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About Wiggy's Products —by Jerry Wigutow

At this time, Wiggy's Inc. is the only manufacturer of sleeping bags in the USA.

I take pride in being a company who makes superior sleeping bags & garments right here in the United States of America. We have not now, nor have we ever, outsourced the making & manufacturing of our products to foreign soil, and we never will.

Unmatched Quality, Longevity & Customer Service

I believe in the old-fashioned value of customer service. You'll find our customer service to be better than anything you'd ever find with a large chain store. Read our testimonials, I think you'll agree.

It's a simple concept: if you buy our product, the Wiggy's name comes on it. That means it's our reputation and my name on the line—not the reputation of some brand I'm simply distributing. To that end, I stand behind my products. That's why Wiggy's offers a lifetime warranty on all sleeping bags. At this time, I know of no other sleeping bag manufacturer that would even consider such a guarantee.

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What We're Made Of....

How can I offer such a guarantee? It's because of the insulation we use: Lamilite — a product I developed in 1968 when I first started laminating Climashield®, a continuous filament fiber, which serves as the main component of Lamilite. I can also guarantee Wiggy's bags because each one is made right here at our Wiggy's USA factory in Grand Junction, Colorado. I believe Wiggy's bags are so durable that if all you ever do is sleep in them and wash them when they are dirty, eventually you will hand them down to your grandchildren. Therefore, do not be fooled by the "hype" offered about other insulations.

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Clearing Up a Few Misonceptions...

There have been a variety of explanations given for the way we lose heat but, as pertains to sleeping bags, none have been quite satisfactory or accurate. The major misinformation deals with radiant heat loss. Radiation is the action or condition of sending out rays. All bodies in our world, including the human body, do so. Therefore, we want to retain and not lose the radiant heat we produce. In recent years, several manufacturers have made efforts to produce an insulating material that would contain, absorb, or reduce radiant heat loss. Their reasoning eludes me since the amount of total body heat lost through radiation is only supposed to be about 5%. To fully understand why the effort is a waste of time, one must recognize that the radiant heat we produce does not represent a loss but rather a positive.

I grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., and had the pleasure of visiting the amusement area Coney Island. One of my favorite places to visit was not the rides, but Nathan's, famous for their hot dogs. There were not tables, just counter space. During the winter months, you were exposed to the elements, which could be brutal since you were at the ocean. In order to keep their customers from freezing, Nathan's installed radiant heaters around the perimeter. As soon as you stepped under the line of sight of these heaters, you began to feel warm. Radiant heaters heat objects, not air, and I was one of those objects. Thus, when you get into a sleeping bag, the lining of the sleeping bag absorbs the radiant heat you produce since it is the first object that the rays hit. The air between your body and the lining of the bag is completely unaffected by the radiant heat, just like the air at Nathan's - but I was affected in a positive way. The closer the lining of your sleeping bag is to you, and our lining actually lays on you, the more rapidly the radiant heat you are producing works to your benefit.

Convective heat loss is heated air moving or convective air currents moving away from the body producing the heat. While growing up in a house with radiators heated with steam, you could see the heated air rising from the radiator, especially in the sunlight. The air moving away from the radiator is convective air movement, and unless stifled, will continue moving until it cools at a distance from the source of heat. If the insulation of your Wiggy's Bag is touching you, the loss of heat via convection is almost entirely eliminated. Conductive heat loss, in my opinion, can be the most serious. The simplest explanation of conductive heat movement can be demonstrated by using a skillet with a metal handle. When you heat the skillet, eventually the heat will travel into the handle or is conducted into the handle. One method of reducing this form of heat movement is by changing the shape of the handle to a spring shape. This can be seen on potbelly stoves. Although the handle is steel, it does not hold the heat as a solid steel handle does. The same principle is in effect when you see the shape of the continuous filament fiber, which has a "vvv" shape. Since the insulation is not compacted (as quilting will do), the conductive heat loss is significantly reduced as we saw demonstrated by the spring shaped handle of the potbelly stove.

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