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Insulated Head Cover


 Product Description

Insulate your face & neck! An adjustable face flap allows the wearer to cover their mouth & nose, or expose the face entirely.

Originally developed as a hard hat liner for use by the oil field workers working on the North Slope pipeline in Alaska. There is a flap that covers the face with the exception of the eyes. It can be folded out of the way to the back of the neck and held in place with hook and loop. The insulation is our Lamilite. The shell and lining fabrics are denier nylon. Can be worn as is, under a hard hat, under a hood or for sleeping. The front and back give excellent protection for your neck. Completely washable.


Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. Great Products and Great Customer Service!

    I'm embarrassed to say that I just discovered Wiggy's in 2020. After purchasing a surplus ecotat/freedom shelter online, I reached out to Wiggy's via email with questions. To my surprise, Jerry, himself, responded quickly and even mailed me a copy of the configuration instructions for the ecotat/freedom shelter at no charge to me.

    Happy to have located an American manufacturer of outdoor gear, I'm beginning to replace my outgear and clothing with Wiggy's products. My 11 year old son actually liked the design of insulated head cover so I bought one for each of us. The stitching and quality of construction is excellent, they're light and comfortable to wear, and they definitely block the wind. I'm sure that my son and I will be wearing these for many years to come. I only wish they were offered in ducksback.

    Another note.... I was shocked to discover that despite how expensive shipping is these days Wiggy's doesn't charge an extra shipping fee. Based on the quality and prices of Wiggy's gear this is definitely a great deal.

    Thanks, Jerry! I appreciate your integrity, focus on customer service and quality, and keeping manufacturing in the US.

  2. Wiggy Awesome!

    I am a longtime, hardcore, dedicated Wiggy faithful. And so, when I my was faced with a situation of having to send a team of workers asked to install equipment (for weeks) on an industrial roof in the cold, harsh, winter storm month of January in Buffalo, NY - gearing them up with the best damn insulated clothing on this planet was easy. In fact, it was just a few clicks away! Wiggy!!!!!

    This insultated head cover is fantastic. It is absolutely warm and provides a wind breaking element to it. It has an adjustable flap that covers the face, which is very practicle. This has turned out to be the perfect clothing for my team and to anyone who is operating in harsh cold environments.

    This product is another example to me why I need to buy more Wiggy products beyond the sleeping bags.

  3. Insulated Head Cover

    I just received my Insulated Head Cover today.

    I couldn't cold-test it because I bought it before the cold weather got here, but based on previous experience with other Wiggys products, I have no doubts at all as to how it will perform as far as insulation goes. I have never yet been disappointed by the cold weather (or wet weather) performance of a Wiggys product.

    It has a small bib on the front and another on the back, which will add an extra layer of protection against any cold air sneaking past the collar of my jacket. I like that a lot.

    The actual size of the hood is large for me, but I am smaller than the average north american male. I dont imagine it would be too small for anybody. There is no elastic or draw string or other means of snugging or adjusting it, so I will probably wear a light skull cap or something similar over the top of it to help keep it where I want it. It seems like it would stay very secure and work well if held in place by a hard hat, but I didn't test that. Since I bought this for use in the oilfields, I'm sure I will end up using it under a hard hat at some point, though.

    It also has a face wrap which can be moved out of the way by wrapping around the back of the head to hook and loop when not needed, or pulled over the mouth and nose when cold enough. I can already see that there is potential for cold air to slip in under the bottom of the wrap and onto my lower face, so I am going to attach my own small piece of velcro hook and loop at the center bottom of the wrap in order to minimize that.

    I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of thickness and quality of shell material over the lamilite, but I was pleasantly surprised by the serious and rugged construction. Thank you Wiggys for only making quality products. This is no flimsy piece of head wear, it is serious and respectable. It feels like it might be nylon (?) outer, I'm not sure, but whatever it is, I would call it professional grade. It seems more than durable enough to wear every single day and get through the entire winter without replacing it, provided I dont lend it out or lose it someplace.

    With the exception of a possible improvement by adding a bit of velcro at the bottom of the removable face wrap, I can say that this item far exceeded my expectations and is well worth the money. The velcro at the bottom, and a piece of elastic or pull cord to bunch it up, are the only possible improvements I can think of. Given the Wiggys history, maybe there is good reason I am not thinking of, that it does not have those two features. Overall, I highly recommend this item for cold weather work or play. I haven't seen anything else this good on the market.

  4. Quetico canoe trip

    Added this head cover, the Wiggy's Liner Jacket and boot liners to the All Season Summer Bag to help lower my sleeping comfort range to 35F.
    Seems like it would be a good to have in the car for emergencies as winter approaches.

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