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testimonial and the military

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Hello Jerry, I just had to finally send you a note. I have personally proved that your products work as promised. For over 40 years I have been cold trapping, hunting, camping and making a living working outdoors. I have bought it all from military surplus to the "best" on the market. They all failed but I thought that was just the way it was. It is cold, you will be cold. I'm also an 18th century reenactor so I am used to freezing as the old timers often did with what they had. It all changed when I found out about Wiggy's. I have an Antarctic, two Super lights, a king size comforter, fishnet top, two pairs of your socks and a liner and all I would fight over. There are other items I will soon own. Like parkas for my better half and me. Well, other products too. Thank you, Jerry. Well done. I'm in my late fifty's with arthritis and you are helping me keep going. Best of luck Jerry and you'll have more orders from me soon.

P.S. I messed up sizing on a couple orders and you all were so kind to help me get what I needed. Thanks for that.

Victor Hunt

The above unsolicited testimonial is from a civilian who values the ability of the products he chooses to purchase with his own money. That is certainly not the way the government works.

A few weeks ago I received calls from two of the companies that have my sleeping bags on the GSA contract schedule. It started out as 500 Desert bags and eventually reached 811. Today both companies e mailed me thinking the other received the award. Not to be the case. The contract went to a third company. Why because it was less expensive and it is made in Asia.

The company that received the contract is Colonial Supplies located in Virginia Beach VA where several GSA contract holders exist. I called Colonial and asked where their bags were made all except Wiggy’s and big agnes are made in Asia. I corrected the woman who told me she owns the company that big agnes is not made in the USA. I then told her to remove Wiggy’s from her schedule if it is even on it. I told her in large capitalized block letters I would never sell her my products again.

The tragedy is that the Chief Force Management person Mark Baxter asked for the Wiggy Desert bag but when this woman was called she said she had other bags and that is what she bid. So this guy sees the lowest price and that is what he awards. The fact that the bags maybe made in Vietnam or some other Asian country makes no difference to him. In some cases it is illegal to get product from some of the Asian countries.

The president of the USA is doing I guess as much as he can to get more factory work in the USA and the military doesn’t give a damn. They don’t care about the individual soldier and will put him/her in the cheapest product they can get their hands on and waste tax payers dollars in the process. EVERY bag that comes into this country from Asia regardless of the brand name is a TOTAL waste of money as they will never last more than 6 months. The coil zippers that they use may not last one night in the field. Since these 811 bags are for the military I can see them lasting maybe a month or two.

The reality is that the end item user knows what a sleeping bag looks like and nothing more. The contracting officer charged with finding a bag ONLY looks at price and nothing more. The contracting officer sees the Wiggy bag at say $110.00 each and then some Asia product at $46.00 each and thinks (he really doesn’t think) that it is as good.

Maybe President Trump can hit the military upside the head with a 4x4 to get their attention. I did see that the congress passed an $854 BILLION spending bill. Spend some of the money on product made in America and made well for the soldiers who protect us from invasion.

Go on the GSA ADVANTAGE web site and type in sleeping bags and with the exception of Wiggy’s bags they all come from Asia.

Mr. Baxter it is time to wake up and start valuing the ability of the equipment issued to the grunts that will work. Give the soldier a great weapon but a trash sleeping how long before he is too tired to use that great weapon?  

Wiggy's Signature

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RESPONSE TO SEPTEMBER 12 ARTICLEGreat article. That's true. The original Extreme Cold Weather sleeping bag from the Korean War until about 1990s was actually pretty good as long as you kept it dry. I believe it was down filled. The synthetic modular system introduced in the 1990s was total crap. I didn't know about Wiggys in 2002 when I [...]

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The above commendation letter I received from the Navy in 1997 or 1998. Here is the background: In May 1993 I had made the original two bag sleep system for the U.S. Marine Corps that consisted of the Ultra-Light plus 20 degree bag and the plus 35 degree over bag. I called the system the Ultra-Light Flexible Temperature Range Sleep System [...]

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