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polyester and down blend

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The story of down used as an insulation was popularized by the Eddie Bauer Company starting in the 1930’s and it has had the same problem then as it does now; it just loves water. It makes no difference if it is in a jacket or sleeping bag it is going to absorb water from the user and the atmosphere. Aside from that I is expensive to make products at re filled with down clusters. So finished products are costly! You do not get what you have paid for.

I started thinking about this when I read that the Kentucky ANG was specifying down bags that simply would not work for them.

Then I read yesterday that Downlite Company a U.S. based down processor was teaming up with a company called 37.5 to use their natural particles to now have a “thermoregulating down”.

They Downlite are calling their new down “ClimaSMART”. I guess they keep reading possibly my articles about Lamilite being made from “Climashield” the best form of insulation that has EVER been created by man of bird, so they got as close as possible without infringing. That is what mountain hardwear did when the called their line of sleeping bags lamina. Just close enough to sound like Lamilite but not infringeable.

I have yet to discover what the 37.5 “naturally derived particles” are, but they are permanently embedded into polyester fiber. These polyester fibers are blended or mixed with the down.

The following is the explanation of what the 37.5 naturally occurring particles do when used in garments. I reprinted the following from their web site.

“Vaporactive™, powered by 37.5® technology, is infused with naturally derived active particles embedded at the fiber level. These particles use the body’s naturally occurring infrared energy to rapidly attract, capture and evaporate moisture - keeping you cool, dry and comfortable”.

According to the article that I read I quote the following; “According to third-party studies at [Inside Climate Munich] 37.5 technology can reduce the Heat Index (whatever that is) –a primary measurement of the discomfort felt as a result of temperature and humidity next to your skin”. I have never heard of this organization, but it is obviously based in Germany where the hoho institute is located. All of these companies seem to love the European testing laboratories because they tell them what they want to hear even if it makes no sense. Chad Altbaier vice president of Downlite Outdoors says and I quote; “37.5 down blend manages excess heat and moisture more efficiently than down alone (down alone manages to absorb all moisture available and that gets rid of heat very quickly) and it causes the down to dry 40 percent faster than natural down alone”. NONSENSE!!!!!

What we have here are two useless products although I have yet to learn exactly what 37.5 is selling.

Downlite made a big deal a few years ago with their supposed water proof down, guess it hasn’t worked for them so they are looking for a new handle.

The amount of information publicized from companies involved with materials or finished products serving the outdoor market is populated by blatant lies about the products made available for consumers to buy.

The biggest lie of all is waterproof breathable material, no such material has ever existed nor does any exist now and none will exist tomorrow. Sorry Bobby nothing has changed since we had that drink in 1977 at a bar located in O’Hare airport.

There are no down qualities greater than about 500 cubic inch down. Every quality above 500 is a figment of the imagination of the down processor. A German down processor sent me a 3 ounce bag of 1000 cubic inch down with clusters that are probably less than 500 c.i.d. But people will be fooled.

Then there is the plethora of materials that are claimed to wick moisture or cool you down and who knows what else.

The OR show will take place soon in Denver and I am already reading claims like this dufus down/37.5 blend. And I thought primaloft has the polyester down blend market corralled, guess not.

I really do attribute this non-sense to the simple fact that those who work in the industry leave a great deal to be desired intellectually. They seem not to think about what they are selling!

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