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a christmas present to me from gore, 3-m and all of the boot companies.

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The subject is how to best keep your feet warm during the winter months.

I know there are millions and I mean millions of people in the USA who live with cold feet when they are in the outdoors. The reason I know there are millions of people with cold feet is because millions of people have unfortunately purchased boots that have the three most efficient materials ever put in boots that guarantee the wearer in cold conditions will have cold feet. If you haven’t guessed I’ll be happy to name these materials; goretex and thinsulate.

In order to counteract the actions of the boot manufacturers who chose and have for 40 years to use these materials there are products made by Wiggy’s that are guaranteed to keep your feet warm at temperatures from 32 degrees F to temperatures as cold as it is possible to experience on the planet earth.

So, for all of you who have been hoodwinked into buying winter boots with these components in them based on the false advertising Lamilite is here to save your feet from freezing.

First of all you have to keep those thick wool socks in the draw since wearing them has contributed to having cold feet because they absorb foot moisture which is considerable. However wearing the Lamilite socks is the first step in solving the problem. The moisture moves through the socks to the inner wall of the boot. The moisture is trapped between the outer lining of the socks and the inner wall. If you wear the wool socks the moisture just stays in the sock and the longer you wear them the more moisture they absorb. As for the thinsulate functioning as an insulator, well it just takes up space and the more you wear the boots you find they become roomier. Why, because the thinsulate is packing down. this means if the thinsulate had any insulating capability in the first place it is now gone completely.

When the warm blood coming from your heart gets into your feet it is cooled quickly and when it starts back to your heart it has to be reheated which makes your body work harder metabolizing your food (fuel) more quickly so you get cold faster.

The second article of Wiggy’s foot clothing you now wear is the over boots when you are in an environment that can be as low as -30 degrees F. If you are dressed for the situation and you are wearing the over boots you will not have cold feet even though you are wearing those terrible boots with the scourge of the industry materials in them.

Wearing the same Lamilite socks and the scourge boots with the muk luks if you are properly dress for the most extreme environment in the world you feet will be warm.

It is very important for hunters who go into tree stands that your sitting still for potentially extended periods of time and as such the fact that your feet are warm when wearing the over boots or muk luks means as I stated earlier it helps your body to stay warm. Of course wearing the fishnets and other Wiggy clothing would also help.

If you happen to own pack boots throw away the felt inserts and get a pair of the tall SUNWALKERS. Worn with the Lamilite socks you will have warm feet to -20 degrees F.

Because the manufacturers of boots that incorporate the goretex and thinsulate are so entrenched with gore and 3-m they cannot cold turkey end their production of these non-functioning boots.

Imagine if they did go cold turkey and ended production of them and the ALL of the sales people at stores like dick’s, basspro, cabelas, rei, llbean, and you name them that have been selling these non-functioning boots for 40 years have to start telling people who come into the stores asking for them that the goretex and thinsulate don’t work and never have. You know of course All of the marketing people at ALL of these companies as well as all of the jacket companies know that these bogus materials do not work. What a hell ,of a predicament we would be in Ollie!!!!!!!!!!

Throughout the outdoor industry in the early days of these two materials the manufacturers were enamored by the salesman who were ignorant of whether or not the stuff worked or not but in reality did not care, because they were getting a chance to fly all over the country with large expense accounts. In those days we had manufacturers in the USA and the outdoor industry was growing and everybody wanted to get in on the action. As time went by people began to question the performance of the products and the thinsulate actually was ended for the most part. But the goretex rolled like a freight train gaining a position as we see it today.

All of that aside I am very glad to know that the boot companies are not going to shoot themselves in the foot and bite the bullet and give up on the goretex so I will have a growing market for my socks and over boots and muk luks for a long time to come.

Consider this article a bold advertisement for my products more so than any prior article.


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