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Ponchos & Poncho Liners

  • Poncho Liner with Head Opening
    Poncho Liner with Head Opening
    Made just like the other poncho liners, only this one has snaps on each side for your arms to come out for fishing or shooting. It can also be used in the same manner as the Poncho Liner with Ties or Poncho Liner...

  • Poncho Liner with Zipper
    Poncho Liner with Zipper
    The Poncho Liner is back in new colors! Choose A Poncho Liner with zipper feature that will allow you to use as a sleeping bag! Our Poncho Liner is made with a highly moisture resistant Taslite material. The lining...

  • Poncho Liner with Ties
    Poncho Liner with Ties
    Choose our "standard" Poncho Liner with ties for a quick, easy shelter!  Our Poncho Liners are made with a highly moisture resistant Taslite material. The lining is made with Nylon Taffeta (same as what is on our...

  • Cagoule
    Rain Gear That Covers You & Your Pack!   3 Quarter Length For Adequate Coverage!  Stop Buying New Raingear Every Year, Invest In Quality!  A full-length rain garment, the cagoule is sized to fit over...

  • Insulated Cagoule
    Insulated Cagoule
    The insulated cagoule will fit over everything you are wearing, so in a duck blind or tree stand you have extra warmth. At winter sporting events, such as football games, you will the warmest person in the stands,...

  • Insulated Poncho
    Insulated Poncho
    Insulation is 6 ounce Lamilite / Climashield Snaps down each side to close it and loops so it can be used as a shelter.Created for the military for use by soldiers situated in forward observer posts.Water resistant, machine...

  • Waterproof Poncho
    Waterproof Poncho
    Lightweight. Affordable. Durable. For Unintended Weather Or For An Emergengy Shelter! For a long while now customers have been asking us to do a lightweight poncho for emergencies or for an addition to their...

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