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Unintended Consequences

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The attack on the United States of America brought about some unintended consequences that are quite important. First it galvanized the population of the country in a manner that I have not seen in my lifetime. This is good because our way of life has been seriously disrupted and who knows when it will return to what existed prior to September 11, 2001, if at all. Because we know that the government and all forms of law enforcement aren't capable of watching all of us at any one time, or at any time for that matter, American citizens are arming themselves. Weapons sales have risen on average by 30 percent or more throughout the country (and not a word from the anti-gun group, probably because they are part of the 30 percent). I say "weapons versus guns" because they will be used as weapons if needed. The fact that so many weapons are being purchased will also help the police department. More guns less crime (also the title of a book by John Locke). It is a published fact that in communities where people own lots of guns, there is less crime. So the criminal element will have to be very choosy about who they decide to rob. The police department's job just got easier.

People may become more conscious of their surroundings than ever before. Based on what we have seen for years in Israel, shopping centers are prime areas because they attract large numbers of people. I am very sure people will be on the lookout for possible foul play. And I think these actions send a clear message that we the citizens of the United States are observant and will not tolerate any further attacks upon us if we can help it.


The Egyptian airliner that crashed into the Atlantic was not an act committed by an Egyptian who was depressed, but rather by a man intent on committing a terrorist act. It may have been a test to see how the Clinton administration would respond. Had they pressed forward with an investigation, maybe September 11 would not have happened. Remember that several of the passengers were high-ranking military officers, and the Prime Minister of Egypt, H. Mubarak has had as many as 15 attempts on his life. The Islamic Jihad is based in Egypt, so terrorism may very well be the reason for the crash. How about the Saudi government "not" confiscating Osama bin Ladin's
bank accounts. Are the Saudi's involved? Probably. Our government should issue sanctions against purchasing Saudi oil. On the other hand, suppose the powers to be at the oil companies that buy from the Saudis chose to stop buying and used alternative sources. It would only be fitting, because the Saudis apparently support
terrorism, not openly but behind the scenes. There is a glut of oil in the market at this time due to the reduction in purchasing by the airlines and cruise boat lines, as well by owners of automobiles. This reduction will continue into the winter. If it is a warm winter houses will need less heating oil. Ski areas will not use as much because people won't be traveling to them. Gas stations will sell less and hotels and restaurants will consume less. The trickle down effect will be significant.

The Saudis and the rest of the Middle-Eastern oil sellers may take a new position as their bank accounts shrink. They owe all of this to Osama bin Laden. What I find amazing is that it doesn't matter how badly this guy has hurt financial the entirety of Arab oil sellers, they still hide him. I believe if economically things get bad enough in the Middle East
the general population may very well erupt and overthrow those dictatorships. We no longer need oil from the Arab states; Russia, I would be willing to bet, has plenty of oil and can easily accommodate us. Then there is our neighbor Mexico and probably a dozen other non-OPEC countries we can do business available. The reality is that we do not
need OPEC as a supplier. Without the sales of oil the entire Arab population will go back to the desert, the only way of life they know. What else do they produce of value that can be traded with other counties? Nothing.

What about China? Their true colors have been exposed to us. President Bush went there in good faith and two weeks later the leadership of China stated that the September 11 attack was deserved. My response is to make every effort to not buy anything made in China. At present I sell a stainless steel water bottle made in China, and when inventory is gone it will not be replaced. Again, the U.S. government could establish sanctions. However,
wouldn't it be better if all U.S. manufacturers who buy goods from China phase them out? There are numerous poor countries that are capable of producing these products, and would be appreciative of the opportunity. There is also the U.S.A., a country with exceptional workers. Hitting them in their pocket book is the best way to get back at
them. So, whenever you go to a store try not to buy "made in China." If enough people choose not to buy the made in China products, the manufacturers will look for alternative countries.


The purpose of government is to protect the individuals of a country and their property. Our government has been put in a situation unlike any before and I think it is doing a good job. It is believed that as many as 20 additional planes were to be hijacked, and who knows what else was planned. By taking the actions we have domestically, I believe the
government has saved lives and property. In retrospect I applaud the government's plan of action in Afghanistan, which has been deliberate and calculating. Sure I would have liked to see them bombed immediately, as many others in this country wanted. But now that is being done effectively, as we are seeing, and the results are positive.
To the naysayers I say "tough". We were attacked. The cost to our country is enormous and some of it will never be regained, the most tragic being the loss of human life. The buildings will be replaced, however, and once replaced we will only be where we were on September 10, 2001. But there will not be any gain, only the loss of productive, innocent people.

I do not believe the Arab world thought we would take the actions we have. It is for this reason I believe the likelihood of further terrorist attacks has been stifled, not eliminated. We are the biggest kid on the block. Our resources dwarf the entire Arab world, and then some. We have put those resources to work here and abroad very effectively, some believe we could do more and I agree, but as a citizen of the United States I support what we are doing.

For more information on terrorism against the United States go to:


Wiggy's has for ten years been the supplier of vacuum-packed sleeping bags to the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. These bags are placed in the survival kits of fighters, transports and rafts. The reason Wiggy's has been the only supplier is because the Lamilite insulation is the only insulating medium that can be compressed under 20 tons of pressure and return to normal loft after its release. Many of my customers have asked about getting a vacuum-packed bag for personal survival situations; private aircraft, vehicle: because of extensive road travel and even on boats. Until now the cost had been prohibitive; the cheapest price I could buy the vacuum- packing service for was $235.00 per bag. I am happy to report that that price is now history. This past summer I installed the equipment to do the packaging in house. The price is now $175.00 per bag, which includes a stuff sack. The stuff sack in the past was also extra. The stuff sack is important, because after using the bag, you can not put it back in the blister
package, hence a stuff sack. In addition to the sleeping bags, we are also providing the military with vacuum- packed snowsuits that convert to a sleeping bag in the leg area. This item can not only be used as a sleeping bag, but if you have to move from one point to another you are wearing it. The temperature rating for the snowsuit is as cold as it can get. The cost is $450.00; not cheap, but, if necessary, worth it. 

Note: I am often asked how to store my bags, and I always recommend the stuff sack. For those who question that, remember that the vacuum-packed bags are compressed for years under 20 tons of pressure, without damage.


I am happy to report that the past year has once again surpassed the previous year, for which I am grateful. Wiggy's customer base has grown by several thousand. I become very aware of this whenever I mail the newsletters. My envelope supplier and mailing service are happy about that too. I was disturbed by the events of 9/11 as all of you were and that has kept me from sending out a September/October newsletter. I have been accumulating a fair amount of information pertaining to the new bogus materials that are out there, and will report about them in the January/February newsletter. 

In the meantime I want to wish all a very happy holiday season and the best to all in the New Year.
Remember please to be vigilant: with all of our successes militarily there are countless more of our enemies who have told us they are prepared to die for their cause.


These two--reason and freedom-- are corollaries, and their relationship
is reciprocal: when men are rational, freedom wins; when men are free,
reason wins.
Ayn Rand ["Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World,"
Philosophy: Who Needs It, 80; pb 66]

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