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keeping you pet warm

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Since 1990 I have used a Wiggy’s bag. The number now is up to nine bags with four being gifts to others. The ultimate Wiggy’s test, which I did, is to get into a soaking wet Wiggy’s bag... and wake up dry. Amazing but true! I did it at 49 degrees and was never cold.

Today, I washed my beloved Springer Spaniel Buddy, dried him of (partly) with a towel only to find him later on our bed on top of the Wiggy’s TV blanket which he has taken over. I casually wrapped him completely up in the blanket as he made it soaking wet. I came back later, perhaps an hour plus, and he was still sound asleep after the two hours hunt this morning…well deserved. To my surprise, not only was the blanket dry but so was Buddy…amazing. My testing of Wiggy’s products only proves how your customers can count on your proven designs.

As a note, I think everybody should own a Wiggy’s TV blanket for personal comfort, for a guest sleepover, or just another cover when the power goes off. Another great product that might work in a king size bed size…hmmm!!!

All the Best and enjoy the Holiday Season,

Jeff Johnson


The title to the email was Jeff’s, not mine. It is obvious to me that smart people have smart dogs.

I have known for years that bot cats and dogs just love to sleep on their parents sleeping bags and the TV blanket has since its inception been a hot spot for them as well. But the wet and drying activity I have not given thought too. had I would have written about back then.

So, thank you Jeff for discovering and reporting that even a wet dog will be comfortably warm under a Wiggy product and dry it as humans do.

When you wash your dog and partially dry the dog then if you put a Wiggy dog jacket on him/her it will allow the moisture out but not the heat the dogs body is generating. Of course, you could always get a TV blanket and wrap the dog in it as well.

Jerry -

This is my second season in the DucksBack Alsaska Range Parka Shell (L-12 liner), and I have to tell this jacket is still the most amazing piece of clothing I have ever owned for outdoor gear! I especially love those cold wet rainy/snowy days while having the DucksBack material , it's amazing how the water looks like it is just soaking through and through - but in reality it just goes past the very thin membrane then comes rite out! Whats funny is when I am standing in line at the store I am the only person leaving a large puddle of water where I stand :) (I Love it!) I have had this jacket on in cold heavy down pours here in Denver and again I stay warm and dry! Love your stuff Jerry and thanks again for all you do in helping people stay safe!

– -Brady Hyland

I am very glad that I decided not to end the use of the DUCKSBACK material because of the many reports I have received about its performance in wet weather of all types. So, all you waterproof breathable people can suffer.


I saw the following article in the Nov/Dec issue of Textile World, titled “Sweat, Don’t Smell”. The article appears in their column “Quality Fabric Of The Month”.

A company Accel Lifestyles is offering “anti-stink” fitness apparel that is soft, durable and ethically produced using its Prema fabric.

What is Prima fabric? Prema fabric is a Suprima cotton/polyester blend with a trade-secret silver-polyester and anti-stink antimicrobial component that is incorporated during the yarn production stage.

I suspect the secret ingredient is mixed in with the chemicals that are used to make the polyester fiber. It cannot be blended with the cotton fiber, because all companies making these types of garments has always put their magic ingredient in with the polyester chemical. They further say in the article the “Suprima contributes durability, softness, and the polyester offers wicking attributes.

This one sentence tells you the people who own this company have no knowledge of how fabric function. Cotton whether Suprima a high-quality cotton fiber or the lowest quality ALL absorb moisture and allow for wicking to take place. Polyester does not now, did not yesterday and will not tomorrow ever wick any liquid. Even water!

“According to the company the Prema prevents the odor from entering the fabric in the first place. The silver Accel Lifestyle uses inhibits the growth of the smell-causing bacteria focusing on Gram positive and Gram-negative bacteria.”

I will now reframe from quoting any more from this article. I find it disgusting to learn of one more company that is offering a product based upon B/S information. They are gearing these products to those who go to gyms to work out. I am sure some of them will buy into this nonsense. When they discover these garments made with this material does not work as described they will be disappointed.

This type of “hype” surfaces from many companies. Do you know where the word “hype” originated? Back in the 60’s you had druggies using drugs to get high and they used hypodermic needle to put the drugs into their system. Eventually companies were “hyping” their products.

The other day a guy walks into the store wearing a north face jacket. I knew it was north face because there was a logo on the front and back. I asked if he had a contract with north face to promote their brand. He just looked at me not realizing what I was saying. You could say he was “hyping” the north face name. I told him if he bought a Wiggy’s parka he would not be a billboard for Wiggy’s. he did buy a sleeping bag for his grandson.

When I see the 50 years of “hype” that has gone into and I guess still does from gore for the bogus goretex I just shake my head. You know in all of these years of explaining why goretex and every one of the copycat’s product does not work nor can it ever work not one company has rebutted me or even written to me asking me to stop. The reason that has not happened is because they ALL know the truth about their products.

When it comes to insulations from various companies, I have presented the truth about what they “hype” and sell and again they just refuse to step up and say wait a minute etc. etc.

The other day I read an article in the online publication SNEWS serves the outdoor industry saying the outdoor retailor show is becoming irrelevant. Seems the attendance is dropped significantly and as such the exhibiters are spending a lot of money to see less and less potential or even customers because so many of these customers are seeing the same products year in and year out.

One exhibitor said that the conglomerates have been buying companies and in doing so have no interest in seeing new developments and making it difficult for new companies to enter into the marketplace. This is the reason we are seeing startups going into the internet and trying their best to make it as online companies.

I think this observation is a very good one. He also believes the outdoor retailer trade show days are numbered.

There have been a larger number than you can imagine of “mom and pop” shops closing for the past 3 or 4 years. These are the shops the startups would be selling if their product was worthwhile, but as they go who do the startups have left to sell.

The conglomerate needs to produce in China or wherever in Asia large quantities and that means dictating to the retailor what must be purchased and the “mom and pop” shops are shut out of being customers, so they ultimately go by the wayside.

If this company Accel Lifestyles products catch on, then they will be a prime company for the conglomerates to seek out buying and they will never even care to think about whether or not the product works or not.

Right now, the company makes everything in the USA but once in the hands of the conglomerate production will move to Asia as it always does.

Once in awhile some one will call me about selling Wiggy’s. they never tell me who they represent, and I always ask what the potential buyer knows about sleeping bags. They say that they will keep me on board for two years to teach them. The conversation never goes much longer since I have no intention of selling the company. If I did eventually what I have done would be bastardized and the Wiggy’s brand would not represent what I have created. Once again, I am not selling Wiggy’s.

Also, I intend to present the truth about materials that I find to be offered in garments with bogus claims and any new owner would let me do that.

And last but not least I would never receive the letters that I get like Jeff’s and that is something a would I would miss dearly.

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