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New product attacks “permastink”--- IS NOT A WORD!

April 23rd, 2018 / By: IFAI / What's New?

Microban has announced a new odor-control product for applications ranging from workout clothes and footwear to athletic gear and bedding. The company says that its “Scentry Revive” apparel odor protection lasts four to five consecutive wears and maintains its freshness through up to 50 home launderings. Its footwear odor control protects up to one year.

Suitable for use in polyesters, the new product traps and neutralizes odor by permeating the fabric to form a protective barrier that eliminates odor. The goal of the product is controlling the permastink that can build up in polyester fabrics over time, especially items that cannot be washed often.

The company sees the benefits to consumers in projected water and energy savings, through reduced need for laundering. Preventing odor build-up may also mean consumers won’t discard apparel, footwear and gear prematurely, extending the usable life of products and keeping them out of landfills.

I have been reading the word “permastink” repeatedly being used by companies that state they make chemicals as Microbandoes that control odor or odor causing bacteria; for probably two years now. I went to the dictionary web site for a meaning since the internet dictionary I thought would have a meaning for it. A meaning does not exist because there is no such word.

The above article is copied from the Industrial Fabrics Association International on line magazine articles I receive almost daily.

I called the company inquiring as to the chemical composition since I sell individuals who are chemically sensitive and to find out how the chemical works. I was very surprised with the answers I received.

The chemical is added to fabrics during the final finishing process as is dwr chemicals. The chemical is not absorbed by the material, even cotton it stays on the surface of the fabric as well as all other fabrics regardless of composition.

When I asked about the chemicals ability to counter act the odor I was told it “encapsulates” the odor. So if I wear the same t-shirt each day playing basketball the chemical will have encapsulated odor for say five days use. At this point I asked where it was put. BLANK! However washing the garment will release the odor that has been encapsulated from where ever that is. Now that the encapsulated odor has been released the fabric is regenerated so the chemical which does not disappear can re-encapsulate more odors. I was also told that 4 or 5 wears could be extended to 10 wearing’s or more. It appears that the encapsulation is expansive.

I stated to the representative that some years ago gore started selling a water repellent treatment called “revive” because their waterproof/vapor permeable deal was not working. Still doesn’t as we know. The revive water repellent didn’t work either.

I noted I a previous article that I save money when I order materials that are not dwr processed. I wonder how much money would be saved if none of these chemicals which are unnecessary because they do not do what the chemical companies claim would be eliminated.

I believe that the profusion of chemicals actually is a cause of body odor. When people could only buy cotton, wool, silk or acetate (made from tree bark) was all there was, body odor was not prevalent. Foot odor has absolutely increased as a direct result of people wearing shoes that are lined with goretex and or like materials.

When it comes to workout wear it should all be pure, unadulterated cotton or merino wool primarily. You will sweat and if your skin surface is clean as I have previously written you will not have an odor and you just wash the natural fiber garments.

Will all of this bogus stuff ever stop, probably not because these chemical companies will do whatever they can to incentivize garment marketers to use their chemicals!

Will these chemical companies ever own up to the damage I believe they are doing and in my opinion they are causing, probably not!!!

In the next day or so I will place on the web site some additional first quality products that my production manager has found at discounted prices.

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