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Ground Pad

28" x 40" » $80
28" x 60" » $94
28" x 72" » $104
Mated Medium:
56" x 60" » $176
Mated Long:
56" x 72" » $200

 Product Description

Ground pads have been a secret product at Wiggy's. they have been shown in the catalog since 1988, but because of the success of the sleeping bags, they have been overshadowed. Our ground pads are unique because the padding is a polyester fiber and not foam. Foam has several faults, such as losing resilience once the temperature drops below 32 degrees, getting hard and retaining moisture. If it is self-inflating and is punctured it becomes useless. The patch kits have never worked.

The exterior fabric of Wiggy's is textured, waterproofed 300 denier polyester. It is very similar to corduroy. The padding is Densified Polyester Fiberfill. For years, manufacturers of futons have used this fiberfill construction as their padding. I have found that in a 2" thickness it works so well that it can be used alone in winter conditions. Most winter campers use two foam pads, but with the Wiggy pad one is all you need. The fiber differs from foam in several respects. The fiber is completely unaffected by water and will inflate without a valve. Two 1" web belts are positioned at one end, so you can roll it up tight as possible and cinch it down. The pads are also available as mated sets. Using two separate pads under a mated set of sleeping bags leaves a lot to be desired. They slide away from each person. With the mated set, each side stabilizes the other when movement occurs.

Ground Pad Weights:
› 1.5 lbs.
60" › 2.75 lbs.
72" › 3.25 lbs.


Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. .(continued)

    Also, with it belted around your waist (use a belt or a short length of rope) it becomes a combined sit pad and highly insulated skirt. Pretty amazing when the temp drops.

  2. Makes an excellent insulating torso wrap or skirt/kilt as well as being a great ground pad

    Just wanted to share a secondary use for this "ground pad". .When belted around the body, It makes a great improvised torso wrap/insulated kilt/skirt.

    The ground pad, wrapped around the body, adds the equivalent of a winter coat's warmth to the section of body it is secured around, AND it is flexible enough to not impair leg movement--I used it this way last week when a storm front came in while I was out on my bike (April in new England) and was able to continue to wear it on my bike ride home. (I have often belted tarps around me in this fashion as well when confronted with inclement conditions)

    With the ground pad forming an insulated skirt around me and my picnic blanket tied over my shoulder as a cape I went from near shivering to instantly warm and in fact spent two more pleasant (and safe from hypothermia) hours from well before dusk to dark on an overlook along the Connecticut River. ( I did also have a tarp with me to stop the wind and rain while I was sitting)

    Great piece of kit with more than one use. Thank you Mr. Wiggy..

  3. Need to contact admin

    I need to contact admin.
    Thank you.

  4. ground pad (two great uses)

    So after building a climbing wall and monkey bars in my kids room, I approached Wiggy to ask about his ground pads, needing something the kids can move around easily, but offering some padding should they slip (or choose to jump from top). Kids have not stopped climbing and jumping since we put the wall up. And good news is, should they get really tired, they can simply fall fast asleep on it. Tee hee...

    So we will use this great pad for many things...and thank you for a great products that is well made and can take lots of abuse for years to come, we intend to put it to the full test!

    1 - Crash Pad
    2 - Sleepover Pad (for when kids have lots of friends over too)
    3 - Camping, naturally!
    4 - Wrestling/Karate matt
    5 - Reading and cozy time with kids
    6 - Pet bed (boys are begging for a puppy now that they met Cookie)
    7 - Uh oh, boys think they should try sledding down the stairs with it. (I might suggest they try their wiggy bag instead)

    Wish me safety during this testing period. HAHA

  5. Mr Wiggy really helped

    I really enjoyed talking to you on the phone, you obviously are passionate about your products and it shows. I was shopping for a sleeping bag, but what i learned is the ground pad is also important and am so happy I bought both. Your pads are durable, comfortable and most importantly I was warm thru the night.
    This is a first for me, since I enjoy camping in the winter, but never was well rested until now.

  6. -39 degrees Celsius without the windchill

    Mr. Wigutow

    I purchased your Antarctic bag with the FTRSS system about 3 years ago and couldn’t be happier. I live in Northern Ontario and go on an annual camping trip every March. We sleep in tents and spend the weekend ice fishing in the day and enjoying the campfire by night. Two years ago the temperature at night dropped to -25 Celsius. I was the only person warm out of the group. In the morning my buddy (who froze) couldn’t believe that all I slept in was my underwear and a tee shirt. He had his snowsuit on under his bag. This year, he bought the same bag as I did. We both decided to put our bags to the test this January. It was the coldest weekend of the year here. We slept directly on the snow with your ground mat with our FTRSS Antarctic bags. The temperature was -39 degrees Celsius without the windchill. We were both toasty warm even considering our blood was quite “thin” we went to bed.

    Thanks for a great product

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