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  1. Liners (AKA Layers) Life Support Equipment

    Ok, my layers are complete. L-3 vest and jacket, L-6 vest, sweater and jacket, and L-12 jacket.
    As elsewhere, I'm keeping a set of your liners in my EDC ruck (fish nets, 2nd. layer top, socks, leg jackets, L-3 vest and jacket, L-6 jacket, and insulated head cover and the 40 degree Freedom bag) that allows me to layer under whatever outer coat, for the worst the season and location can offer, even if I was stupid and didn't dress appropriately, I can be quickly. With the bag, pad and a tarp, I can hunker down anywhere under any conditions.

    The layers are duplicated for daily use, without disturbing my ruck. The L-6 is warmer then the sweater of the same weight. The L-12 is warm! Given the outer coat is big enough for the layers, I'm good for any of the areas I tromp. From NY into northern Maine, Labrador and Nova Scotia in all seasons, and to the Bronx, M-F. And as stated, they work as well under my Grudens commercial fishing rubbers, or anything else, as they do uncovered.

    -Compressed forever without loss of loft.
    -Unaffected by wet
    -Clothes mitigate environmental hypothermia.
    -Bags can be used to treat environmental (or traumatic) hypothermia.
    -If your sick or injured or lost or cliffed out or both you and your bag are soaked, get into the bag, with adequate ground insulation, you will be warm. Came across another "I was just...", older guy, hiking the Long Trail, gets caught in a snow storm in the mountains, he's wet and his bags wet, and by his own guestimation, he wouldn't have survived another night if SAR hadn't rescued him. Another incident, SAR guy got lost on Mt. Baldy, died from hypothermia. RIP. All I can say is WIGGY'S!

    -As proven by me, to me. I don't go anywhere without my Wiggys. His bags are what everything else gets packed around. Simple, his stuff works, don't buy anything else, Wiggys stuff can save your life, keep your toes and fingers, if you have it with you.
    Thanks for all you do!

    Regards, Jim

  2. 2 Years Strong!

    Jerry -

    This is my second season in the DucksBack Alsaska Range Parka Shell (L-12 liner), and I have to tell this jacket is still the most amazing piece of clothing I have ever owned for outdoor gear! I especially love those cold wet rainy/snowy days while having the DucksBack material , it's amazing how the water looks like it is just soaking through and through - but in reality it just goes past the very thin membrane then comes rite out! Whats funny is when I am standing in line at the store I am the only person leaving a large puddle of water where I stand :) (I Love it!) I have had this jacket on in cold heavy down pours here in Denver and again I stay warm and dry! Love your stuff Jerry and thanks again for all you do in helping people stay safe!

  3. Non Gore/membrane Lined Boots


    You were asking if anybody still made "un membraned" boots? Yes they do. Whites, Drews, Georgia Boots, Red Wing and Limmers. I don't have any personal experience with most of them, but the do still exist

  4. This has to Stop!

    Damnit Wiggy you've done it again! Today is our 30th anniversary and being as we like the woods and needed a better Parka than the ones we had, we ordered two of your Antarctic Parkas, Urban Ducksback, one XXL and one SM. I was concerned as at first you didn't think you had any and there would be a two week delay! I called and spoke with a very nice Lady who checked the status of my order and said that my entire order of the two Parkas, one 84" luxurious ground pad and a Tekfire Lighter should be here today!!! It seems that someone, (Bless their kindness), found the Parkas, packed everything up and got it to us on our 30th!

    You must stop this being so nice, having the people that work for you going out of their way to please customers, your Customer Service personnel that are nice and ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR CUSTOMERS!!! These days we're used to a long wait, going through "robots" that try their best to make us hang up and when a CS Rep finally comes on the line you can't understand them! I must insist that you stop all of the things that make people shout your praises and come back again and again! Who remain loyal to you through all the BS that's flying around these days! How dare you actually give a damn about your customers and make sure that your products perform as you say they will!

    That's another complaint about you and your products! You must immediately stop under stating how your products perform! We've been customers for years and have bought two complete FTRSS systems, two ground pads, two pairs of your Lamalite socks, two pair of boots, (one pair years ago Herman Survivors), just bought a pair of your new models, and other items all of which are actually BETTER THAN YOU DESCRIBE WITHOUT EXCEPTION! Wiggy this has to stop! You need to be slow in filling and shipping orders! Your CS Agents need to be surly and lie about when a shipment should arrive. Best advice is you must embrace GoreTex and push that rotten, worthless, POS crap on all of your customers!

    All in all you, your personnel, your products, (that ALWAYS outperforms every description that you post), your fight to get the best equipment you can possibly make to our Troops all over the world, your fight to get the public and government to see and test what you say, makes you one hell of a fine Man, one that I'm proud to "show and tell" your gear to all of our families and friends! Please keep up the fine work and never let the bastards get you down!

    Very best regards,

    Ed & Michele

  5. Excellent customer service

    I was having issues with ordering on the website concerning shipping address. I called and the gentleman that answered the phone was able to work some magic and get my bags shipped to me. The amazing thing is that they were at my door the next day! I love the bag that I have and hope that these that I got will provide my sons with years of use!


