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a leather boot manufacturer

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The company is named NISOLO and their web site is www.nisolo.com

I looked them up on the internet. I asked if the used goretex and the answer was NO. they have a variety of leather boots to chose from and they seem to use the same soft finished leather I had which means no break in time.

I wrote to them asking if they would be interested in using Lamilite insulation and I do not expect they will answer until after the first of the year. I told them to look at the Wiggy’s web site.

This could be a bright spot for the new year. If anything I may drive business to them since they make what appears to be a fine quality boot.

I will continue to seek out other boot manufacturers that my customers can look at.

With that I hope the new year brings good things to one and all. 

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the easiest and least expensive way you stay warm

WHAT AM I SEEING OUT IN THE STREET!It is wintertime here in Grand Junction. Temperatures starting the day in the teens and rising to maybe 40 at the height of the day. Not particularly cold since we have very low humidity. But I see lots of people wearing thinly quilted jackets that they do not open when they go [...]

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AN INTERESTING STORYDear Jerry,As always, your spot on, on your analyst.I hope and pray, in the upcoming year of 2020,manufacturers,retailers,the militaryand consumers, will start lessoning to you.All your products are top of the line. All perform as you advertise. Happy New year,and my God you, your family and business.Best regards,LarryLanett, Al.P.S.I am 78 years young. You may use the above,if you wish.Larry’s [...]

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where does water come from that is our sweat

WHERE DOES THE WATER “SWEAT” WE PRODUCE COME FROM?It comes from our blood.“The source of this fluid is the spaces between the cells (interstitial spaces), which get the fluid from the blood vessels (capillaries) in the dermis”.I did not know where the water came from, so I went to the internet my primary or only source of information. When [...]

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merry christmas and happy hanukkah

EMAIL CONVERSATIONThe following email conversation took place today December 23, 2019. Dear Sirs,Merry Christmas! I am interested in purchasing an Ultra-Light rectangular sleeping bag with hood in black, but I have a question. First, let me tell you that I've been using your sleeping bags for many years (your outerwear, as well - for example, I live in [...]

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after the down stuff is the most unbelievable of stories

DOWN AND WATERRe Down bags...…. Short story.... An EFN down bag nearly killed me once...…. sucked up some water and I will say no more.Wiggy…...Wished you had a Canadian outlet....Season’s greetings.... Gav B....Ontario Can.Unfortunately I had to tell Gav I have tried to find a dealer in Canada who would sell Wiggy’s products and obviously I have had no success at [...]

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a follow up article

THE FOLLOWING COMMENT CAME TO ME TODAY ABOUT ME BEING THE ONLY ONE THAT MAKES TRULY – 60 DEGEE F SLEEPING BAGS.GREG STARTED OUT SAYING HE WAS NOT “UNKNOWN” AND I KNOW HIM AS A CUSTOMER.USA made bags that claim performance to -60...https://featheredfriends.com/collections/winter-expedition-sleeping-bags/products/feathered-friends-snowy-owl-ex-minus-60-down-sleeping-bag?variant=20310845980726 I could only find 1. ---FF probably makes one of these model bags a year if lucky [...]

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not good for your health

The following article is actually an advertisement by the HeiQ company. Thai company is a chemical company that has created in their minds chemicals that when added to fabrics made for clothing enhance the cloth in a myriad of ways such as making the water repellent, kill odors to name two. Now they have one flat out remarkable chemical that [...]

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am I the only one? yes!

NOT BEING THE ONLY ONE, BUT I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This morning a person known as “unknown” signed a comment to me that Wiggy’s was not the only company that makes - 60-degree F sleeping bags and Wiggy’s was not the only sleeping bag manufacturer in the U.S.A.I suspect he is a reader so I decided to answer “unknown” in this article.Unknown you [...]

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an interesting experience

THE TESTIMONIALS JUST KEEP COMINGThis one arrived this morning.Mr Wigutow,As you know I own for both my wife son and myself sleeping bags (-40 systems), ground pads, insulated chaps, sweaters, Antarctic Ducksback urban parkas, socks, sleeping slippers, your 12" boots, over boots, mittens, head covers, fishnets including 2nd layer (which work exactly as described a warm layer of air under [...]

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