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Hunter Super Light (With Hood) › Rectangular Sleeping Bag

$264.00 (You save $96.00)
Temperature Rating:
0º / -40º F (FTRSS)
Compression Stuff Sack & Pillow:
36" x 92"
6.3 lbs.

 Warranty Information

The Wiggy's sleeping bag guarantee is for a lifetime of use. If a seam opens or the Lamilite insulation deteriorates (such as losing its loft or separating, clumping in one place or another), Wiggy’s will repair or replace your bag at no charge. However, we reserve the right to examine any returned sleeping bag and will make the decision whether the return is justified depending on the appearance of the bag, demonstrating whether it has been properly cared for or shows signs of abuse.

 Product Description

The Hunter Super Light with Hood bag is a 0° F (approximately -20° C) rated rectangular style bag. The size of the bag is 36 inches wide and 92 inches long (weight ~6 lbs). When combined with the Nautilus Overbag with Hood, the Super Light FTRSS is rated at -40° F.

This bag also comes with a choice of three zippers; all zippers are made from a #10 YKK molded tooth zipper. When mated, the bags can then be used for couples camping, or if in an emergency situation, for shared body heat.

  • Standard Zipper: A full 118" zipper that extends down the side and across the bottom of the bag (comes standard on all Wiggy's rectangular sleeping bags). This allows the bag to be fully unzipped on the side & bottom so that you can spread the bag out like a comforter. Two bags with 118" zippers can be 'mated' by unzipping both bags completely and placing one bag on the bottom (lining facing up) and one bag on the top (lining facing down). Then zip both bags together.

    *Note: Mating two Hunter model sleeping bags with hoods together will result with one person having the hood under their head and the second having the hood in their face.

  • 65" Side Zipper: Available on either the right or left side of the bag. This allows one right-zip & one left-zip bag to be mated together in traditional fashion, like our mummy-style bags.

Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. SUPERIOR & AWESOME: Hunter Super Light (w hood), Rectangular Sleeping Bag

    To my knowledge (and my opinion), Wiggy's makes the best sleeping bags on planet Earth.

    I have been a customer of Wiggy's since 1993 (27 years so far) and will be for life. I am proud to say that I was a very small part of the early days -meaning I was a Marine in the field who paid for my Wiggy (back in 1993), out-of-pocket. We would place large orders from Jerry and felt like we had discovered the best outdoor gear we had in our arsenal. A Wiggy bag.

    We were fortunate enough to serve with experienced Cold Weather Marines whom had taken away lessons learned from extreme cold weather operations in Greenland, Norway etc. They were on a mission to find the best sleeping bag they could. Enter Jerry Wigutow.

    Through the collaboration and innovation of Wiggy, these Marines shared and introduced us to a sleeping bag that solved all our our issues. Not only did it solve the gap that we had with other bags, it became our most prestigious cargo we would carry in the field. It was the one piece of equipment that with reasonable, low maintenance care, would not fail. We forgone our standard issue sleeping bags and purchased Wiggy bags out-of-pocket. Not only do I still have that Super Light FTRSS bag, I have never stopped using it. Never. While the hard core trips to the woods have given way to lounging in the living room or taking one of the bags with me on domestic or international flight - that Super Light FTRSS bag(s) gets used by my family daily. The bag is as good as it was on day #1. Seriously.

    I bought the HUNTER SUPER LIGHT (w hood) this week and am questioning why have I have not bought this bag years ago. This bag is simply awesome. This bag is a better fit for me as I have gotten stocker over the decades. A great feature with this bag is that you can "mat" the two Hunter model sleeping bags together, which makes it into a spacious sleeping bag for two. Perfect for me and my wife and in an emergency situation is THE bag to use to improve core temperature recovery.

    Finally I would like to say that I have become educated over the years on sleeping bags. All of it from Jerry's blog's, video etc - but I always have done my own research, other sources, bags etc. There is nothing out there that I am aware that is better than a Wiggy Bag. THe knowledge and wisdom that you read and hear from Jerry Wigutow, you are hearding from the pioneer himself. Wiggy's - hands down the best and guaranteed for life. On top of that, the customer service of Wiggy's is the best. "The Public Be Damned."

    Buy that Wiggy. What are you waiting for? It will be the best sleeping bag you ever buy. Ever.

