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Hi Wiggys crew,
The new site looks great!

Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your work.

From the Antarctic Bag & Mitts, our beautiful white Fossil Ridge Parkas & Bibs, Mukluks, even the booties & other odds & ends…   these have all become my favorite things, because they’re the equipment depend on with full confidence.  Amazing warmth, breathability and comfort, rugged durability, washability, and the quality of your company itself, standing behind your products & even accommodating custom orders; there is just no one like you guys.

You’ve made winter my favorite time of year.  Now when it’s -35, I grab a book, my gear & snowshoes, head out wherever, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in total comfort.  I’ve used your gear winter camping & adventuring up into canada, climbing up/sliding down snow, ice, rocks & dirt, been blown across Lake Superior on my face in ice squalls and after the initial shock, even enjoyed the experience of getting run over by the freight train whiteout hurricane, completely warm & protected.  Somehow, this stuff shows no wear yet!  I don’t get it, but I love it.

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent equipment and your willingness to do custom work to make everything perfect for your customers.

Pete Doering

Here are a few pics of places your gear has allowed me  to go...


Mr. Wigutow,

In August of this year I completed my Alaskan caribou hunt that I discussed in my first email back in April, 2014. During the trip, I utilized the Super Light bag that I purchased on your advice. I had the FTRSS with me but I did not need it! I used it as an extra sleeping bag since the Super Light was plenty warm; for short periods I slept with bare feet and was plenty warm. I was able to dry out most of my clothes just by either wearing them in the bag or stuffing them inside while I was in it. My buddies with cheap bags never could dry their clothes and they were miserable. I did not take your ground pad with me since we had an outfitter camp package that included (cheap USGI-type) sleeping pads.

I also wore daily your 9” socks and jacket liner. They worked very well in keeping me warm and dry. The socks were very comfortable during the 40-plus miles I walked while on the hunt. In the attached photo I was wearing the jacket inside out as 'tundra camo.' It worked well in that regard.

Anyways, thank you for the great advice and for the great products.

Pat Millenbaugh

Posing with caribou

I think I bought my Ultima Thule back in like 1997 and it's still my go to bag in the winter time here in Colorado. Over New Year's eve I backpacked up Pikes Peak and camped inside Monty's Rock Pile just below Barr Camp. The temp at night was around 5 below zero and I slept toasty warm thanks to your bag. Thanks Jerry.



Jeff Rotondo

[Here's a picture of] your awsome waders at work. 3rd season on them and of course they were trashed by the end of last season, but a few patches got us through this season. They sure do make crossing streams with sheep meat on your back a little nicer. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Shawn Davis

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  1. Love my Wiggy's Comforter

    When I used to get in bed at night in the winter time, it would take at least 15 minutes for me to get warm. My bed was always ice cold. I got a Wiggy's comforter for Christmas and as soon as I put it on, I got in bed and my bed was instantly warm. I don't know why, but it is amazing. Thank you Wiggy for making this comforter. Everyone should have one.......

  2. Chukka Boots

    Got my chukka boots on Saturday and today is the first time wearing them and man, they are comfy and fit perfectly. I was browsing your site again and reading the post about "why leather boots" and seriously that is the exact situation I will be mainly using these boots in. Walking through the long grass with all the water still stuck to the grass. Very curious if the man who came in was my dad or not. Doesn't matter just cannot wait to test them out hunting. Thanks again for the fast shipping and the great American made boots. Don't ever stop what you're doing cuz it's awesome. Will be a returning customer

  3. A New Life Outdoors

    Dear Jerry,

    I am a 65 year old fella who has spent a lot of time outdoors in a variety of settings and seasons. Having survived and endured years as a Boy Scout and later a Scout leader myself dressed in cotton socks and long johns. The common thread has always been cold, cold, cold. Then I literally stumbled across your website. I listened with an open mind having had no luck with the other very expense brands.

    Just before Christmas this year I received your mesh long johns and short socks. I've not been out of them since their arrival. I live in the central valley of California which is quite temperate. When it gets to 55 degrees or cooler and my activities take me outside I am miserable. Having a wet performance t-shirt laying against my skin waiting for my body heat to dry out the material just wasn't cutting it. But no more my friend. You and your know how have now led me to wonderful snowshoeing trip in the sierra's just last week in total comfort and I'm now expanding my outdoor horizons in all weather.

    As a consumer in today's world I find you to be a breath of fresh air. Your straight forward tell it like it is attitude about your products. Exposure of the shortcomings of other larger corporation products and their prices. America used to be filled with guys like you but it seems that ship has sailed.

    Best of luck in all your pursuits Jerry.

    p.s. Be calling in new order tomorrow

  4. Core Body Warmth

    Hello Jerry,
    I live in northern Ontario, Canada and just received my Wiggy's Supplex Vest. I had to drop you a little note to let your followers know that this has to be the best cold whether vest available. I can wear a fleece jacket underneath and with the compression of the vest, my core feels like I have my Thule sleeping bag around me all the time. What a wonderful feeling on a cold day in the true north.


