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Poncho Liner with Ties

$96.00 (You save $17.00)
SALE: 15% OFF!

 Product Description

Choose our "standard" Poncho Liner with ties for a quick, easy shelter! 

Our Poncho Liners are made with a highly moisture resistant Taslite material. The lining is made with Nylon Taffeta (same as what is on our sleeping bags) but inside color is at factory discretion.

The Poncho Liner with ties is for the customer who may want to tie off to the inside of a military poncho, make a quick shelter or tie the ties together for a makeshift sleeping bag.

Size is 60" x 90" / Weight ~1.5 lbs.

All ponchos are quilted in a 4 - 5 inch channel.

All Poncho Liners come with a standard 6.5 inch x 13.5 inch Stuff Sack.


Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. Wiggys tied poncho liner

    I’ve had this for several years now, it’s as good as the day I bought it ( which is excellent). I’ve know the “ozs. Equals pounds and pounds equals pain” mentality but I am not an ultralight hiker and I don’t cut the handle off my toothbrush.

    That said, I camp a fair amount, with hiking, hunting, or motorcycle camping.moreover I’ve used this rig in disaster conditions ( hurricanes Harvey ) and others.

    This was part of my go bag during Harvey , it served when I was assigned to an ad hoc shelter area during the storm ( and also The shelter was not supplied correctly). During the storm I was tasked with foot patrol recon runs ( yes it is an adventure even a couple hundred yards away from the building). To determine if parties were not able to make it ( not enough evaced before the storm) or were otherwise unable to complete the journey.

    While I didn’t get to sleep with it until after the storm, it served yeomans service when I returned without anyone in warming me right back up ( even at 75 degrees a 75 to 100 mph wind cuts through what you are wearing and exhausts you) to be ready for the next round. Or when you found someone and got them back, two quickly trap body heat to get them to a tolerable level. Wet , dry, didn’t matter it simply worked.

    After the storm it was my primary cover when I could get some sleep ( for several weeks after the storm) and never failed to help me falling asleep quickly and in comfort ( and while exhaustion may have played a part, even exhausted you sleep like crap if your kit isn’t right )

    I’ve used it as an under hammock in cold weather ( Hennessy hammock) and as a top quilt in cool weather , with never a hiccup. Again it simply works.

    Lastly and probably most important , hide it under the covers if you are sleeping with a covers stealer. They can rooll over and take the sheet and comforter, while you are nice and comfy inyour wiggys.

    It is still a piece of kit I take with me anytime I travel remote or urban , you really can’t go wrong having one of these.

    There are other lighter options out here form the “latest and greatest” crowd, but I will take proven dependability over weight in this case, hands down

  2. Wiggys Poncho Makes Life Easier

    Back in 2006 a friend and I drove from Northern Colorado to Alaska. Took my Wiggys gear too the sweater,vest, fishnet under wear and the artic bag too. We were gone for 3 weeks on our way back home we drove through Utah to Colorado so stopped in to see your Store/Factory got the nickel tour too. I talked your employee about my Wiggys Artic bag was to warm for me I would find myself completely out the bag every morning . So he ask do you have the bag with you yes I do he I trade you for our ultimate 2 bag system we made exchange. I made purchase purchase of 2 poncho liners came home.

    2 years later I got married remember I am cool sleeper I find myself without cover my wife has all of the covers a sleep. A man has protect himself so I sleep with Wiggys poncho liners year around 2 in Winter months 1 Warmer months . 9 years have passed the Wiggys Ponchos are rugged they look like the day bought them. I have to say they keep covered. I will buy me 2 more ponchos to get me another 30 years

  3. very happy

    This poncho liner is a great piece of kit. Used it for 21 days straight in the field for the military. It dried very quickly, soft yet very durable and never got cold in it. Plan on buying another to keep in my vehicle.
    The customer service is excellent, will be buying a sleeping bag before heading to NTC next summer.

  4. 101 Uses

    Dear Wiggy's,

    I was first introduced to your great gear when I was with SOCOM (3/75 Ranger Battalion) out of Fort Benning in 1986. Some was issue, and some we bought at ARCO's & Ranger Joes back then in Columbus Georgia.

    Recently my Squeezie and I started Island hopping the Pacific living pretty much primitive, and loving it. For a year now we have extensively relied on your PONCHO's. Time and again we started to buy the Freedom Shelter (and will when we have the funds), but opted to hold off because our poncho's do so well. We are both broken up and older, so every little ounce is an issue to carry. Your poncho has been a life saver, a water collector, insect barrier, elements protection, CONCEALMENT (try camping in Oahu, you have a zillion Cops and Criminals to hide from), and more!

    We have used them to carry things, as sleds; we could write a 101+ uses for a Wiggy's Poncho book!!!

    I was at first hesitant to buy things online, especially things I remembered from long ago. It seems practically every quality business of the 1980's has sold out to some crummy crap heap Company in Asia under the same name, and
    the products suck toad dung! I feared even Wiggy's might have got pressured. So we just bought the Poncho's as a test run a year or so ago. We couldn't be more pleased with your QUALITY.

    Squeezie wants me to do a YouTube video bragging about our minimal but great gear. Our Staples have been your Poncho and some Cold Steal Knives. Some Army Mess Kits, and issue rucks. In the future we are upgrading to as much WIGGY'S as possible, from shelters to rucks and more. We thank you again for remaining a solid business in the quality outdoor/survival gear trade. As the US economy rots deeper and deeper into the soil, I believe your products will be more and more needed. People will have no option but to go back into the woods to survive. To do so will require some fine Wiggy's gear. You guys will probably be the last viable business on Earth before the bottom
    completely falls out. I pray you hang as tough as your products. We need you, the world needs you!!!

    Rock on Wiggy's!!!


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