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Hi Wiggys crew,
The new site looks great!

Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your work.

From the Antarctic Bag & Mitts, our beautiful white Fossil Ridge Parkas & Bibs, Mukluks, even the booties & other odds & ends…   these have all become my favorite things, because they’re the equipment depend on with full confidence.  Amazing warmth, breathability and comfort, rugged durability, washability, and the quality of your company itself, standing behind your products & even accommodating custom orders; there is just no one like you guys.

You’ve made winter my favorite time of year.  Now when it’s -35, I grab a book, my gear & snowshoes, head out wherever, and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in total comfort.  I’ve used your gear winter camping & adventuring up into canada, climbing up/sliding down snow, ice, rocks & dirt, been blown across Lake Superior on my face in ice squalls and after the initial shock, even enjoyed the experience of getting run over by the freight train whiteout hurricane, completely warm & protected.  Somehow, this stuff shows no wear yet!  I don’t get it, but I love it.

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent equipment and your willingness to do custom work to make everything perfect for your customers.

Pete Doering

Here are a few pics of places your gear has allowed me  to go...


Mr. Wigutow,

In August of this year I completed my Alaskan caribou hunt that I discussed in my first email back in April, 2014. During the trip, I utilized the Super Light bag that I purchased on your advice. I had the FTRSS with me but I did not need it! I used it as an extra sleeping bag since the Super Light was plenty warm; for short periods I slept with bare feet and was plenty warm. I was able to dry out most of my clothes just by either wearing them in the bag or stuffing them inside while I was in it. My buddies with cheap bags never could dry their clothes and they were miserable. I did not take your ground pad with me since we had an outfitter camp package that included (cheap USGI-type) sleeping pads.

I also wore daily your 9” socks and jacket liner. They worked very well in keeping me warm and dry. The socks were very comfortable during the 40-plus miles I walked while on the hunt. In the attached photo I was wearing the jacket inside out as 'tundra camo.' It worked well in that regard.

Anyways, thank you for the great advice and for the great products.

Pat Millenbaugh

Posing with caribou

I think I bought my Ultima Thule back in like 1997 and it's still my go to bag in the winter time here in Colorado. Over New Year's eve I backpacked up Pikes Peak and camped inside Monty's Rock Pile just below Barr Camp. The temp at night was around 5 below zero and I slept toasty warm thanks to your bag. Thanks Jerry.



Jeff Rotondo

[Here's a picture of] your awsome waders at work. 3rd season on them and of course they were trashed by the end of last season, but a few patches got us through this season. They sure do make crossing streams with sheep meat on your back a little nicer. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Shawn Davis

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  1. Ducks back super success

    Just returned from a research trip way down south where the avg daily temp is still neg. 30. I took along my new ducks back artic parka, mittens and head gear. I experienced alot of physical hard work and was worried about sweating in my gear and freezing. I was properly layered with other wiggy's gear and never experienced discomfort. More importantly, the artic parka vented well and I was dry as a bone at the end of the day. I have never found a glove where my finger tips did'nt freeze until now. The artic mittens were superb as well as my head covering. No disappointments ever when using your gear. That's why I have been a fan and supporter since 1995! Thanks to Jerry for getting my gear to me on time as promised!
    You can NOT go wrong with this company. Outstanding products and great value. Thanks again Jerry and God bless,
    Mark R.

  2. Lamalite saved my life

    To make a long story short, I am on a cross-country bicycle ride to raise money for a cancer charity after having survived prostate cancer myself. In Washington state I was riding to colonial creek campground getting rained on all day! I was actually riding in a river of water on the road. Every article of clothing that I had got wet during the ride. I got to the campground and it was 36°! It was still raining. I got wetter and colder as I set up my tent. I was shivering so much by the time I got the tent up that I couldn’t light my backpacking stove to have a nice warm drink to help me warm up. So with nothing left to do, I got into my Wiggy’s sleeping bag, the over bag, by the way, only rated to 35f, with all my wet things on. Within a half hour I was plenty warm and by the time I woke up in the morning most of my clothes were dry and of course sleeping bag was bone dry! Wiggy, I think your gear saved my life.

