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water is not a problem

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Several years back there was a u-tube video where a guy tested your bag by getting cold soaking wet and then spent the night in one of your bags and awakened warm and dry. I recollect he was naked when he did the test. I wish I could remember more detail, but like I said it has been a number of years.

If you check my order history you will find that I have purchased a fair number of your products. I continue to use them regularly--Steelhead fishing--in November, and have always been pleased with how they perform including using the Lamilite boot socks in my waders. Lastly, I recently order an Arctic Shell in Ducksback and can't wait to give it a Pacific Northwest work out. :-)

Take care and I will look for you on the high ground.

Charles Higbee


I did something similar with my bag, except I stuffed it into a 5 gallon bucket, then filled the bucket with water and dunked it like a tea bag to thoroughly saturate the bag with water. I then hung it over the deck rail to drain.......not dry........drain, and 20 minutes later stripped down to swim trunks and climbed in. About +50F outside and it was still wet and slimy and yes, I let out a little hiss/yelp as I slide in. But I stayed with it and within a few minutes, things warmed up enough to be comfortable. About 30 minutes later my daughter came out to wake me, claiming my snoring was attracting the notice of the neighbors. The bag was still damp, but mostly dry.

That fast.


I did ask Howard which bag was used, an Ultra-Light.

Hi Jerry,

This past winter in Idaho we had a Scout winter campout for the district called Klondike. The conditions were miserable. Temperatures were just slightly above freezing and there was heavy rain, sleet and snow the whole time. I was soaking wet and crawled into your bag fully clothed in my wet clothes. I was warm and slept comfortably. In the morning my clothes were dry. I did this because I knew I would dry out in your bag. I have a Superlight FTRSS bag. I have a lot of your products and they all work well. Thanks for making great products.

Jared Suzuki Jerry,

The bag I have is your 20 degree MARPAT Ultra-Light. The price was too great a deal not to try it and I need a real bag for keeping up with the Boy Scouts.

On a recent hike, the Ohio Buckeye District Turtle Camporee, we went ten miles in, camped overnight and hiked ten miles back out. You carry everything you need with you. The first day was about 65°F ... it rained ... and rained hard. Nothing was dry and what a mud slog. At the camp site, I found water to rinse off the mud, from my boots, sock, pants, shirt and underwear. Still wet, but cleaner, I crawled into your bag for an hour for a "nap" while the boys made dinner. Wearing only the moisture winking underwear, I was more than happy to find I was dry and too warm come dinner time. That night, 50°F and damp, I was hot and dry. At one point that night, I realized I was sweating, but still not damp or uncomfortable. Come the morning, I was very dry and very comfortable. And Very sore, but that's another story.

Part of me wishes the insulation would compressed more to fit in my back pack .... BUT I think that is from all the hype the Ultra lite weight guys spout. I'm certainly not going to complain about what works and your bag worked for me.


P.S. I love the big zipper!

Water, water everywhere and not a problem at all!

Did you ever find yourself in a position of getting a standing ovation for something you have done? Well, that is how I am beginning to feel these days. It is one thing to know you make a very good product it is another thing to get a standing ovation so to speak from people who recognize your accomplishment. This cannot be said of any other company in the outdoor industry.

For the fall of the year I may have a line of snow board apparel that utilizes the DUCKSBACK material with the Lamilite insulation. This is just in the planning stage with another company.

I have never snow boarded so I do not know if when you do snow board you generate more perspiration than downhill skiing which I did for about 40 years. What I do know is if that is the case the vapor permeability of the Lamilite and DUCKSBACK material will not retain it in the garment. Of course wearing the fishnet underwear will aid in allowing the moisture while still in the vapor state to more easily escape.

I have often thought of creating a skiwear line similar to the one that came about when Head Ski and Sportswear about as well as a couple of garments made by Alpine Designs. These garments were very sophisticated versus the multicolored clownish look that took hold in the industry years ago.

As this develops I will let you know all about it.

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