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Victims Casualty Hypothermia Bag

US National Stock:
Canadian N.S.N. / Nato Stock:
#6530219148698 (orange)
Canadian N.S.N.:
#6530219205924 (green)
Compression Stuff Sack:

 Warranty Information

The Wiggy's sleeping bag guarantee is for a lifetime of use. If a seam opens or the Lamilite insulation deteriorates (such as losing its loft or separating, clumping in one place or another), Wiggy’s will repair or replace your bag at no charge. However, we reserve the right to examine any returned sleeping bag and will make the decision whether the return is justified depending on the appearance of the bag, demonstrating whether it has been properly cared for or shows signs of abuse.

 Product Description

The VCH bag is a development by the president and founder of Wiggy's along with several search and rescue professionals who gave us almost all of the recommendations that have gone into the making of this product. Their advice has made the VCH a user-friendly product.

Product Specs:

  • The interior and exterior fabrics are waterproof.
  • The bottom is 1000-denier cordora and the lining and top are 200 denier oxford nylon.
  • Color is black on the bottom portion and the lining.
  • The top comes in international orange or black.
  • The insulation used is our L-12oz
  • The zippers throughout are #10 YKK zippers
  • The top half of the bag separates completely from the bottom half to easily place a victim and for sanitization washing after use.
  • The zippers can be opened from either end and either side depending where it is necessary to provide service to the victim.
  • There is a zipper in the middle of the foot/leg area to expose a portion of either leg, if that is all that is required.
  • A pocket panel can be opened at waist level for mid section access.
  • Each arm has an access point that does not require opening the zipper.
  • For head trauma, individual sides or for the full head access can be exposed.
  • A chest pocket is located inside the bag for necessary additional heaters.
  • 8-man carry feature provides adequate space on either side of the bag for on foot extractions.
  • Adjustable rescue litter straps run length and width on the underside of the bag.

Weight is approximately 8 pounds. Compression stuff sack is 11" x 23" (uncompressed).

US National Stock #6532014989681
Canadian N.S.N./Nato Stock #6530219148698 (orange)
Canadian N.S.N. #6530219205924


Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. Hypothermia Bags

    Prefaced by I have no experience with your Hypothermia Treatment Bag, yet, but ALL of your products, are by default, hypothermia prevention, mitigation or treatment products, that can be "paired/scaled up" in extremis. As posted before, trust, but verify. Me in head to toe cotton, and my Wiggy's 0 degree bag, in a cold shower, until saturated (most peoples worst case scenario, your soaked and your bags soaked), add my driveway, used military closed cell foam pad, cold cement, fully exposed, 35 degree wind driven "snain". In early stages of hypothermia *mumbles/stumbles/fumbles", I rolled the bag as best I could to get as much water out of it as possible, and climbed in. As stated, zippers can be figity at times, (I since added a 550 loop and toggle), within a few minutes, I was warm. I fell asleep until morning, when aside precipitation outside and around, I was mostly dry, and so was the bag. PROOFED! Your clothes prevent hypothermia and your bags with adequate insulation underneath, perhaps in concert with your clothes and hot packs to the chest and arm pits, can manage environmental hypothermia. As I say, to anyone that will listen, buy a Wiggy bag, your life might depend on it.

    All hypovolemic (blood loss/shock) patients are by definition hypothermic, by a different mechanism, but still, and are managed the same way as environmental hypothermia. A new use for your hypothermia bag

    Regards, Jim

  2. Well thought out.

    Good Day Wiggy's,

    First off I'd like to commend you on making some outstanding products. I work as a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer/EMT for the Coast Guard here in Kodiak, Alaska. We carry your Victims casualty Hypothermia bag on every helicopter here for use on our Search and Rescue missions here in Alaska. Anyone we get out of the water is going to be in some state of hypothermia and is going to be placed in this bag. This bag is a well thought out design and built with great materials and attention to detail. It looks like all of your products are built to this high quality.


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