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individuals who test Wiggy's products

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My homemade test and lab are right here in Medina, Ohio, exactly one mile from Wiggy's guru and longtime Wiggy’s supporter, Ed “Mountain Man” Schwartz. Ed is known throughout our township as the most amiable neighbor and knowledgeable outdoorsman around. Our conversations about Wiggy’s began in 1990 and continue today and I retain ownership of my first Wiggy’s bag from that time that i bought from Ed’s Camp and Trail Hutte…pretty blue outside and red inside…Great bag.

One time, after taking and succeeding my first Wiggy’s test, getting into a soaked Wiggy’s bag below 50 degrees and waking up to a 95% dry bag (only a touch of moisture was on the outside in a few spots), I decided to invent the Independent Warmth Recovery Test!

This is conducted to see how long it takes to get warm after donning a frigid Wiggy’s Ducksback Parka I purchased in 2018…what a great coat. Absolutely my favorite! My testing parameters are a cold parka, one that has been left to the elements, is put on and the clock begins. My outdoor cold lab started with my blue parka left in the garage until today’s ultimate test, my parka left outside and inside out. Today’s ambient temperature is 8 degrees with 86% humidity. That’s important!!! I just came back from Reno where I wore my parka in 16 degrees fully sunlit day and humidity under 10 % and where I had to open my parka fully as I retained so much warmth during a nice scenic walk! Humidity plays a big role!

Back to today’s test in Ohio. I took my parka, left on the deck patio chair that was turned inside out, shook off the light coating of snow all over the inside, turned in where the pretty blue outside showed, then I put the parka on and started the clock. Results: Inside of 10 seconds I felt warmth. Inside of 30 seconds I was very comfortable. I put the hood on and inside of 45 seconds or the 260 foot walk to my mailbox, I was toasty.

Wow! The results are great but the fit and comfort of this parka are even better. Beautifully made, wonderful fit (I am 199 lbs. but wear an XL in case I want another layer underneath), and the stitching by the Wiggy’s craftsman sure makes me proud to wear a Made in the USA garment. Great job Jerry! You did it again! I’ll be thinking of new tests too conduct so stay tuned.

Jeff Johnson

Medina, Ohio

This is not the first time that Jeff has conducted a personal test of my products. I have previously posted his findings. It seems to me more and more people develop their own method of testing Wiggy’s products and share their results with me which I in turn share with my readers. I feel very good about receiving these reports since they support what I claim.

When I view the web sites of other companies that sell (they do not manufacture their products) products that are similar to Wiggy’s I find that they have comments from the people they employ as testers of said products. I have never hired any person to test my products and I never have supported any of the people who have come to me for product, even though they claim to want to publish how well the products work for them while they are doing something they want to do. I think of them as being on vacation as I was when I went sailing.

I am sure the other companies do not publish testimonials is because they never receive them. Just think there are or have been numerous companies that have used or continue to use gortex and you never see any testimonials from consumers. If it worked as it has been advertised to work there would have been numerous testimonials published for the past 40 years, but none have been. I expect the same result will take place with the North Face (NF) new futurelight product reported to outperform goretex, and who is doing the reporting NF. It is not difficult to outperform goretex, just wear any garment made with Ducksback material and you will not only outperform goretex therefore you will outperform futurelight as well. They are birds of a feather. It is not difficult to outperform products that do not work in the first place.

However, these companies publish what their paid “athletes” have to say about the products they give them to use. Is it possible these “athletes” will tell the golden goose that what they have given them failed to do what it was supposed to do, I don’t think so. So a copy writer creates the words attributed to the “athletes”.

As far as I am concerned I prefer receiving testimonials from people who have used their own money to acquire Wiggy’s products. That being the case the individual can say what-ever they want to say since they have a vested interest in the product.

Jeff thank you for your test report.

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