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Wiggy's mitten size chart. Measuring from base of index finger to base of pinky finger: Small = up to 3 inches; Medium = 3-3.5 inches; Large = 3.5-4 inches; Extra Large = 4-4.5 inches; XXL = 4.5-5 inches; XXXL = 5-5.5 inches.

  • Boomerang Shaped Hand Warmer
    Boomerang Shaped Hand Warmer
    My production manager made a new shaped hand warmer after making the Pogies. The new shape is actually shaped just like a boomerang, so when you insert your arms they are in a more natural position. The exterior fabric is...

  • Fire Retardant Antarctic Mittens & Liners
    Fire Retardant Antarctic Mittens & Liners
    The beauty of these mittens is the fact that they are completely vapor permeable — a necessary feature required when you are operating in an extremely cold environment. As the moisture is coming out of the pores of...

  • Wiggy's orange flotation mittens with black material covering the palms
    Flotation Mittens
    About 30 years ago I was working with the Navy Natick Labs and we developed a mitten for use on submarines for working with steam pipes. That is all I know of as to how they are used. The shell material of these mittens is...

  • Kodiak Mittens
    Kodiak Mittens
    One Of Our Most Popular Models, The Kodiak Is Versitile And Convenient! Remember that mittens are much more efficient than gloves so that should be your choice if you are in winter conditions such as +25° F or lower...

  • Super Mitten
    Super Mitten
    The Super Mittens are the second warmest mittens that we carry.  They have double the insulation in the entirety of the mitten, even the gauntlet is insulated. An Approx. temperature rating is -30 degrees F and lower...

  • Renegade Mitten
    Renegade Mitten
    Mitten/Glove for versitile Hunting & Military Purposes! Field-tested and ultimately adopted for use by the Special Forces that train at Ft. Carson, Colorado. The Army and Marines in Alaska also tested them. The...

  • Sierra Mitten
    Sierra Mitten
    Remember that mittens are much more efficient than gloves so that should be your choice if you are in winter conditions such as +25F or lower.  All of the shell fabrics are 3-Ply Supplex¬ nylon, which is vapor...

  • Extreme Arctic Mittens
    Extreme Arctic Mittens
    This Is The Mitten Used In All The Great Dog Sled Races As Well As The Majority Of Sales Higher Than 50° Latitude.  During the winter of the 1999 Yukon Quest Dog Mushing Race we tested a new mitten. The temperature...

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