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Fire Retardant Work Wear

  • Fire Retardant Head Cover
    Fire Retardant Head Cover
    Insulate Your face & neck! This fire retardant insulated head cover functions exactly the same as the non-FR head cover I have made for years with one difference: it will perform at lower temperatures. An adjustable face...

  • Fire Retardant Antarctic Mittens & Liners
    Fire Retardant Antarctic Mittens & Liners
    The beauty of these mittens is the fact that they are completely vapor permeable — a necessary feature required when you are operating in an extremely cold environment. As the moisture is coming out of the pores of...

  • Wiggy's nomex fire retardant vest
    Nomex Fire Retardant Vest
    $135.00 $90.00
    Made from our 6oz Lamilite, the vest makes a great liner or outer garment. The Design: #10 YKK Zipper Two insulated, hand warmer pockets at the waist (outside). Medium to high collar Snap shut zipper flap Rear tail...

  • Fire Retardant Overboots
    Fire Retardant Overboots
    $235.00 $160.00
    Made with Vibram® soles. These Fire Retardant Overboots have the same level of FR Lamilite Climashield as the FR Insulated Head Cover and, if worn over our new FR insulated boots, will perform to about -35° to...

  • Nomex Shirt Jacket
    Nomex Shirt Jacket
    $465.00 $140.00
    Wiggy's Nomex Rig Clothing  Fire Retardant • Light in Bulk & Weight • Warm! The Nomex Shirt Jacket is cut in a long length to insure that when you bend over the wind will not give you a chill...

  • CLOSEOUT: Nomex Fire Retardant Antarctic Bib
    CLOSEOUT: Nomex Fire Retardant Antarctic Bib
    $565.00 $325.00
    The warmest bib on the market! Used in conjunction with the antarctic parka, you will be hard pressed to find too cold of a place to be! The Nomex Fire Retardant Bib is an amazingly functional garment. Really just a...

  • Nomex Fire Retardant Hard Hat Liner
    Nomex Fire Retardant Hard Hat Liner
    $80.00 $55.00
    Easier on the Hair Line!  The Nomex Hard Hat Liner is the head cover of choice in the cold North. Adjustable at the chin and around the face, it allows the wearer the freedom of sight while still protecting them from...

  • Fire Retardant Mukluks
    Fire Retardant Mukluks
    $280.00 $175.00
    The Warmest Pair of Footwear Wiggy's Offers! We Have Yet To Hear Of Anything To Rival Our Mukluks... Be It Competitors Or Nature! These Mukluks have an extra layer of L-6 Lamilite Climashield between the Nomex shell and...

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When it comes to extreme cold weather gear, Wiggy's has you covered.

Check out all our products from sleeping bags & shelters to footwear & clothing. Our uniquely developed continuous filament fiber called Lamilite insulation is what sets Wiggy brand insulated products apart. What is Lamilite and why does it perform better than all other forms of insulation? Click here to keep reading & find out more »

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