  2. Wiggy's 0* Super Light With Hood

    I absolutely love these bags, but what's not to love? They're over built, very comfortable and most important to me, warm at their advertised temperature rating.
    I've never needed to add extra clothing, blankets, etc to stay warm in my Super Light, as I've had to do with other bags. The zippers are beefy, to say the least. They've never malfunctioned on me, and Ive never had the bag material get caught in them. The hood works very well for me too, especially with the comfortable pillow inside. I've seen some complaints online about the weight and compressability of these bags, but I just don't see it. To my way of thinking, there's very little if any weight difference between wiggy's and other manufacturer's bags if I take into account the fact that I always seemed to need a bag rated for 20* colder to get to the desired temperature rating than I do with a Wiggy's bag. They pack down well in the included stuff sack, too. At least as well as the bags mentioned above rated to a lower temp rating. I could go on and on about Wiggy's bags. It took me years of trying different bags to find something I'm completely happy with and the Super Light is it. They're built like a tank and they're warm and comfortable. I highly recommend them. Bob Smith

  3. Great American Made proucts!

    Your crazy not to have a Wiggy's sleeping bag. These are the best bags made. I bought the 0 degree bag for me and my wife. These are the warmest and most comfortable bags ever. I have been super warm in the coldest conditions. The best part of the bags is that they don't bind when turning in the bag like others do. Since buying the bags, I have bought a winter jacket for my ice fishing trips and it is amazing too. I recently had them custom make a winter coat for my dog as he gets cold in the winter. They were very accepting to take measurements to make this custom fit dog coat. What makes there products the best is there insulation materials. It's the best insulation that you can get and only in the U.S. Since there the only American made bag, you find any other bags this warm.

  4. Finally a product that works!


    I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love everything i've bought so far from Wiggys! ( 0 degree camo bag, camp pillow, stuff sack, military bivy, waders, pack boots...). Shortly before discovering Wiggys, I had (unfortunately) saved up and bought a Mountain Hardware Phantom 0 down bag after a few years of freezing my butt off with a bad bag while elk hunting. With how reliable your bag is in every way and how many times it's saved me from freezing out in the woods even while wet, I have an extremely difficult time even considering taking the MH bag for one of my trips (and with that horrible zipper, I have yet to trust using it outside of my own yard when I feel like sleeping outside, haha). So thank you for the awesome products!

    Thank you very much,

  5. Always money well spent

    One of my favorite places to hit the boonies out west south san juans in the san juan national forest near the rio chama…. Hopefully soon to get a chance to go back with a group and hammock camp with my warbonnet hammock and wiggys sleeping bag, with a cuban fiber tarp. while im up there later this late summer I may have to go pay a mr. jerry wigetow a face to face visit and buy some more merchandise form this fine man. this man makes some of the very best our money can buy outdoor gear anywhere. this is not a sales pitch, its a fact. wiggys.com simply makes a great product I have found works in all climates in all areas I have used it in the u.s. which have so far been numerous. probably why I'm fixing to buy my 4th and 5th sleeping bags from jerry. what i`ve learned is I'm to old to freeze my butt off and be miserable on an otherwise great adventure into the forest of the southwest and some of the finest trout fishing in the world. as well as arkansas in winter, louisiana in fall, tx, ok, mo, and numerous locations I have had a chance to trial some newer gear I decided to purchase .as a man that's basically a working class fellow it is imperative I save and spend my money wisely on the correct gear, for the correct job. iv`e done it with tools all my life, and decided no more surplus bags, or walmart bags and tents , sayonara junk basically. jerry has a system in the way he makes his bags into a system called the ftrss sleeping bag system. and the manufacturing methods he utlilizes to make this fortress system of sleeping bags allows for a huge flexability in their use and function . having said this if you buy one of them carefull read and observe the sites descriptions and temp. ratings. they are very accurate. few companies make a product that's made in the u.s. have the quality, durability, and a refined system that temperature regulates to your body as well as these bags do. and yes, ive used the u.s. military 3 pc system, 4 pc system, the old school intermediate and extreme cold issued bags. they are ok. but let me tell you this, those bags and many name brand extremely expensive bags you can buy in goose down and other synthetic bags are not worth a hoot compared to this mans stuff. also why a lot of military men overseas chuck their issues bags that are using these bags in difficult extremes with great success. thats how good they are ! ok. thank you jerry, will be talking to you soon. thank you sir for a warm nights sleep when its nasty out and in the teens, 20`s etc. because you got em al covered jerry. and i`ll tell ya what jerry, I don`t sponsor anyone, im not an advertiser. im a product user….

    To those that really know me… ive learned the hard way about gear…. when everybody else is miserable, im as comfortable as it gets with whatever gear I have, because I know how to use it. even with old slpng systems I layered them with proper barriers and wool blnkts and mil surplus bags and a grnd tarp and slept like baby. im older now and cold with humidity affects me in pain equity if I do not camp and play by the rules. mother nature plays her rules by her own handbook, and you either learn to use the knowledge gained or you can die in the wrong gear or in the least case scenario have a misreable trip and feeze your butt of, or in summer burn up in improper gear. quit wasting your damn money on crappy bags and crappy tents and just plain call jerry and ask him what you need for what temps or read the site carefully and learn. DO NOT call jerry and try to drag out a 2-4 min talk. he is very busy and works for a living same as we do. he will give you definitive answers and facts and tell you what is appropriate for where and what kind of sleep gear ya need in a bag. look, read, think, ask, then buy. its very simple ! happy trails.

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