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Liner Jacket


 Product Description

The shell and lining fabrics are the same 70 denier nylon taffeta we use for our sleeping bags. The zipper is a reversible YKK #5 molded tooth zipper.

Insulation our L-3 Lamilite 

These products are impervious to water, keeps you warm even if wet. They will dry very quickly as well.


Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

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  1. Great liner

    Does exactly what is needed. Well built and works.

  2. Best liner Ive found.

    With weather and winds in interior Alaska dipping down below zero frequently I found myself disappointed with most commercial liners as they don’t move moister away from your body leaving you cold if you sweat at all.

    With this liner. Especially in periods where you have to work, and then idle, I have found I stay much warmer. I use under all my army gear or zipped into the jacket. As a stand alone jacket or under a vest it will keep you warm and windproof down to 20 or so (alone) and down to zero with a good vest.

  3. Babalú!

    A must have item for your kit. When I wear it, I get inspired and start singing “Babalú”. The wife says I look like one of the Mamba Kings because the sleeves look big on me. I ordered a medium and the sleeves run 25” and the heavy duty cuff adds 3 1/2” to the length. And it’s perfect because when you wear it, the insulated sleeve overlaps the cuff and that helps retain heat. Not good, if you want look cool. So size down for a fashion show. The liner fits well underneath all my light weight non-insulated jackets, and all light weight insulated shirt jackets. This liner, the way it’s built, has doubled my outer cold wear wardrobe by using it as liner on any jacket. And when I get home I take off my outer wear and wear the liner in the house… “Babalú!”. It’s also a perfect liner for any light weight rain jacket with a hood. I 100% recommend this liner!

  4. A great liner jacket. but could be improved dramatically.

    I own three of the long sleeved liner jackets and that is about all I wear. Own several more Wiggy's coats but don't need them often. My only complaint is they need pockets. I was able to get a friend to sew on two patch pockets and an inside phone pocket. Now they are perfect for me. Ducksback would be a nice touch.

  5. Another Win!! :)

    I wanted to give a woman’s perspective to help other woman buyers. I am 165lb. I ordered a size small I can comfortably wear a fleece or sweatshirt underneath it. I use around the house as I work from home. It is very comfortable, the inside is soft. And it’s very warm I used to have to wear several layers now I just wear this liner and I’m nice and warm! This is coming from someone who is cold if it’s 75 degrees in the house! Lol… I’m coming back for more gear!

  6. Great liner jacket.

    I wear only the linear most of the time hiking almost daily in fall, winter, and spring. Comfortable temp range for me from around 28F to 40F.
    I move fast enough that I can overheat in this jacket. I wear a head sock if the winds blowing very hard. It's seen better days. But, I go through a lot of brush and even though its got some small holes it working fine. Approx. 4 years old. Bought on sale and have been very happy with another quality Wiggy's product. (I have many). Only gripe, it needs a couple of patch pockets. I'd pay extra.

  7. incredible product

    Any outdoorsy person should get one ! It’s an incredible product at an incredible price point ! Made in USA !
    Perfect has a liner under a goretex hard shell jacket when static or as an outer shell

  8. Tried and Tested

    I have come to respect the functionality of this liner, so much so that I have it with me at all times to just throw on as a liner under my ACU, or coveralls when caught out in the open... I have owned this for upwards of 5-6 years, and although it will not win any fashion shows it does keep me protected from the cold and wind... I will eventually buy another as a back up that is how much I think of it. Try it, you will be surprised that it works well.

  9. bonus: TNF triclimate compatable!

    The perfect liner, hands-down better than my old issue field jacket liner that I adored.

    Good enough on its own to keep me comfortable in 30 degree weather, without overheating in 60 degree weather (which, in the Pacific Northwest is your average day for seven or eight months out of the year).

    As an unexpected bonus, the #5 zipper is compatible with a lot of zip-in liners used by the the north face. So this makes Wiggy’s liner the best option for added insulation in their ‘tri climate ‘ line of jackets as well.

  10. Worked great!

    Working the cold oilfields, putting this on under my FR jacket gave me a big help in endurance and lasting more hours. I only got rid of it after cold season was over because it was too soaked with oil to look at any more. Just ordered a replacement, the Alaska Range Parka Liner.
    One negative: the neck on this liner was kind of low cut, it would be much better if it had a neck collar, I had to compensate with a long balaclava to keep my neck warm. The rest of me was toasty though. Did the job, and then some!

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