressed! I'm a dog musher and am totally outfitted with Wiggys products, from socks to sleeping bag, even my sleddogs wear your dog coats. Your stuff is THE BEST! Hands down. I tell everyone so. Just wanted to say thanks for making working and playing outside not just doable but downright fun. Keep up the good work!

  5. Call for sizing


    Got the Antarctic Parka in XL and it fits quite well. I am shocked because it is exactly the same size (actually slightly shorter and smaller waist and hem) than the L, but with slightly more room in the shoulders.

    Did you make this specifically for my order? If you did, brilliant work.

    Thanks so much for working with me on this. Here is a testimonial:

    I have purchased the Supplex Sweater and Antarctic Parka and they have really impressed me. Here is how they have performed for me so far:

    The sweater, with a t-shirt and thin fleece under it, has kept me warm down into the 20's F with light wind. This is at night, no warming-up, just a slow walk outside.

    The parka, oh my goodness, warmest garment I have ever worn. With just a t-shirt underneath I reached 7F and felt I could stay out all night if I had to. This was with no warming-up of any sort. I was tired and it was late at night. Also, the parka performed spectacularly on a 28F night with 40mph winds. I did not even feel chilled. The parka is no bigger as far as bulk than many popular down-filled jackets, so if you are hesitating on getting this for say walking in the city at night, I suggest you reconsider. It does not look ridiculously big and the style is old school and understated.

    I found the sizing on the Parka ran smaller than I anticipated and I needed to exchange for a larger size. Mr. Wigutow responded personally (which I thought was cool). I found the right size for me was an XL as I needed the space for my rather wide shoulders (I am 5'9', 160lbs, 40R blazer). The sweater worked for me in a L. If you are unsure of what size to order, I suggest you call first.

    I look forward to employing these pieces winter camping here in the northeast USA, and I expect they will perform well. I find these pieces to be designed and made with durability and warmth as a priority, two characteristics I have found that are sorely lacking in other outerwear that I have tried. Look forward to getting the sleeping bags next.

  6. a superior-constructed garment

    Dear Mr. Wiggy,

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful antarctic parka I received today. I am really excited to have such a really well-made yet attractive winter coat.

    I'd been wearing the same winter coat for a minimum of twelve years. It's the Frankenstein coat, with sewn up tears and places where the stitches have had to be reinforced. Frankly, I'd still rather wear that Frankenstein coat than the dodgy Made in China stuff in the stores. There are only so many repairs you can do, though. My dad had gotten a Wiggys antarctic parka for Christmas in 2009, though, and his enthusiasm for his parka (and he's usually close-mouthed) convinced me to try your antarctic parka. I am glad I did.

    Usually when I get clothing on-line or in a catalog, my first thought is usually about how good the item will look on me. That's where my thoughts were here. But as I opened the box, unwrapped the coat, and held it in my hands, my mind went in another direction: it was immediately obvious this was a superior-constructed garment. The stitching and seams, the subtle reinforcment, the sturdiness of the fabric...after five years of looking for a new coat, I didn't just find a decent or a good one; I found the perfect winter coat! I had to try it on, of course, and it was full enough to be comfortable without being bulky, and it really worked as well as advertised outside. (Then I did give into vanity and admired how nice it looked on me.
    :-) )

    I could not be happier with my purchase. Thank you so much for offering the best winter coat I have ever owned!


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