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FTRSS Overbag › Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

$210.00 (You save $55.00)
Temperature Rating:
+35º F
Compression Stuff Sack & Pillow:
2.5 lbs.

 Warranty Information

Your Wiggy's sleeping bag is guaranteed for a lifetime of use. If a seam opens or the Lamilite insulation deteriorates (such as losing its loft or separating, clumping in one place or another), Wiggy’s will repair or replace your bag at no charge to you.

 Product Description

Overbag for all FTRSS's in Mummy Style

The Overbag is a +35° F (approximately +5° C) rated mummy style bag. It is available in our four standard sizes.

Please note the slightly larger size for the over bag. This is so it will fit comfortably over any of the other bags when the FTRSS is created. Also note that a larger roomier bag is necessary for warm weather use.

Sizes Available:

  • Regular/Regular: (82" x 33") [2.5 lbs.]
  • Regular/Wide: (82" x 36") [2.75 lbs.]
  • Long/Regular: (92" x 33") [2.75 lbs.]
  • Long/Wide: (92" x 36") [3 lbs.]

Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. Worked great at 11,000 ft

    My boss went on his annual hunting trip with a new Wiggy's FTRSS Overbag and Super Light Mummy Style Sleeping Bag. He and his hunting partner camped on a mountain that turned out to be even colder and windier (80 mph) than expected at 11,000 feet. My boss was perfectly comfortable in his Wiggy's, except his shoulders were a little too wide for the sleeping bag and overbag, even though I got him a Long/Wide size in both. However, he has exceptionally brawny shoulders and a soldier's depth of frame. He was very happy with his Wiggy's bags and the new pillow ordered at the same time. He has a Wiggy's pillow from 30 years ago, and the new design, he said, is better. His hunting partner was miserably cold because he got some other brand sleeping bag. It was apparently difficult for him to stay warm enough to sleep. My boss told him to get a Wiggy's next year. My boss also liked the Lamilite socks and will probably tell his hunting partner to get those next year, too. The sleeping bag looked hilariously too big for its stuff sack, but it did fit. I had never heard of Wiggy's before my boss had me order this stuff. Now I can recommend it to my friends who are also insane enough to go camping in adverse weather. :)

  2. 1000 nights and still bombproof


    I bought my FTRSS bag back in early 2008. I am an outdoor professional, working in the back country with at-risk youth and young adults in a wilderness program. I have slept in my Wiggy's bag in excess of 1000 nights over the past years, both at work and in my off time. I have had zero issues with your product. It washes well, the zippers are bombproof, it has kept its warmth and loft, and is good as new after all the use I have put it through. Thanks for a quality product. I know of no other sleeping bag that would stand up to the wear and tear like your product does.

  3. never lost its loft

    I don't write many product reviews, but I am uniquely qualified to write this one: In November of 1994 I rolled my 1968 Bronco on black ice on a winding stretch of Highway 12 paralleling the Clearwater River in Idaho. In that accident I suffered a severe back injury--so severe that the chiropractor that took the x-rays commented that he was surprised that I hadn't severed my spinal cord. Because of the injury, despite the best efforts of the doctors and chiropractors I've been unable to sleep in a bed for the past 11 years. (Any bed is too soft and causes muscle spasms.) Since December of 1994, I've spent virtually every night sleeping on a carpeted floor in a Wiggy's Hunter Flexible Temperature Range Sleep System (FTRSS) sleeping bag. It is a two bag sleep system with two different weight bags that can be used together or separately. I spend roughly 8 months out of each year in the light weight bag, and 4 months in the heavy weight bag.) I've slept for more than 4,000 nights in that FTRSS--that is the equivalent of two lifetimes of heavy recreational use for a sleeping bag. (Here is the math: An intensive recreational user probably camps out about 35 nights per year, multiplied by 50 years of camping equals 1,750 nights. Hence, two lifetimes for a bag would be roughly 3,500 nights.) Since 1994, I have spent approximately 4,000 nights--including about 250 nights in the field--in my FTRSS. Again, that is something in excess of two lifetimes worth of use.

    The FTRSS has been very comfortable and exceptionally durable. The bag has had zero zipper failures, and no rips or tears. Most importantly, is has never lost its loft or had its filling get clumped or re-arranged, despite countless machine washings. (I should have kept track of the number of times that I've washed it!) I highly recommend Wiggy's brand sleeping bags. The FTRSS models in particular are ideally suited for anyone that expects to give a sleeping bag demanding use. OBTW, I should mention that I have not been compensated in any way for making this endorsement. I'm just a very satisfied customer. If you want the best, buy yourself a Wiggy's bag!

    As reviewed on http://survivalblog.com/

  4. Countless Trips

    Mr. Wigutow,

    As you know from recent email conversations, I have been using your sleeping bags since the mid 90's. I have used the Ultima Thule/Overbag combination on countless trips from mountaineering to hunting in all temperatures. I mostly used the overbag alone - it has been my favorite bag for backpacking and river trips. I finally had a problem with my overbag after about 15 years and contacted Wiggy's to see about repair or replacement. I was expecting the company to replace the bag for a cost and I would have had no problem purchasing a full price replacement. The problem with the bag was most likely my fault.

    Mr. Wigutow replied to my email and said to please send the bag in and he would take care of me - and he did by replacing the bag at no cost to me. Wiggy's has the best customer service of any company I've used - hands down. I very much recommend the bags for all use and especially for people who use their gear regularly and want a product they can use for many years. I also like the fact that Wiggy's is an American company and an American manufacturer. Hats off to Wiggy's.


  5. Indistructable

    Hello Wiggys,

    Sent my 17yr. son to Pararescue training. This is an Air Force sponsored course for the Civil Air Patrol. The overbag was used and abused as can be seen in the picture. Two cadets are sharing the bag. It came home trashed. I washed it per the attached instructions and it has made a full recovery. My son had nothing but praise for the bag. Thank you for a great product.


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