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Sleeping Bags By Temperature Rating

More Info About Wiggy's Sleeping Bags & the FTRSS (Click to expand / collapse)

The Wiggy's Guarantee

Learn More  The Wiggy's sleeping bag guarantee is for a lifetime of use. If a seam opens or the Lamilite insulation deteriorates (such as losing its loft or separating, clumping in one place or another), Wiggy’s will repair or replace your bag at no charge. However, we reserve the right to examine any returned sleeping bag and will make the decision whether the return is justified depending on the appearance of the bag, demonstrating whether it has been properly cared for or shows signs of abuse.

What is the FTRSS?

The FTRSS allows you the option to zip an Overbag to a Core bag to achieve a lower temperature rating. In this way you can comfortably sleep in temperatures under 0° F. When combined with an overbag in the FTRSS, each core bag can be used at a 40° F lower temperature. When viewing a Core bag, you will see an option to 'Add FTRSS Overbag' when configuring your bag for checkout. If you check this box, we'll automatically add an appropriately sized overbag of the same type to your order. If you would like a different overbag, simply add the core bag without the FTRSS and pick your overbag separately.

*All of our sleeping bags are temperature rated on a ground pad and in a shelter. Cots and air mattresses do not apply as they will allow air flow under you while you sleep. So get on the ground in your Wiggy bag and warm up!*

Advice? Are you looking for a great 4-season sleeping bag that can be used for most of the lower 48 States? The Super Light FTRSS is our most famous and purchased bag both by our Armed Forces and civilian markets.

Why Lamilite Insulation?

Learn More The difference that truly sets the Wiggy's products apart from the rest is its insulation! We use only Lamilite, which possesses an extraordinary quality that helps contain the flow of heat that your own body generates.

Ordering the Proper Size Sleeping Bag

This applies to Mummy style sleeping bags as well as the Nautilus & Desert model bags.

The Nautilus and Desert bags are +40° bags. The Desert bag is for people who are 5 feet 9 inches or smaller and weigh 150 pounds or less. The Nautilus bag is for people larger than who would use a Desert bag.

The Overbag, Ultra Light, Super light and Ultima Thule bags come in four standard sizes. They are as follows.

  • Regular length/regular width will fit 5 feet 9 inches and a weight of 150 pounds. The bag size is 80 inches long and 31 inches wide.
  • Regular length/wide bag will fit a person 5 feet 9 inches and over 150 pounds, up to about 235 pounds. The bag length is 80 inches and the width is 34 inches.
  • Long length/regular width will fit a person who is 6 feet 5 inches and no more than 170 pounds. The length is 90 inches and the width is 31 inches. ( it has been our experience that tall people prefer the long and wide bag)
  • Long length/wide bag will fit a person 6 foot 5 inches and 260 pounds. The length is 90 inches and the wide is 34 inches.

As a rule when ordering the Ultima Thule, I recommend the wider size since there is double the insulation on the top half of the bag which does reduce the interior of the bag slightly. Also note: the Antarctic bag is made in both lengths, but the wide width only since there is double insulation top and bottom.

Our Zippers

The last, but by no means the least, important feature of our sleeping bag is the zipper. We use a #10 YKK molded tooth zipper. If your zipper fails to work when you are out in the field, it is irrelevant how good the rest of your sleeping bag is. 

Additional Information

General Care Info Our Fabrics

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When it comes to extreme cold weather gear, Wiggy's has you covered.

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