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If you are uncertain regarding the size of boot you need, please have your foot measured at a local shoe store and contact us before ordering to help avoid unexpected restocking fees on any returned orders. Please see our Return Policy for more information.

  • DUCKSBACK Leg Jackets
    DUCKSBACK Leg Jackets
    The fabric is the most water resistant non-coated or laminated fabric I know of, hence the name DUCKSBACK—as water runs off of the fabric like water running off of a duck's back. Completely vapor permeable. These are...

  • 13" Lamilite Socks
    13" Lamilite Socks
    In December 2013 I came out with the Lamilite socks. I recommended that they be worn in place of socks inside of boots. Some other areas for use are in waders when fly fishing and in a duck blind. Remember in all cases do...

  • Fire Retardant Overboots
    Fire Retardant Overboots
    $235.00 $160.00
    Made with Vibram® soles. These Fire Retardant Overboots have the same level of FR Lamilite Climashield as the FR Insulated Head Cover and, if worn over our new FR insulated boots, will perform to about -35° to...

  • SunWalker 2
    SunWalker 2
    PackBoot Liners It is no longer necessary to carry multiple pairs of liners. With the SunWalkers all you need is one pair! The SunWalker 2 is 10" tall for sizes 7 & 8; all other sizes are 12" tall (compared to the 8"...

  • Shoe & Boot Drier
    Boot & Shoe Dryer
    Boots or shoes get wet from the perspiration that comes out of the 500,000 pores or sweat glands located in our feet. All of this moisture is a problem and for years shoe companies and sock manufacturers have tried to...

  • 8" Lamilite Socks
    8" Lamilite Socks
    A shorter version of the 13" tall socks. I recommend that they be worn in place of socks inside of boots. Some other areas for use are in waders when fly fishing and in a duck blind. Remember in all cases do not wear any...

  • Lightweight Waders (Thigh High)
    Lightweight Waders (Thigh High)
    Packing Thru Wet Conditions? Our Waders Are Extremely LightWeight & Durable With Tiny Storage Space Needed!  A Must Have For Back-Country Trecking, Guiding, Fishing Or Anywhere You Need To Stay Dry!!! A Must Have...

  • Gaiters
    Gaitors are sold in insulated and non-insulated styles!(Insulated gaiters have a removable insulated peice) I believe we now have the best possible gaiter. All of the materials are waterproof nylon. The lower third is...

  • Leg Jackets
    Leg Jackets
    These are insulated chaps. They were invented/designed by a man in Anchorage, Alaska and were tested at Fort Richardson, AK. If it is cold enough to need long underwear in the morning, but too warm to still have them on by...

  • Wiggy's Mukluks
    Wiggy's Mukluks
    $235.00 $180.00
    The Warmest Pair of Footwear Wiggy's Offers!We Have Yet To Hear Of Anything To Rival Our MukLuks... Be It Competitors Or Nature! Now with a rear entry design, like the Overboots. Joe Reddington is the "Father of...

  • Overboots
    $150.00 $120.00
    Perfect For Moderate To Minimal Movement In Single Digits to Negative Twenties. When I told the Marine Corps about the new Herman Survivor boots, they asked about an overboot. They wanted an overboot that could be used with...

  • Booties
    $42.00 $37.50
    Sleeping with cold feet? Try the Booties and warm up! The booties are made with all the same materials as the bags, with a 1000 denier Cordura sole. They have a draw cord and cord lock above the ankle. They can also be worn...

  • Rain Chap
    Rain Chap
    Rain Chaps great for a quick on and off solution, will keep you dry thru hours of long rains and small and packable. One size onlyComes in the color Coyote

  • Fire Retardant Mukluks
    Fire Retardant Mukluks
    $280.00 $175.00
    The Warmest Pair of Footwear Wiggy's Offers! We Have Yet To Hear Of Anything To Rival Our Mukluks... Be It Competitors Or Nature! These Mukluks have an extra layer of L-6 Lamilite Climashield between the Nomex shell and...

  • Tension Shoe Laces
    Tension Shoe Laces
    I wrote about using tension laces on my leather lace-up ski boots in the 1960’s. I found a supplier of them, which can be seen on the boots pictured. I immediately replace my boot laces with them today on my new...

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