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Wiggy's Alaska

  • Alaska Range Parka Liner
    Alaska Range Parka Liner
    The Alaska Range Parka Liner: a jacket/parka all on it's own, or the liner for additional support. The Liner zips into the Alaska Range Parka shell of your choosing. There are two different insulating layers that can be...

  • Alaska Range Parka Shell
    Alaska Range Parka Shell
    $300.00 $286.00
    Called the Alaska Range Parka for it's extensive use in the Last Frontier. The parka is now available in DUCKSBACK fabric in a variety of colors. (Learn more about the DUCKSBACK fabric).  This parka is made entirely of...

  • Antarctic Bib
    Antarctic Bib
    The Warmest Bib On The Market! Used In Conjunction With The Antarctic Parka, You Will Be Hard Pressed To Find Too Cold Of A Place To Be! The bib is insulated with the same L-12 Lamilite that is used in our sleeping bags...

  • Antarctic Parka
    Antarctic Parka
    If Just In & Out Of A Very Cold Climate Or Staying Out In The Cold For Days On End, We Give You The Warmest Parka On The Market!  WARMEST PARKA MADE IN THE WORLD.Making a statement that you make the warmest parka...

  • Photo of Wiggy in Olive Drab Supplex Antarctic Parka
    CLOSEOUT: Supplex Antarctic Parka
    $425.00 $325.00
    WARMEST PARKA MADE IN THE WORLD.Making a statement that you make the warmest parka in the world is very bold, but there are facts to support the statement. The primary ingredient is the insulation, Lamilite that is used in...

  • Extreme Arctic Mittens
    Extreme Arctic Mittens
    This Is The Mitten Used In All The Great Dog Sled Races As Well As The Majority Of Sales Higher Than 50° Latitude.  During the winter of the 1999 Yukon Quest Dog Mushing Race we tested a new mitten. The temperature...

  • Hunting Hard ...In Alaska Book 1
    Hunting Hard ...In Alaska Book 1
    Receive practical tips on hunting Alaska "The Last Frontier" from a former Marine Scout-Sniper Instructor! In "Hunting Hard ...In Alaska!" Marc Taylor guides you through the necessary planning steps, and puts you in a frame...

  • Hunting Hard... In Alaska Book 2
    Hunting Hard... In Alaska Book 2
    Marc Taylor brings you the much anticipated second book in the Hunting Hard series - "The Soul of the Hunt." * Experience the intensity of each moment of the deadly game through the eyes of the hunter - and the hunted!* Dig...

  • Urban DUCKSBACK Antarctic Parka
    Urban DUCKSBACK Antarctic Parka
    Recently, I made a multi-layer garment for military purposes. It contained the following: an Antarctic parka using an L-8 ounce Lamilite versus the normal L-12 ounce Lamilite and a zip-in L-3 ounce liner and a zip-in L-3...

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