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Wiggy's Current Specials

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  • CrossFire Game Carrier Pack
    CrossFire Game Carrier Pack
    A dynamic load carrier, this polymer frame flexes at the same rate as the human back. Too little flex, as in rigid metal frames, forces hips and shoulders against each other with every stride. Some packs over flex, which...

  • Wiggy's Hat
    Wiggy's Hat
    This is a one-size-fits most cotton baseball-style hat with the Wiggy's logo on the front. Hat is adjustable using a standard snapback closure.

  • 40º Sleeping Bag
    40º Sleeping Bag
    $130.00 $115.00
    Available while supplies last! I was able to buy a lightweight rip stop nylon recently at a very enviable price. I had in stock some of the 5 ounce Lamilite, so I have quilted the nylon to both sides of the Lamilite in an 8...

  • SALE: Super Light › Tan Mummy Style Sleeping Bag
    SALE: Super Light › Tan Mummy Style Sleeping Bag
    $300.00 $155.00
    Recently, I was offered and purchased several thousand yards of a tan colored 1.9 ounce ripstop nylon for a very friendly price. it is all first quality material made in the USA. I will be using it to make a specially priced...

  • SALE: MARPAT, Urban Gray & Coyote Brown Sleeping Bags
    SALE: MARPAT, Urban Gray & Coyote Brown Sleeping Bags
    $280.00 $165.00
    Because the military is converting all camouflage to MULTICAM®, there is now a surplus of Marine Corps MARPAT material available. When I was told about it, I requested samples. The price was extraordinarily low so I...

  • Backpacker › Mummy Style Sleeping Bag
    Backpacker › Mummy Style Sleeping Bag
    $250.00 $150.00
    The Backpacker Sleeping Bag is a +30° F (approximately 0° C) rated mummy style bag. It is currently available in Urban Gray in three sizes: Regular | Wide (80" x 34" / 3.5lbs.) Long | Wide (90" x 34" / 4lbs...

  • FTRSS Overbag › Mummy Style Sleeping Bag
    FTRSS Overbag › Mummy Style Sleeping Bag
    $270.00 $215.00
    Overbag for all FTRSS's in Mummy Style The Overbag is a +35° F (approximately +5° C) rated mummy style bag. It is available in our four standard sizes. Please note the slightly larger size for the over bag. This is...

  • Slumber Bag
    Slumber Bag
    $155.00 $125.00
    The Construction materials are the same as we use in all our bags. The insulation is our Lamilite continuous filament fiber so it is easily machine washable and dryable. The zipper is a #10 YKK molded tooth zipper. The...

  • Wiggy's nomex fire retardant vest
    Nomex Fire Retardant Vest
    $135.00 $90.00
    Made from our 6oz Lamilite, the vest makes a great liner or outer garment. The Design: #10 YKK Zipper Two insulated, hand warmer pockets at the waist (outside). Medium to high collar Snap shut zipper flap Rear tail...

  • Men's Fishnet Long Underwear Bottoms (WHITE ONLY)
    Men's Fishnet Long Underwear Bottoms (WHITE ONLY)
    $55.00 $30.00
    The most important layer of clothing you wear in a cold climate is your first layer, your underwear. Fishnet long underwear made from nylon is the absolute best first layer. Wiggy fishnets are made from nylon yarn, knitted...

  • Nomex Shirt Jacket
    Nomex Shirt Jacket
    $465.00 $140.00
    Wiggy's Nomex Rig Clothing  Fire Retardant • Light in Bulk & Weight • Warm! The Nomex Shirt Jacket is cut in a long length to insure that when you bend over the wind will not give you a chill...

  • Nomex Fire Retardant Hard Hat Liner
    Nomex Fire Retardant Hard Hat Liner
    $80.00 $55.00
    Easier on the Hair Line!  The Nomex Hard Hat Liner is the head cover of choice in the cold North. Adjustable at the chin and around the face, it allows the wearer the freedom of sight while still protecting them from...

  • Waterproof Rain Poncho
    Waterproof Rain Poncho
    $50.00 $37.50
    Lightweight. Affordable. Durable. For Unintended Weather Or For An Emergency Shelter! For a long while now customers have been asking us to do a lightweight poncho for emergencies or for an addition to their...

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