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Shelters Categories

  • Military Style Bivy CS (Center Snap)
    Military Style Bivy CS (Center Snap)
    A Center Snap Bivi Bag that Fits Our New Military Sleeping Bag! 100% WaterProof Nylon Material Snap Attachment To The Military Sleeping Bag The bivi bag is made without a zipper. It is made with snaps that off set...

  • Military Style Bivy BQ
    Military Style Bivy BQ
    This is the standard Bivy Bag (Bivouac) that will fit the smallest to the largest Wiggy's sleeping bags & sleeping bag systems. 100% Waterproof!  65" Side Zipper (Covered)   Weighs 2lbs 2.5oz 7" x 15"...

  • Freedom Shelter › Set up as a tent
    Freedom Shelter
    The Freedom Shelter is a Tent that Can Serve As: A Long or Short Coat  Poncho  Sit Shelter  Sleeping Bag Cover  Bivouac Sack  A-Frame Tent  Lean-To  Field Expedient Rescue...

  • Single Person Bivy Shelter
    Single Person Bivy Shelter
    The Single Person Bivi Shelter is now available in two versions: With insulation, or without insulation. This has been accomplished because of the DUCKSBACK material. The original Single Person Bivi Shelter needed a fly to...

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