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Excess Inventory Available

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For over a year I was manufacturing all of the vacuum packed survival kits for the U.S. Air Force. Now that the contract is complete I have 4 items left in inventory.

Each of these products is made in one size.

If you buy all sales are final, no returns are accepted.

We also found when doing inventory 15 of the DG-1 backpacks. Regular price $225.00 / sale price $150.00.

Capacity is approx. 60L.

Dimensions of the pack are:
55cm (height) x 32cm (width) x 20cm (depth)
or 21.6in x 12.6in x 7.9in

See link on specials page to read all the spec’s.


The biggest question asked of me is where to get non fire retardant treated tents? I do not know at this time but if you go into a retail store that sells backpacking tents ask them. If enough people do this the store owners will go to the suppliers and ask them for non-fire retardant treated tents. You might also bring copies of the articles I have reprinted and show it to them so they understand why you want non-fire retardant treated tents.

Also keep in mind that nylon is the only material that should be used for tents since it is inherently not a material that supports combustion like polyester fiber fabrics.

I do believe the industry will finally wake up and realize they should have made the change starting in 2016 when they knew there was a serious problem. Unfortunately they are slow to change because they are slow learners. 

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Do You Really Want to Buy a Backpacking Tent?!

The following is a publication from the American Chemical Society You can read the original article on their website: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acs.est.6b00923. Characterizing Flame Retardant Applications and Potential Human Exposure in Backpacking Tents Genna Gomes • Peyton Ward • Amelia Lorenzo • Kate Hoffman • Heather M. Stapleton* Abstract Flame retardant (FR) chemicals are applied to products to meet flammability standards; however, exposure to some additive [...]

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further your knowledge of flamable materials

UNDERSTANDING DITCHING FLAME RETARDENTS IN CAMPING AND BACKPACK TENTSThe title chosen for this report melds the headings of two important story’s’ published by REI and MOUNTAIN HARDWEARThe first point I will make is the wording “flame retardants” is incorrect.The proper term is “fire resistant”.This is very important to understand to learn about how textile fabrics and their chemicals are tested to be [...]

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what to wear under foul weather clothing

INSULATED LINERS UNDER FOUL WEATHER CLOTHINGLast night I was thinking about foul weather liners that should be worn under foul weather outerwear.When I spoke with the sales manager of Grundens I asked if they had any, not bothering to go to their web site to find out I do think the answer to my question was no. Since [...]

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more testimonials

SOME RECENT TESTIMONIALSTo say it warms my heart when I get these testimonials is an understatement.Wiggys vs the other guysI keep a MARPAT super light in the car at all times in case of a snow emergency (I'm from western NY). This thing is warm as can be, to the point of sweating and having to open the bag up [...]

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foul weather gear that does not work

ABOUT GRUNDÉNSCarl A. Grundén began producing traditional waterproof oilskins in 1911 for the fishermen of the North Sea in Grundsund, Sweden. Material shortages during World War I forced the company to close but in 1926 Grundéns Regnklader AB was founded and has been producing quality gear ever since. Today, the brand operates globally from Boras, Sweden and Poulsbo, WashingtonI [...]

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Buy My Car

CAR FOR SALE I have owned a 1976 Mercedes Benz 450 SL for about 15 years and have not driven it very much for the past 7 years. It has been garaged its entire life. It has always been serviced by Mercedes trained mechanics here in Grand Junction for which I am grateful. Any and all replacement parts are from Mercedes [...]

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More Information About Fire Retardant Products

THE PERILS OF FIRE RETARDANT CHEMICALSThis morning I was reading the Snews publication The Voice and it had an interesting article about fire retardant chemicals applied to fabrics for the manufacture of tents.In the 1980s California mandated that all tents sold in the state had to be made from fire retardant materials. They were followed by NJ, MN, and LA. [...]

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the stupidity associated with the out door industry

PROOF THAT PEOPLE IN THE OUTDOOR INDUSTRY DO NOT KNOW ABOUT INSULATIONThe following comment was read in the GEAR/TREND REPORT in the SNEWS publication THE VOICE which is the “voice” of the outdoor industry. I am glad that I am not a paying member of the outdoor industry.“SYNTHETICS STEP UPAs manmade insulation improves in loft, compression, and weight, next-gen synthetic [...]

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they will never get what they want

Several weeks ago the following combined synopsis/solicitation was published by the Army for a cold weather glove system. Being a patriotic individual and always thinking of what is best for the soldier in the field as well as being the manufacturer of the warmest hand wear in the world I wrote to the people in charge of this solicitation [...]

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