    I called Mr. Wiggy, about my wife, God love her, but I, over more then 30 years have argued, fought, begged, Prayed, and cajoled, but to no avail, she just won't realize (or admit) that bad things happen. Anybody that knows me, knows that the 0 degree Wiggy bag, has to be the basis of all your ruminations be they recreational, or catastrophic. If I believe my own bull shit, my wife needed a bag and pad. It will most likely never see the light of day, but under the logic of, she can't use it if she don't have one, it had to be done. So a Super light FTRSS hunter, and his luxury pad. I don't go anywhere without Wiggy, because I recognize through personal experiences, that his stuff gives you every opportunity to go home. So, in spite of her, that's what I want for my wife. Opening the box, all I can say is wow! Thank you sir for making stuff that will protect us, in some truly heinous circumstances.

  7. Liners (AKA Layers)

    Your Antartic coat (urban or otherwise) and bibs, or your walking sleeping bag, mukluks or over boots, mittens and I'll add, heavy wool gloves under unlined gauntleted work gloves for dexterous things tool usage and fire tending in environments that you don't expose skin. and a boiled wool hat. Proper ruffs protect from blowing snow , sun glare and creates a microclimate. None the less, glacier rated sun glasses and over the glasses goggles (the oversized goggles protect more of the frontal and maxillary sinuses) and a heavy wool buff takes care of the rest. This In addition to his -20 bag, his full sized pad and at least a tarp if not a winter tent (Hilleberg Black label) with the rest of the usual suspects that you would find in an auto stranding kit, but also functional for those occasions that you return to your car, not really attired properly to dig your car out of a plowed in snow drift, or changing a tire or soo many other situations that we aren't dressed for the conditions or being "out in it". Please add a conspicuity vest and personal marking strobe, and a really good snow shovel. The above for each occupant in the car for strandings, adjust the size of the snow cave, snow trench, tarp or tent for the max # of occupants.

    In strandings, it's almost always better to stay with the car though not necessarily in it. If a full tank of gas...run the car every 20 minutes for heat, leeward side window cracked. Keep the exhaust clear bases on snow fall/drifting. A spare piece of ~1/2" static kern rope sized to run from your door to the exhaust tips on your car. When out of the car, attach the rope (I use carabiners) to your door securely, and to yourself. It is extremely easy to get disoriented or lost, in a blizzard with full frontal head winds, and people have died while looking for their way back to their car. The rope is a lifeline. If greater then 20 feet, tie an overhand knot at the mid point

  8. Liners (AKA Layers)


    Greetings from NY. I Pray this finds you an yours well.

    Perhaps a suggestion? You sell liners, vest L-3, coat L-3 (combined L6 ish), L-6 liners/ Sweater, and L-12 liners. You've posted that with your fishnets the (2) L-3's and an L-6, should be good to -50 degrees. I'll always pack your sleeping bag, regardless of what else (save weight elsewhere), but for day hunters or hikers or folks that count oz., a package of your liners, I think of them as mix and match, layers, and use them as such. Less weight/bulk then the complete garments with the same warmth. Add leg jackets, hat, gloves/mittens and a sit pad compress small, and if carried affords a huge hedge against hypothermia, regardless of what else is or isn't carried.

    More: add a 35-40 degree Wiggy bag (I like the Freedom Bags, coat/poncho liner/blanket, compressible forever, unaffected by water, and good for 10-20 degrees lower then it's rating. I have mine in his medium compression sack, fits without difficulty, uncompressed 8.75" diameter x 19" long, could be compressed much smaller, and a better and bigger pad, tarp (there is absolutely no excuse for not carrying premade shelter) MRE PB and water.

    More: Ti pot and cover, MSR Pocket Rocket II and larger cartridge (or 2 smaller ones) freeze dried, Ti spoon/spork

  9. Now Official - warm when wet!

    I've had my Wiggy's mummy sleeping bag for over 3 yrs. I do mostly fall & winter camping, and I have loved it. No surprise. I am writing this now because I just tested out the "warm even when wet" toted on the description of Lamilite when I bought it. Long story short, I was an idiot & didn't put my rainfly on my tent & ended up floating around in inches of water as it rained inside my tent for a 4 hour thunderstorm. My bag was WET - like a couple gallons of wet. And I was warm! Amazing stuff. I hope I am never stupid enough to test it that way again, but I gotta say - thank you, Wiggy's!

  10. 2nd Wiggy's bag

    I got my first Wiggy's sleeping bag, an Ultima Thule, in 1987. I used it on several sled dog races here in Wisconsin, and in Minnesota and Michigan. I also used as a kayak camping bag in Yellowstone in September. We know a bit about winter here in the upper Midwest and it performed excellently. For the last 25 years I have used it as my primary sleep system in my yurt. Finally this last winter the inner nylon liner split . I still use it at home but I need a new one for camping. One bag lasted 32 years of regular use. If anything you make them too good! Thanks.

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