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  • Compression Stuff Sacks
    Compression Stuff Sacks
    We make two models of compression stuff sacks, each available in different sizes. One model is the top down and the other is the radial design. Both are made from 200-denier oxford nylon that has been water proofed. Each of...

  • Camp Pillow
    Camp Pillow
    Made from the same material as the sleeping bags. Because these use the same Lamilite material, the pillows can compress & regain their loft. I recommend these be hand washed when needed. Pillow measures 10 x...

  • Vacuum Packaging
    Vacuum Packaging
    Compressed into a waterproof package about the size of first base, your Wiggy's survival sleeping bag is lightweight, easy to stow, and readily available for protection against the potentially harsh elements. Available with...

  • Shoe & Boot Drier
    Boot & Shoe Dryer
    Boots or shoes get wet from the perspiration that comes out of the 500,000 pores or sweat glands located in our feet. All of this moisture is a problem and for years shoe companies and sock manufacturers have tried to...

  • Ground Pad
    Ground Pad
    Ground pads have been a secret product at Wiggy's. they have been shown in the catalog since 1988, but because of the success of the sleeping bags, they have been overshadowed. Our ground pads are unique because the padding...

  • The Cold or Hot Bag
    The Cold or Hot Bag
    COLD or HOT FABRIC CARRIERS/COOLERS Keep Your Drinks and Food Cold...OR Keep Your Hot Food Hot for hours.... From The Store To Your House, At The Lake, Camping And Hiking, Going to a Potluck,Anywhere...

  • Insulated Window Covering
    Insulated Window Covering
    To purchase, enter in the amount of yards you need to the quantity.Many years ago I was contracted to produce a product known as Warm Window.I must have quilted 250,000 yards. The purpose of this fabric was/is to cover...

  • Military Insulated Bottle Cover
    Military Insulated Bottle Cover
    Insulate Your Liquids With A Cover That Actually Works! Fits the 32oz Stainless Water Bottle

  • Amazing Perpetual Light
    Amazing Perpetual Light
    We now have available an amazing light source that never needs batteries, recharges with any light source (will glow for days at a time), is almost indestructible, will even work under water. In addition it is not affected...

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When it comes to extreme cold weather gear, Wiggy's has you covered.

Check out all our products from sleeping bags & shelters to footwear & clothing. Our uniquely developed continuous filament fiber called Lamilite insulation is what sets Wiggy brand insulated products apart. What is Lamilite and why does it perform better than all other forms of insulation? Click here to keep reading & find out more »

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