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ducksback testimonials

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I got my Ducks back coat yesterday. I opened it last night just as it began to rain rather hard. I thought there was no time like the present to test it, so I put it on and stepped out the front door in the dark in a hard rain. After about 5-7 minutes I went back in. I stopped on the porch and took the coat off and suddenly thought what am I going to do with this sopping wet coat? I stepped into the foyer into the light and looked at the coat. To my total surprise the coat was as dry as it was when I put it on. I shook it to see if any water would fall off, but it was dry. I hung it up in the foyer right beside my Wiggy's sweater vest. Now I just need some Wiggy's duck back rain pants to be totally set for a cold wet winter.

John Offutt

Athens TN

The reason I use the material I trade named DUCKSBACK is because I discovered when I bought my raincoat in 2011 and noted the same thing John noted. The difference was the amount of time I was in the rain in San Francisco which is what caused me to buy a raincoat.

With all the talk about waterproof/breathable the DUCKSBACK is the closed fabric there is to function in that manner. No, the DUCKSBACK is not waterproof but as water resistant as I have ever seen in my 50 plus years in the textile business.

As for the vapor permeability I have noted so long as there is a thin layer of Lamilite lining the jacket your moisture will vaporize and move away from you and leave your clothing if your neckline is open and if you are wearing a loose fitting shirt. Wearing a form fitting knitted shirt will trap any sweat against the skin and not let the moisture vaporize.



Last week I took my brand new Wiggy´s Single Person Bivouac Shelter with me to a military training exercise. We had no tents or any kind of indoor accommodation for the few days we spent in the field. I had my Overbag with me, but as it happened I didn´t actually need it! I kept it under me since closed cell foam pad is not comfortable against skin.

The insulated bivouac shelter was warm enough in summer conditions and I slept well. The SPBS has enough room for upper body and for some gear like cellphone, headlamp etc.

On the plus side, it is also very easy to pitch even in the dark and the mosquito net is great to have. I did not notice any condensation issues, as I kept the front flap open. I am actually excited to test the Wiggy´s Bivouac in the winter months and in worse weather conditions.

I am happy to have one more option for a shelter in the field. I would imagine that the SPBS would be a great emergency shelter as well, for example in a boat or aircraft. It could be made in blaze orange color for those purposes?

I recommend using a light weight tarp or poncho as a small cooking area and shelter for your gear. I actually used my jetboil while lying in the shelter!

I have had the pleasure of using Wiggy´s insulated products for over six months now.

The Super Light FTRSS is the best sleeping bag I have ever used in the military or in the civilian life. Liner jacket is also awesome piece of gear for layering and it has seen a lot of use. As stated above, the Wiggy´s SPBS has a great potential.

I wish I had known Wiggy´s when I served near the Arctic Circle for almost a decade.

Yours Truly, Joni


This I think is the first testimonial about the DUCKSBACK Lamilite insulated SPBS.

The fact that he slept in it without the need to be in a sleeping bag was great for me to hear. The fact that he did not encounter condensation was also good to read. As a SPBS I am very sure it is the best one on the market. It is the only product that has been changed more often over its initial years of production because a number of customers who invested in it took the time to offer what were very good recommendations. The last change was me, when I changed the exterior fabric to DUCKSBACK. It eliminated the need for a separate fly.

So many thanks to both John and Joni for their testimonials.

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