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the lamilite sweater

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After 5 years with my first Wiggy's Sweater, I decided that it's the most important piece of outer-wear I own.

So I recently purchased a 2nd Sweater.
For me this lightweight easy-to-wear garment is too important to have only one on hand.

The Ducksback outer shell is a nice improvement.
It is a little stiff at first, but quickly softens up and feels wonderful to the touch, wonderful to have wrapped around you under all conditions.

Wiggy's gear is the best to be found anywhere.
Live in it, depend on it.

Thanks Wiggy for offering these great products!



Many years ago, when I solicited down jacket manufacturers trying to sell them the polyester fiberfill products, I represented I had very little success. But I did see the variety of down jackets they made and one in particular was a down sweater. Why was it called a sweater because it was sold to replace the sweater one otherwise wore?

When I started making some outerwear jackets, I made what really looks like a baseball style jacket and decided to call it a Lamilite sweater.

It has proven to be much more than a sweater which would be worn under another garment, but by itself. Rick is far from the first person to tell me the Lamilite sweater is his go to garment. Some of my customers have been using the one they originally purchased as far back as 25 years ago,

The original Lamilite sweater was made with a single ply nylon taffeta shell. Several years later I changed to a Supplex shell fabric, and now we use the Ducksback fabric. The insulation has remained the same L-6 Lamilite. This garment is and has remained a staple in the line of Wiggy wear garments.

As a manufacturer I find it rewarding to know that Wiggy’s makes a variety of products that have not changed much for years. As an example, the sleeping bags that I started making in 1986 have not changed at all since then other than some colors. They worked very well then and they continue to work very well, actually better because the Climashield I use to make Lamilite is a better product today than it was so many years ago.

All of the other companies that make the famous “no sleep sleeping bags” have for years changed them from season to season and finding out what they have done has not made any difference to improving the performance of their “no sleep sleeping bags”. They always end up with a “no sleep sleeping bag”. Why is this so? Because they who ever they are who work at these companies have ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of what insulation is that can be used in a sleeping bag. if they did, they would be using Climashield.

The costs involved in making changes to sleeping bags or outerwear drives up the ultimate price of the product, so if nothing changes the price rarely changes, except for labor.

This is one reason I have been able to keep my prices in check.

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