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8" Lamilite Socks


 Product Description

A shorter version of the 13" tall socks. I recommend that they be worn in place of socks inside of boots. Some other areas for use are in waders when fly fishing and in a duck blind. Remember in all cases do not wear any form of traditional socks.

The fact that the foot generates more moisture than any other part of the body and that traditional socks retain that moisture is the primary reason people get cold feet, with Lamilite socks that discomfort will end.

Lamilite socks are designed to be worn in place of socks. They will not retain any moisture as wool, cotton or silk socks do. They also do not retain odor. They will not stretch out of shape no matter how long they are worn while out in the field. They can also be worn as booties when in your sleeping bag.

These socks are machine washable & dryable. They can be washed numerous times and will last for years. They will make any boot that you have perform better than any sock made.


 Product Videos

Wiggy's Lamilite Socks The Perfect Winter Sock for Dog Trainers
  • Wiggy's Lamilite Socks The Perfect Winter Sock for Dog Trainers
    Just a short video to tell you guys about my new favorite wint...

Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials


    Unlike regular socks they always feel dry on the inside. The water leaving your skin by sweating and vapor diffusion is rapidly pulled away by the Lamilite.
    They arrive from the factory nearly odor-free, smelling only of clean nylon fabric. I can’t explain why they don’t become funky with use. I wore them for three months of weekend hikes, without washing, and they still didn’t stink. The only change was some loss of loft.
    After washing the original loft is restored.
    I wondered how durable they would be, but after a year they still look new.
    This is a fantastic product.

  2. long overdue testimonial

    Hello Jerry,
    Been using your Lamilite Socks for a few years now, and wish I would have found them sooner. Little background, I had some frostbite while serving in the Air Force (pretty common story) when I was younger and my feet have been susceptible to the cold since. As a bicyclist I had tried all the various wool, fleece and neoprene socks, but my feet would still eventually get cold, that is until I tried your Lamilite socks. They do take a little getting used to, wearing just the sock with no liner feels odd at first, but give it some time, it's well worth the results of having warm toes and feet. I do use an extra wide blousing band at the top of the sock so any extra fabric doesn’t get caught in the gears and my girlfriend does affectionately call them my elf socks, but I couldn't care less what I look like wearing them, no more cold toes!

    Recently, I was in Iceland for vacation to see the northern lights, it wasn’t too cold (mid 20's at night, 30's during the day) but most of the other members of our tour group were complaining about having cold feet, even though they were wearing their pricey Packboots /Duckboots, I was just wearing my Lamilite socks and a light hiking shoe (sneaker on steroids) and was comfortable the entire time. I only had brought two pairs with me, cutting down on what I needed to pack for the trip and washing the socks in the sink, they were dry the next morning.

    On the return trip back to US, we decided to stay in NYC for a few days and wow, it was a lot colder than Iceland with temperatures in the teens and the typical NYC winds made it feel like even colder, again the Lamilite socks never failed to keep my toes from getting cold. What surprised me, was walking 8 to 9 miles each of the days, I thought the seams that I feel while wearing had the potential to create a "hot spot" or blister, but never did, I had always used a liner and sock to avoid blisters, but with your socks, no blisters either.

    Slowly I have been converting my friends and family that complain about having cold feet to give Wiggy's socks a chance, the easiest way I have found is to just buy the socks and give as gifts, again it takes some persuasion, but once they don’t have cold feet/toes, they are believers!

    Thanks again for providing some really wonderful products.


  3. An Invaluable Sock

    I've owned a pair of Wiggy's Lamilite socks since November 2017. I've used them rigorously for several months, and they've been with me on several hikes during the cold months in Houston Texas, as well as to Canada. These socks will blow any sock out of the water bar none. I'm often used to using socks that hold and retain moisture, may it be made of Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Acrylic, and any mix match in between. I've owned socks by REI, Smartwool, Varusteleka, and many others. While for casual use they may have their place, on long strenuous hikes, their inherent ability to retain all of the sweat makes them unusable after two days maximum. With the Lamilite Socks, they went the distance, and managed to function throughout the entire one week trip to Canada.

    I was able to learn first hand in Waterloo at -5 to 15 degrees celsius, that once you get moving sweat builds up, and if that sweat is retained your feet become incredibly uncomfortable and cold. I made the terrible mistake of going in with two pairs of Cabelas socks, and only one pair of Wiggy's Lamilite Socks. If I hadn't had the lamilite socks to put over the Cabelas socks, my feet would've been in a world of pain. In fact, once they were soaked enough, I ended up removing them completely and managed just fine with the lamilite socks alone. I hate to imagine what it would've been like had I not been wearing the Lamilite Insulated Chukka Boots as well. Thankfully I at least had the sense to leave the Goretex boots at home, or it would've been a nightmare. I wore the lamilite socks just about every day, and even wore them to bed. On the nights I took them off, they would be crispy from the saturation of sweat. I'd literally dip them in water and soap, and dry them out with a hair dryer. By putting the hair dryer into the sock, you will get to see first hand how well these socks push moisture away from the feet. Within twenty minutes on the low setting, the socks were bone dry and ready for action.

    It should be noted that these socks pack down very small, and are easy to fit in any backpack. It was odd having a sock that didn't stay on the foot, but once you put on your shoes/boots, it actually turns into a comfortable plus. I eventually wore a hole in one sock towards the heel, but it was easily repaired using the speedy stitcher sewing awl. Despite this, Jerry offered me a full refund if i didn't want to repair it myself!

    These socks have become an invaluable part of my winter clothing, and are essential for any hiking trek into the cold. I am very thankful to have had these during my trip, and will be buying more before I go anywhere cold again. Thank you for such a great product Mr. Wigutow.

  4. Quetico canoe trip

    I used these socks for 10 days in the Canadian Wilderness park of Quetico. I paired them with my "jungle boots" in place of the neoprene socks I tried last year. Portages require standing in water to unload and load canoes several times a day and then hiking variable distances(100 yards to 2 miles). The trip temperatures ranged from 35F at night to 75F daytime. Wiggy's socks kept my feet from getting cold, dried much quicker and did not hold any odors. They dried quickly enough to allow me to wear them to bed for more warmth; something I never could do with the neoprene socks. I usually wear a size 12 shoe but went down to a size 11 for the socks and still had extra room.

  5. extremely comfortable and quite insulating


    I've been wearing the lamilite socks inside my White's logger boots and must say they are extremely comfortable and quite insulating. I first started with an over-the-calf polypropolyne liner sock inside the lamilites, but have since switched over to just the lamilites. I ordered a second pair and just received them. This is a great product.

  6. dry and warm


    First of all, I had the opportunity to try out the insulated socks I recently purchased, work like a charm. I wore them with just a pair of uninsulated boots but they did have a waterproof membrance and therefore the boot held the moisture, feet were dry, inside of boot moist, but feet stayed warm.

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