  3. It's time

    Wiggy. I have been meaning to do this for awhile. I bought my 1st product from you in 1989(that story will follow) This is about the field jacket liner. I always felt the field jacket liner was 1 of the best items the military ever produced. Then I saw yours. I was deploying to Afghanistan Jan 2012. The middle of the Bagram AB winter. We are on a high plateau at about 6000 ft above sea level. So cold and wind. I called you a few moths before to talk about your suggestions. I work in Aeromedical Operations and would be spending time at my desk and out on the field configuring loading and unloading medical aircraft. Whatever time/weather it was. When we spoke you suggested the field jacket liner and vest. I bought them both. It is now march 2021. I have had the liners for 9 years. This is my go to clothing item for any/every thing I do. I camp I bring it. I run in it. I work in it(I work as an Athletic Trainer so am out covering practices and games in all weather. I have probably worn it everyday from the day temp weather changes. its always in my car. i would say its worn at least 200 days. Every year. For the past 9 years. The SAME one!!

  4. 100% SPOT ON

    I didn't know this company existed until 24 hours ago . I found out they have been around for 33 years . I had to ask myself " Where have I been in a cave ? " . I've been in the outdoors most of my life camping , hiking , hunting , fishing and boating . I'm 65 now and still enjoying every minute I can in the outdoors . I started bass fishing when I was about 5 and caught my first 5 pound bass at about 8 with a Shakespeare spinning rod and reel using a inline spinner , yellow with black dots called a shyster. You can't forget the greatest moment of your life . So now I've got about 60 years of fishing tales.
    I've been camping most of my life too , been through many tents , pop-ups ,
    trailers and sleeping bags . I have watched outdoor life evolve and I've been through a lot of products from rotten junk to fantastically great products that I still use today , some re from the 60's era when I was a kid. I still have the spinning reel from that 5 lb bass , I don't have the fish as he was eaten .
    ,, I now have 2 super light , zero degree , 4 lb bags in camo with the boat foot . I feel like i caught my first 5lb bass , these bags are great . Everything is as advertised , true . I feel these bags are going to do the job and are of good quality .
    ,, I have a minus 30 degree bag , it weighs 15 pounds and rolled up it's about the same size of a 90 liter backpack . Way to big to go hiking with . The Wiggy bag compress well , it's light at only 4lbs and full fills my needs in this area as far as temps . Next hunting season started when this years season ended . We will be out scouting and making natural blinds near game trails. I will be using a Wiggy's . I'll bring both bags , in case one gets wet. I actually looking forward to using the Wiggy's bag .
    ,, I really wish I had known of this company because it makes me feel like i really missed a good experience . Now I'm considering some more products for the next hunting season . I am planning to spend almost the entire season in a tent From October until February . I started buying supplies yesterday .
    ,, I forgot to mention that I slept in my Wiggy's bag last night , no problems and the zippers 100% on the spot . The zippers didn't get stuck or eat the fabric . My feet had plenty of room and styed warm. . Last nights temps were not cold , tonight's temps will be , maybe 48 . But the next cold dip I'll be outside in a tent ,,,, well gonna run , I think you will enjoy a Wiggy's bag , I've got over 50 years of camping and I like it better than my old goose down bags. I'll be giving these 2 bags a workout for this years hunt . Thanks for actually making a quality product .. HAND SALUTE FROM A VET


    I'm in St Louis, where we experience a wide range of temperatures and snow/ice conditions. I work outside all year delivering food on a bicycle and an electric scooter. I ride my scooter all year as long as the roads are nice. It was 2F degrees here, and with my Wiggys Urban Antarctic parka, and ONLY one US Military "waffle shirt (level2) I can EASILY survive my scooter ride.

    The Super Mittens held up to temps as well. This is an amazing product. I am so balmy-warm at 8 F degrees, i just cant believe it.

    Someone was actually yelling at me, telling me how dangerous it was to be on a scooter at 2F, (and 20mph wind, 17.5 mph scooter). I told him Im wearing Wiggys and Im ok, while passing him by on the scooter.

    Wiggys will save your life if power ever goes out. All you need is JUST ONE shirt and you are perfectly warm; that is the most unbelievable part about it. When you zip the parka up fully, even at 2F a facemask is not necessary. .

    The way it fits is amazing .If you zip it up to the neck, there is extra insulation in the neck/hood area to keep your neck warm, and you really dont need a scarf. I have received many compliments on this coat, the women seem to really love it (just wait until I get the polar bear/fox/ wolverine combo ruff!)