    I wear your Barren Grounds parka almost exclusively during winter months here in Korea. It is amazing. Period!

    All the best

    Much thanks to Mark, Wiggy

  6. an off brand

    I've been reading the success stories you've been sending out but I don't see enough about the parkas. Since moving to northern Illinois I tried all of the standard brands people wear, mostly Columbia and their Omni heat system. It never really worked for me. So for this winter I bought your barren grounds parka. It is the warmest and most comfortable coat I have ever worn. I've had folks laugh at me for buying what they see as an off brand with a funny name. Then they see me walking around in negative digits with no discomfort at all. I think some have regrets now about the marketing that the fell for. Hey, but at least their coat looks nice on them as they freeze their ass off!

    I thought it might be good for you to offer emergency blankets that people could keep in their car or home without having to buy a whole bag. Maybe an L6 and L12 offering. I know you have a blanket but I'm thinking something more rugged and affordable for an emergency item. A Lamilite beanie would be nice too!

    - Blake

    I suggested to Blake to look at the TV blanket.


    Wiggy... Took delivery of my Lamilite socks Sat. morning.Went home, took off my wool socks and put the Lamilites on. I was out Sat. afternoon for a few hours picking out a Christmas tree with just my sneakers and my Lamilites on my feet. It didn't get out of the twentys. I was warm as toast the whole time. I am amazed:a product that does exactly what it claims to do! I can't wait to put in some real "dirt time". Also looking forward to getting Moonwalkers and fishnets down the road. Thank you for making something that works with no compromise. Take care. John Orlando PS Have you ever given any thought to making a Lamilite bandana?

  8. Thank you for yourgreat customer service!

    I just want to let everyone know how great your customer service is. I ordered a sleeping bag as a Christmas present and only gave my PO Box not realizing they needed a physical address for delivery. They contacted me for my physical address and due to my work constrictions we ended up playing a game of phone tag. Because of this the owner gave me a different number to reach him at to rectify the situation. I was able to contact him after work and he pleasantly took my call. It wqs likely 8 or 9pm his time and probably took him away from the evening football game but he took care of the situation, got the addresses straighten out and I received my order about a week ago. Thank you! I will definitely order from here again as well as recommend this company to others. I myself, have heard nothing but great things about the products.


    Hello Wiggy's!

    I'm only writing to let you know how amazingly awesome your sleeping bags are. In 1999 I attended Paul Smiths College just slightly north of Lake Placid NY. The outdoor rec coordinator suggested I get a Wiggy's when I asked him for a recommendation.

    I was hesitant at first but haven't looked back since. I've slept in it in single digit nights without the slightest hint of feeling cold.
    I just stumbled ups n your face book page and watched the factory tour video. So cool that all of your products are made right there and totally kickass that you're the only company producing sleeping bags in the country!

    Definiteley will be buying some other products, mostly with motorcycle riding in mind. Keep up the great work and I'll keep spreading the word!

    Michael T

  10. Lamilite socks and Deadhorse Alaska

    I have been working on the North Slope of AK for 13 yrs now. I have tried everything from two pairs of socks to wool socks and nothing comes close to Wiggys. When I first started working up here I wore cotton socks and Bunny boots and that worked for a while then switched over to Smartwool and that worked for a while. Then the North Slope went all steel toe so I switched to Baffins and wool socks and wore that for years. Until one day I was shopping for a sleeping bag and a guy I work with said get a Wiggy's I said what's a Wiggy's? So that night I googled Wiggy's and it has changed my life. Back to the socks. Today it was -30 degrees farenheit here. So what I wear now is a pair of Lacrosse rubber boots and Wiggy's socks and my feet are warm. A simple change of the socks and now my feet are warm. When I take the boots off at the end of the day the outside of the socks are covered in sweat and my feet are barely clamy. If you decide to wear them with rubber boots I would get the 13" ones. I tuck my pant legs inside the boot and it seems to be OK. The socks seem to ride down my feet, every once in a while I slip the boot off and pull the sock up. My socks are size ten my boots are an eleven. I usually wear a 10.5 in footwear. Lacrosse doesn't make half sizes. One of my Whites boots is a 9.5 and the size ten sock fits just fine. If Wiggy's made a steel toe Lamilite boot I would buy it in a hurry. The only down side I see is that my stitching is coming apart on the heel on both socks. You can actually put your finger through it. I would buy more Wiggy's in a heart beat but the shipping to AK is expensive. My feet are finally warm, I would like to try out one of his FR coats because we have to wear that up here to. This Korbana stuff they give us is crap. BUY WIGGY'S YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. I KNOW I WILL CONTINUE!!!

    Sincerly Justin Cox

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