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Thank you for sending me a set of replacement Fastex buckles and 1" webbing for my Arctic Bibs. You stand behind your products! The buckles are now sewn on and the bibs are once again fully functional. I own Wiggy's sleeping bags, sweaters, socks, leg jackets, and headgear because they outperform anything else on the market in quality and durability. I will be a customer for life.


Rob Merlo

Rob called me and explained how his buckles were melted and some webbing also damaged. So, I sent him the replacement parts. I expected a thankyou from him but not a further note letting me know his inventory of Wiggy products. Rob thank you very much.

What Our Customers are Saying...

Polar Vortex Warmth

I had purchased several of Wiggys Lamilite articles of clothing over the past year but have not had a chance to "really" put them to the test until the recent Polar Vortex came through Christmas weekend 2022. Temps in my area fell to below zero into the single digits with wind chills around -30 (F). Thought this was the perfect opportunity to test out my Lamilite socks, liner vest, and Kodiak mittens.

I bundled up before I took the dogs out and I was toasty warm. My hands, feet, and core body temp stayed warm and if not for my exposed skin on my face, I would not know that the outside wind chills were around -30. My dogs were eager to return to the nice warm house and I was thrilled to be so warm in such harsh conditions. Although I was not outside in -30 wind chills for several hours, I'm sure I would have survived if I needed to be exposed for that amount of time. Thank you Wiggy's for providing such quality clothing products!

– Angela Carter

When I read Angela’s story while on the front page of the web-site I had to publish it in a newsletter.

Her story and so many more like hers deserve to be published. They all say the same thing Lamilite a product made from the Climashield continuous filament fiber performs superbly in any product I use it for in any product they buy from Wiggy’s.

Thank you one and all who have purchased a Wiggy product.

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WINTER IS UPON US12-21-2022 Helena, MT -20 at my house this morning; went out for about 1 hour removing snow. Wore your head liner, super mittens, Nomex shirt jacket and socks. Was plenty warm. I have an arctic parka and may get to wear that this week. Cannot believe how warm your shirt jacket is. I have lived in Alaska, [...]

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-40 degree leather boots

-40 LEATHER SUPER BOOTS BY TIMBERLANDBut first an email I just received when I sat down to write about the -40 super bootsDear Jerry,I’ve used Wiggy’s products for years but still marvel at the performance of your insulation. A recent incident while deer hunting proved again there’s nothing like Lamilite.I’d overslept and was pressing to reach my tree stand [...]

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SOME COMPANIES HAVE SO MUCH GALL IT WILL TAKE A BAT TO KILL THEM WHEN THEY DIE. THEY WILL HAVE TO HAVE THEIR GALL BEATEN TO DEATH!New quality label for outdoor clothing systems15/12/2022 the following article is from sportstexiles online magazineA new quality label for sports and outdoor textiles by specialist research and testing firm Hohenstein has been designed to [...]

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TESTIMONIALS AND KEEPING YOUR FEET WARMMr. Wigutow, One has to agree with what you have said. As a professional soldier in Finland, I have used your bags for more than five years now. Mostly superlight FTRSS, but also the Alaskan model Mountain Hunter (excellent bag for the size) and Ultima Thule. They just work in the field and are very [...]

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why cff is and always will be best

WHY CONTINUOUS FILAMENT FIBERFILL [CFF] WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST INSULATING MATERIAL IN THE WORLDI have been in the business of selling synthetic fiberfill for use in general outerwear and skiwear since 1961 when all we had were chopped staple fiberfill products. Then in 1968 the continuous filament fiberfill product was introduced to these manufacturers and it was trade named [...]

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what a Marine has to say

Retired JarheadI'm a retired Marine. My best-ever mentor and boss introduced me to Wiggy's gear back in 1990ish. At the time I was a cold weather instructor at a Marine cold weather training base. This tour was followed by a stint at a special ops training unit. During these two tours of duty, I traveled all over the world [...]

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AfghanistanI was an employee/ contractor for another company in Afghanistan in 2006-2009. During my time there, I was part of a group of trades man that traveled from Forward Operating base to Forward Operating Base servicing the American Military. One night, while on a FOB 12,000 feet above sea level, we literally got hit with a snowstorm that dumped 6 [...]

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father knows best

FATHER KNOWS BESTJerry, Just a quick note to thank you for your outstanding products. A few weeks ago, my son and I went camping in north central Wyoming. We woke up to 6" of snow and temperatures in the low 20's with wind gusts up to forty mph. My son was critical of my leg jackets and told me [...]

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LAMILITEDamian Bloodstone I love your slumber bag for winter sleeping inside. I washed it recently and it only took 2 hours to completely dry while hanging in my shower. Never lost the loft as other bags have in the past. Your insulation is nearly bomb proof. I have other bags, socks, sundowners, and coats made with your insulation and [...]

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