    Every farmer who has to work in the cold needs one of these; every single one of them. It is durable and can withstand working in it. Another amazing fact of the Wiggys Urban Antarctic is its operating range. I can wear this coat in freaky st louis weather when it is 60-70F and not burn up. It has a temperature range of -20F to 70F. I'm perfectly warm at 2F with -19F wind-chill, plus my scooter wind. Thank you to everyone at Wiggys for working so hard to make these coats

    Carhart (the Big C) will rob you of your heat. It is like wearing aluminum foil the way it conducts the cold. Then you have to buy all these shirts and pull overs and hoodies to stay warm, but you cant stay warm, because the Carhart bibs and coat sucks the heat right out of you, Then gets wet and even colder. It is a losing situation that can kill you if find yourself with no heat. I wasted sooo much money on that Carhart crap in the past. I have actually injured myself wearing too many garments trying to stay warm.

    With Wiggys, all I need is only one shirt. If it get to about -20F and the wind picks up i would need the wind shirt. It is an ingenious cold weather system worth buying I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to not freeze to death. You never know when your car is going to break down, or how long a tow may be, or if your power goes out.

  6. Lamilite socks are the best!

    After putting these socks (13 inch) thru their paces - long pheasant hunts - stand sits for deer hunting - 60F to 10F - I’m a firm believer in the quality and functionality of these socks. They keep your feet warm and dry and when you take them off they air dry in 10minutes! Thanks Jerry for making a great product and for your help with my questions.

  7. to add....

    For a brisk long walk in cold conditions, a simple tee-shirt with my Wiggy's Sweater is wonderful exercise wear.

    If I'm exerting myself and it's no colder than perhaps 25 degrees F, I can forget layering with this combination.
    Just zip up to start, and drop the zipper as needed after a while when my body temperature climbs.

    Wiggy's is outdoor gear that makes the good things in life better.

  8. style

    I greatly appreciate that my Wiggy's Sweater is black.. all black, with NO brightly-colored garish logos or other trim.

    It has a decidedly adult look, and the esthetic beauty to my eye is in the sleek functional styling.

    Everything you need, nothing you do not.
    Wiggy's does not make of you a walking billboard when wearing Wiggy's cold-weather garments.

    Now I want another Sweater in Olive Drab, and I intend to make that purchase also.

    Thanks Wiggy, for offering the best outdoor gear and cold-weather outerwear on earth. Worth every penny, and then some.

  9. "Life Essential", Life Support Equipment labeled and rated or Survival gear...

    As the individual below so eloquently stated, the gear you make masquerading as recreational gear, which is actually a good thing, because that encourages use, which yields experience and familiarity, that in a survival situation, pays huge dividends. Best way I can say it, the knowledge and reassurance that the tools you "play with", when your day turns to shit, will give you and everyone with you the best opportunity to go home with an epic story, is priceless, just make sure it says Wiggy's on the label.

    Regards, Jim

  10. for life

    I've posted a testimonial recently for my Wiggy's Sweater.
    I consider it the most important piece of outerwear I'll ever own, the one to never be without.

    I have several Wiggy's sleeping bags.
    I have camped in my Wiggy's bags in cold weather, but not the Rocky Mountain conditions for which they're made.

    For me they are essential no matter where I am.
    They are my assurance that no matter where or under what cold-weather conditions I may need to sleep or shelter, I have there at hand the best possible means to ensure I can stay well and sleep restfully.
    There can be those times when that is critical to your life or survival.
    When those times may possibly be at hand, I already know Wiggy has it covered for me and it's right.... here.

    Wiggy's bags being so resilient to being stored tightly rolled for any period is a feature which stands alone and is integral to what makes them such absolutely essential gear for life and self-care.

    The same applies to my Wiggy's Sweater and I appreciate it in the same way. My life takes twists and turns. The more easily and with less fuss my soft gear packs and travels, the more valuable it is to me and my lifestyle.
    And the better then I can be sure that I have it with me when I need it.

    If it's life-essential gear then it has to work, no excuses.
    Thanks Wiggy's for using the best zippers on the planet.
    There's no compromise in this gear folks.
    One thing you can absolutely count on in a cold world.

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