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Introducing the New DUCKSBACK Fabric!

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The new fabric sheds water exactly like water running down a ducks back. Therefore the name of the line is DUCKSBACK by Wiggy’s.

Since I received the sample yardage I have done some testing to make sure the material works as I have discovered with my rain coat and it does work that way.

The first garment will be a pullover in either black or olive green color which will be on the web site sometime later this month. The second garment will be a hooded fingertip length jacket with a full length zipper plus a zip-in liner using the Lamilite L-3. This garment will be placed on the web site after the first of the year.

As we have seen, companies have been promoting—unjustly I might add—a false sense of hope that they have a material that will permanently repel water using the phrase “waterproof,” as well as having the ability to allow moisture out, using the phase “breathable” (which is equally unjust since inanimate objects, as in the case of fabrics, are not living entities, so fabric has no ability to breathe or do anything for that matter—except lay there). The concept that all of these companies have worked under is laminating or coating a flat weave nylon, which had to be pure finished so the adhesive could stick the fabric and film together. That means the adhesive clogs the spaces between the yarns as well as microscopic holes in the film. However, whatever holes exist in the film or spaces between the yarns will allow water in. Water does seep in anywhere there is the slightest opening; this is called deleterious water action. The way they dealt with this action was to spray a water repellent on the fabric which does work for a rain or two. Then when the water starts seeping in, the action was termed “wetting out”. Also keep in mind that the perspiration coming out of your body, if you are wearing one of these garments, is incapable of moving out of the garment, PERIOD!

The difference between these erroneous advertised products and mine is simple: a weave that creates a shingle that does not inhibit the flow of the moisture from going down the garment. This is accomplished without the use of any water relent chemical (so it's also good for the environment) or laminating or coating anything. The water runs down the fabric just like water running down a duck's back.

I haven’t been as excited about a material since I discovered continuous filament fiber and how to work with it, now known as Lamilite/Climashield.

I can just see all of the film laminating machines worldwide looking for something to laminate. The entire adhesive no longer being needed! All of the water repellent treatment no longer needed. What will they ever do?!

I have received many suggestions as to the accoutrements to put on the garments, but I am of the opinion "the simpler the better," which will mean a lower price and without the excessive sewing on the shell fabric, the better off for the downward flow of water.

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