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more bogus information

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I have no knowledge of how long this company has been in business making their stuff in the USA but I do not believe they make it in Whitefish MT where their corporate headquarters are located.

But I do know from the start reading their published information I fail to understand what some of what they claim pertains to garments.

FORLOH (is the name of the company) is using ground-breaking technologies like Space Certified thermo-retention fabrics from NASA, cooling fabrics from the medical industry, abrasion resistant materials from the automotive industry and, for the first time in apparel - a micro-venting Pulse Plasma technology that outperforms traditional DWR treated fabrics. In some cases, we're simply building our fabrics from scratch, not picking from a vendor’s catalogue of traditional tech samples.

Pulse plasma technology is a new technology to me so I looked it up and the following is what I found.

“Plasma Pulse Technology is one of the so-called Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies. It allows to extract up to 90% of the original oil / gas in reservoir after the standard production methods fail to extract more oil or gas. The PPT was invented at St. Petersburg State Mining University in Russia.”

What this has to do with outerwear garments is a mystery to me, how it outperforms fabrics coated with a durable water repellent treatment (DWR) is also a mystery. But is sure does sound good. Some additional BS is the thermo-retention fabrics and cooling fabric.

At FORLOH we will always bring you the BEST, the MOST and the LATEST technology available from our growing network of technology providers.

Their technology providers are not mentioned in their literature.

World Class Technical Outdoor Apparel

If you’re an avid outdoorsman or woman you know that apparel technology has come a long way in recent years. Technically treated yarns and fabrics have improved the experience of outdoor enthusiasts the world over. FORLOH’s aim is to be the world leader in technical outdoor apparel – let us show you how we have achieved this with our Tri-Layer System.

Some more erroneous information. I know of no technically treated yarns and fabrics that have improved the experience of outdoor enthusiasts the world over, unless of course they are referring to sleeping bags and outerwear made with Lamilite. They will never become the world leader in technical outdoor apparel because they have almost no knowledge of materials.

ORLOH’s Tri-Layer System™

3 Layer systems are nothing new in the technical outdoor industry. Some companies started with wool baselayers, some started with puffy jackets and some even started with twill jackets - but none started with FORLOH’s Tri-Layer System, an integrated 3 piece layering system that is designed to work from the skin out, to regulate your body temperature, keep you dry and remain undetected by your prey.

Aren’t all of the layering systems that preceded theirs designed to do the same thing? Theirs will not be any better than the rest since theirs does not start with fishnets so all layers over their first layer will not regulate body temperature, or keep you dry.

1. Baselayer

FORLOH’s baselayer is like nothing else. Soft-touch, 4-ways stretch polyester is packed with technologies only available with FORLOH. Whether your goal is to keep you warm or keep you cool, we’ve got you covered.

Keeping you warm is as easy as calling up NASA, which; by the way; is what we did. We wanted America’s best technology, one that that has been tested to Earth’s extremes and beyond. Enter Trizar™, a certified space technology that captures your body heat and regulates your body’s temperature, keeping you noticeably warmer for longer. Don’t worry about over-heating though, if your core temperature rises and you start to sweat, the material will wick moisture and associated heat away from your skin – regulating your core temperature.

This is what I found about trizar, which is BS.

“Your body is always producing heat. Our high Emissivity Trizar® technology captures body heat and reradiates it back to the microclimate keeping you warmer longer.”

I have never heard of trizar fabric but you can get yarn. If the trizar did what they claim how come it has not been offered to other companies such as Wiggy’s. as they state their material is a four way stretch POLYESTER and therefore will not perform any better than any of the other polyester fabrics used for base layer underwear.

Now lets add FORLOH’s Crypsis Technologies™, specifically designed to keep the hunter undetected. All our baselayers are exclusively treated with both Polygiene Stay Fresh™ and Odor Crunch™. Together, these technologies will eliminate the smelly bacteria from sweat and foreign odors such as campfires, dogs, bug spray or whatever you cooked for breakfast that morning.

The following is what I found on Wikipedia about crypsis.

“In ecology, crypsis is the ability of an animal to avoid observation or detection by other animals. It may be a predation strategy or an antipredator adaptation. Methods include camouflage, nocturnality, subterranean lifestyle and mimicry.”

They are pulling out all of the stops to make you think they have something great. Polygiene Stay Fresh and Odor Crunch added to the crypsis will do nothing.

2. Insulation

Until now, the problem hasn’t always been wicking moisture away from your body, it’s been specifically wicking moisture through the insulation layer. We’ve all had the problem of sweat being trapped between the base layer and the down layer, making both layers wet, uncomfortable, potentially cold and ultimately smell. The traditional down layer doesn’t breathe nor wick sweat away from one’s body – until now.

