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“Logic has a single law, the Law of Identity, and it various corollaries.” (“Philosophical Detection,” in Philosophy: Who Needs It) “Whatever you choose to consider, be it an object, an attribute or an action, the law of identity remains the same. A leaf cannot be a stone at the same time, it cannot be all red and all green at the same time, it cannot freeze and burn at the same time. A is A. Or, if you wish it stated in simpler language: You cannot have your cake and eat it, too.” (Atlas Shrugged) Ayn Rand defined logic as the “art of non-contradictory identification.”

I am continuously amazed when I encounter people who simply refuse to recognize reality. I have been concentrating for sometime now on providing the Armed Forces of the USA with the best possible sleeping bag that they can get. In some respects I have been very successful, a national stock number for several models used by Special Forces Groups, the Air Force ground forces, Navy Seals, etc. In all instances my bags were the bag of choice after extensive field testing. I was not treated any differently than any other manufacturer who had an interest in selling to the military. It was just that my product out- performed all other products. In one instance I made bags using all the other forms of insulation available and they all failed against my Lamilite.

The results of all of these tests showing that my product or more specifically my insulation used as I use it produced a product so good has meant nothing to the military personnel charged with developing a sleeping bag or system. This same lack of interest so to speak permeates most of the retailers of sleeping bags. There is a conscious desire not the think about all of the facts that are presented to them. Reality cannot be faked.

“Knowledge is hierarchal. To understand this principle and make it part of one's thinking is to gain clarity and to put order in one's thoughts.” (Volume 12, Number 2, February 2006 issue of IMPACT the newsletter of Ayn Rand Institute).

I have been as I stated for over 40 years involved with synthetic fiber fills for use as insulating mediums. The knowledge that I have today is an accumulation of the many years I have spent in the industry. I produce products today based on that accumulation of knowledge. I could not have done this 25 years ago because I did not have adequate knowledge. As I learned about the fiber fills and manufacturing methods my overall knowledge increased. It just did not come to me in the middle of the night as a revelation. It was acquired through testing and observation as well as input from other men who had at the time greater knowledge in their area of expertise than I had. As an example my first endeavor into the sleeping bag and outerwear manufacturing business was a company called Olam Outdoor Sports. My partner new nothing about fiber fill insulations but he knew a great deal about how to cut and sew the fiber fill as well as all other fabrics. One of the first operations I learned was the importance of serging each component before joining the components. If you do not use this step in working with nylon fabric as many other bags chose not to do you can expect the nylon to ravel as happens to their bags.

Had the foundation of knowledge not taken place I would be wandering through a maze of inaccuracies and use bad judgment in the manufacturing of my products just as the other companies are continuing to experience. That is because those charged with the responsibility of developing sleeping bags and cold weather outerwear simply do not have a good foundation of knowledge if any with respect to insulations and how best to use them. Remember when I spoke of a civilian from Canada , who had virtually no knowledge of any aspect of what it took to make a sleeping bag, was in the employ of the U.S. Marine Corps to help develop a sleeping bag? Well he has company in the employ of all other companies that make sleeping bags, as well.



Several weeks ago I went on my annual winter backpacking trip. I have used one of your sleeping bags since 1997 and have always been impressed. A few weeks before the trip I ordered a set of your fishnet longjohns and one of your sweaters. While at first I was put off by the appearance of the longjohns, they performed exactly as you have advertised. I was using your inner bag rated for 0 degrees Fahrenheit. (Super Light) The temperature in my tent when I got up that Sunday morning was minus 8 degrees Fahrenheit. I was warm as toast and I am not a warm sleeper by nature. Usually when I know the temperature is going to dip below zero I pack my Ultima Thule bag, but I was looking at saving weight. I always pack longjohns so your fishnets did not add any weight to my pack. I kept the fishnets on for the 7 mile hike out and even though I did work up a sweat, I never felt chilled or clammy as I have while wearing other synthetic longjohns. This included me stopping at the top of the mountain to let my less athletic friends catch up. Normally under such conditions I would have felt chilled after stopping for ten minutes, but with the fishnets this was not the case. I only wish I would have purchased these years ago. The other bit of gear I just bought from you is your sweater. Sitting around the campfire in single digit temperatures was actually comfortable for a change. It packs down quite small in a compression sack, taking up little room in my pack.

Keep up the outstanding work! Your products are definitely underrated.

Mark W.


My name is Jack B. I am a recent transplant to Alaska .
I came here from Colorado . I know what cold hunting is. I was invited to hunt moose on thanksgiving weekend up near Fairbanks . My hunting partners said to be prepared for 30 below zero temperatures. I researched all the bags available in Anchorage . Marc (Marc Taylor owner of Wiggy's Alaska ) at the local store said I would be safe with the two bag system (Super Light FTRSS). I looked at the cost ($340.00) and continued to look at others, on sale and discount products. However, my gut said you better listen to Marc. I did and now I know why. We were 14 miles in by snow machine and the temperature went to 40 below and our snow machines froze up, dead and would not start, last resort, build a camp. The only thing that did work was the chainsaw. We built a fire and did ok. The temperature went to 50 below, we decided to go to bed and wait for help the next day. I slept like I was at home. Not cold at all. The next morning the game wardens came by and said it had been 55 below that night.

I will go back out and do it again; I know my Wiggy's bag will work. My buddies will be down to see Marc before they go back out.

Thanks again,


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