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 Product Description

Now produced with DUCKSBACK material! The sweater is tougher, more wind resistant and for some... More stylish! 

The sweater has undergone an update that incorporates a DUCKSBACK shell material. Other than that it is still the same reliable garment—made with the L-6 Lamilite.

We call this a sweater since it replaces a sweater. It is extremely light in weight. The front zipper is backed by a draft baffle. The Lamilite insulation is the same as that used in the Overbag. The base of the garment is a nylon rib, as are the wristlets. The Raglan sleeve allows freedom of movement. It can be worn as is or under a variety of garments when layering. And is especially good as a foul weather liner...

Jerry, President of Wiggy's:"Having had my own sailboat for several years, I found out first hand the importance of what you wear under a waterproof garment. Either the sweater or vest is an excellent addition."

The sweater is completely machine washable.

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Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. Ducksback Sweater

    This is my second Ducksback product after a parka and it performs as advertised. It reminds me more of a puffy bomber jacket rather than a sweater. It is plenty warm for the 30 degree temperatures I’ve worn it and should have the same water resistance as the parka which is excellent.

    My only complaint is that the draft baffle, being filled with L-6 Lamalite impinges on the zipper and prevents zipping it up in a hurry. I have found that if I hold the baffle down by reaching inside the jacket it woks pretty well.


    I live in North Pole Alaska, YES! Santa lives here year around! I have lived here for 60 years which means 30 winters of -30 to -60 below for extended amounts of time. I KNOW COLD! I'm a firm believer in warm clothing and Wiggy's products won't let you down, the sweater is by far one of the best you can own to keep you safe in nasty weather, hand's down, no cold mother nature can throw at you the Wiggy's sweater will battle it off, if it doesn't we do not belong there!
    I own other Wiggy's products. The sleeping bags are just short of perfect, they have kept me warm and comfortable for years, just pick the bag for the temperature rang you'll be in and you are good to go. AND WIGGY'S IS MADE IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Like no sweater I own.

    Its called a sweater but its warmer than any other sweater I've ever owned. I have the Ducksback and have only had it out in a fine mist. The water did bead up on it but dried pretty quick once inside. Its really warm and comfortable. My only issue is the material on the draft tube gets caught in the zipper when zipping it up. The pockets are a nice size and are cut in a way so that stuff doesn't fall out while sitting or moving.

  4. Great Cold Weather Jacket

    Jerry, Ive been buying your products for several years now trying to replace all of my cold weather hunting gear. So far everything I've purchased is working as advertised and I will continue purchasing your products. The Ducksback sweater is a warm addition that I'm very satisfied with. Please offer your gear in more hunting camouflage patterns, since I'm sure this appeals to your fellow hunters.

    I've been following your boot dilemma, I have a pair of your Lamilite boots and love them. Since you are convinced you are out of the boot business, please consider offering your Lamilite socks in a L-6 platform. I have the sunwalkers for PAC Boots and would think L-6 sock would suffice for a thicker sock in a oversized non Gortex hunting boot. Looking forward to this hunting season since cold weather is no longer an issue. Lets see some more videos.


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