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 Product Description

Prepare To Hit The Snooze Button... And Sleep In Just A Little Bit Longer! 

The Wiggy's Comforter is a great addition to your bedroom set. Made of all cotton, it gives a lush and full feel.

Wiggy's has always produced comforters for those folks that asked, now we produce this wonderful Lamilite filled blanket for your bed or couch in regularity, making it a very popular item in the cold months.

As durable as any other Wiggy product, washing is easy and as frequent as you please... Just so long as it fits in your washer!

Color: Khaki

Price: Varies by size (select size to see prices)

Twin & Full Sizes
Dimensions: Twin: 58" x 94" / Full: 72" x 94"

Queen Size
Dimensions: 80" x 100"

King Size
Dimensions: 96" x 100"



Product Testimonials

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  1. Toasty

    Just received the comforter and this thing is built like a tank and warm. Should last a lifetime. I also have the TV blanket which I will use during warmer weather. I wish it were a little less weight like the TV blanket but again this will last forever.

  2. Sleeping warm in Switzerland

    In one of the coldest and wet Swiss winters we were quite cold under a Merinos wool blanket plus Ikea duvet.
    Based on our excellent experience with our Wiggy's sleeping bags (Ultima Thule + Ftrss, regularly used from the Alps to Africa to the French Riviera etc on bunks, trucks, hammocks, old beat-up farm beds, fishing trawlers) we ordered their Comforter.
    And yes, we now sleep warm and comfortable and the bed feels warm in under a minute. An excellent product.

    Critics will be delighted to hear that Wiggy's Comforter is somewhat bulky, in line with their sleeping bags, and heavy-ish, so it doesn't shift when u roll in bed - (and why drive a Pick-up truck otherwise?) and that a like-new one-owner king size+ Merinos wool 'Alviero Martini' designer blanket is up for sale.

  3. Again and again and yet again!

    Have purchased 3 comforters (+ other items). 1 for me, 1 for the wife, and 1 the daughter ( I FINALLY get my own!

  4. Quality

    Wiggys Lamalite blanket seems very well made
    Not flimsy.
    Just Got it today
    Turning down the thermostat.

  5. queen size comforter, toasty warm

    I live in So. California, so I don't experience the cold weather as other parts of the country do. However, year round I sleep with my window open to get fresh air, and when our weather cools down, I pull out my Wiggy's comforter, and enjoy it. I never have cold feet, and you warm up under the comforter in less than a minute and are warm all night, even my feet. Thanks for such a great product - I enjoy using it every winter!

  6. Extremely dog proof!

    We have a new pit bull puppy, and the one thing they love to do is chew. He has torn up pillows, and put holes in various outer layers of all kinds of things. However, other than a fray or two, your comforter has proven to be both dog and puppy proof.

    Well done!

  7. full comfort

    i recieved my size full comforter and am expierencing deeper sleep with it. its hard to explain but easy to expierence. the more i use it the more supple it becomes and waking from deep sleep happens more often now. also i use the wiggys tv blanket under it to get a silky smooth sensation that is very relaxing
    and seems to some how regulate the temp and humidity to just right. keeping the thermastat down when it cold makes a difference in the utility bills that keeps me smiling.

  8. Follow Up on the Comforter

    Having used this exceptional warm comforter for 2 wks now,,I must say that I no longer have night sweats because that old down comforter was not releasing any of my body heat out away from the comforter,,like swimming in my own moisture,,this Wiggy's comforter is and does wayyyyy better at everything that down doesn't do,,,,no pocket stitching,,where the feathers have clumped together because I was sweating,,I find myself going to sleep faster & sleeping longer into the night,,I'm going to order another comforter just the King size this time,,also I'm going to purchase more items,,from Wiggy's wide selection of things I can use at some point,,I didn't know about Lamilite until I found out about Wiggy's,,so Jerry be ready because I'm going to be shopping again & again,,OK

  9. Comforter

    Received the comforter just now & quickly removed my down comforter from my bed,,tonight I'll see & feel how much warmer I'll sleep without my notorious night sweats,,as with the other items of Wiggy's I do have this should do me just fine,,that Lamilite insulation has convinced me down type materials/products are out,,plus the way I see it,,I save a few tortured geese or ducks. Great Products Jerry

  10. Comforter and TV Blanket are Winners

    Several years ago I bought a king-sized comforter and a TV Blanket. I was tired of down comforters with their shifting insulation and difficulty cleaning. I already knew my Wiggy's Ultima Thule FTRSS bags as the best system I've ever owned, and they shrug off cleaning in the washing machine. I've been using the comforter ever since. No wear and tear, no shifting of the insulation. And the TV Blanket is way better than any surplus woobie!

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