Whoever wrote this has no knowledge of the action of wicking. This person obviously does not know that wicking action can only occur through materials that are capable of absorbing the moisture in the first place. Most people who do not wear fishnet underwear will find most of the sweat does not go past the close-knit base layer they are wearing. However, if their second layer is a garment filled with down, yes what ever moisture does move into the down it will become trapped there. You will not become potentially cold you will become cold. There are no traditional or non-traditional down layers and they are correct down does not breath nor does it wick. Now what have they done to change this?

FORLOH’s insulation layer is breathable, water resistant, tear resistant, and quick drying - then we added Crypsis Technologies™, scent control, silent zippers and soft nylon to reduce sound at close quarters.

What pray tell is forloh’s incredible insulation?

The secret is FORLOH’s Perf-Weld™, a proprietary technology that perforates the sonic welds between the baffles allowing moisture vapor to escape (permeable) while not letting condensed moisture like rain back in – keeping your body dry, your temperature regulated, and eliminating the classic problem of excess heat and sweat being trapped making you cold and smell.

You’ve got to try it to believe it.

FORLOH’s Perf-Weld™ ensures exceptional breathability through micro-perforations in the Sonic Weld construction. Perf-Weld™ lets excess heat out when physical demands at task cause body temperature to rise, keeping your body temperature neutral, comfortable and drier, all day long.

Perf-weld replaces the quilt stitching that is and has been used for as long as down has been used for insulation purposes. Welding the fabrics together via the sonic method is also not new. What is new to me is that this company is having it done to keep the down in place. The welds are much wider than the quilt stitching so they are perforating the welded material separating the down channels. I suppose some vapor will get through these holes, but certainly not enough to be of any value. Will these perforations allow in rain- water probably not, however, if you have sweated you are wet not dry! Temperature regulation is incapable of happening but they like so many before them like to say that. Since you are wet from sweat there will not be excess heat so you will become cold. You will not be comfortable and drier, all day long.

“You have got to try it to believe it”.

3. Protection

The final hurdle, how do you continue to wick moisture away from the body when traditional applications of DWR (the waterproofing treatment added to the jacket and pants) commonly blocks the structure of the fabric making the outer layer waterproof but ultimately reduces the breathability.

The answer is, don’t apply DWR in ways it has always been applied. FORLOH has exclusively partnered with Airadigm and using their microventing Pulse Plasma Technology™ which applies the DWR in a vacuum, drawing it through the fabric keeping the structure of the fabric intact. It’s just as wind and waterproof, but now, it's just as breathable as before it was treated. Not only that, it uses roughly about 1% of the traditional DWR volume making our protection layer soft, pliable and therefore much quieter than anything else on the market.

Having never heard of airadigm before reading the information on the forloh website I looked it up. They claim on the airadigm website the tie in to oil production. The pulse plasma technology is a process of pulling the dwr through the material versus spraying it on the material. What follows is their explanation.


Traditional Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finishes coat only the surface of fabric. That’s why they tend to feel stiff and uncomfortable. AIRADIGM coats fabrics on a molecular level. That is, each individual fiber is coated with fluorocarbon ensuring a more open, porous membrane, higher air flow, and faster vapor transmission and ventilation.

Shattering Today’s Breathability and Air Permeability Standards : our proprietary membrane and pulse plasma treated fabrics allow up to 100% more air flow.

Truly Waterproof: fluorocarbon molecules are added layer-by-layer to the fabric and membrane fibers. These molecules react against water’s surface tension preventing penetration through it.

Wind Repellant To Its Core: the complexity of our 3-layered, engineered fabrics creates a tortuous path for wind, effectively blocking the wind from penetrating the membrane.

The Science of Durability: our technology is applied using proprietary equipment, encapsulating and protecting the fabrics from the fiber on up. This unique application improves the performance over the lifetime of the garment and extends the overall life of the fabric.

The membrane referred to is nothing more than a ptfe film as in the case of goretex.

The AllClima 3L Rain Jacket does more than just keep you dry on the wettest of days. Using Forloh’s first-to-market Airadigm Pulse Plasma Technology, you’ll experience unparalleled breathability (32k g/mm MVTR and .15 cfm air permeability) paired with superb windproof and waterproof protection (22k+ mm) - technical specs that to date have been mutually exclusive. That means you’ll be dry and comfortable no matter how intense the storm. Pair that with a soft, quiet and incredibly durable fabric, and this jacket leads the way not just in the hunting and fishing category, but in outdoor apparel period.

These products are being used by a new company serving the hunting market and unfortunately the products being made have no chance of performing as described. This last item a rain garment is a perfect example of what will never work.

The youth of the outdoor industry have no foundation of knowledge so they listen to people who also have no foundation of knowledge. The youth does not want to put forth the effort in recent times to actually learn about the materials and which material is best for what application. They do not know how the body works and how finished products work when worn. They all say you will be warm and dry if you are wearing what we sell, versus what we make which will not keep you warm and dry.. Do they have their own factory where their products are made, no! will they ever have a factory where they make products, no. if you gave them a factory would they know how to run it, no.

And that my friends is the way things are in the textile garment business.

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