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13" Lamilite Socks


 Product Description

In December 2013 I came out with the Lamilite socks. I recommended that they be worn in place of socks inside of boots. Some other areas for use are in waders when fly fishing and in a duck blind. Remember in all cases do not wear any form of traditional socks.

The fact that the foot generates more moisture than any other part of the body and that traditional socks retain that moisture is the primary reason people get cold feet, with Lamilite socks that discomfort will end.

Lamilite socks are designed to be worn in place of socks. They will not retain any moisture as wool, cotton or silk socks do. They also do not retain odor. They will not stretch out of shape no matter how long they are worn while out in the field. They can also be worn as booties when in your sleeping bag.

These socks are machine washable & dryable. They can be washed numerous times and will last for years. They will make any boot that you have perform better than any sock made.


 Product Videos

Wiggy's Lamilite Socks The Perfect Winter Sock for Dog Trainers
  • Wiggy's Lamilite Socks The Perfect Winter Sock for Dog Trainers
    Just a short video to tell you guys about my new favorite wint...

Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. Trapper's best friend

    I wear muck boots all day and they don't breath.
    Even when wearing 100% merino socks I end up getting soggie wet socks and cold toes.
    Bought a pair of these to try and I will never go back to anything else.
    They are warm even with persiration, dry very quickly and also seems to keep my boots drying faster (some days I wake up to damp boots from not having enough time to dry them overnight) because they seem to absorb most of the moisture.
    They also don't smell too bad even after multiple days without changing.
    Been wearing for about year, washing ever 2 weeks and they are not showing significant wear / damage.
    I will be buying another few pairs.
    it's too bad they don't have 1/2 sizes but I am grateful at least they go down to a size 3. I am between 3-4. The 3 were too tight so I had to cut some threads to fit. Will try size 4 for the next order.
    If you work in the field or outdoors in norther canada or Alaska... you will want to have these.

  2. COVID Cold

    Hello Wiggy’s...
    2 things:

    A few years back I purchased a pair of Lamilite socks and have been ever grateful. Early February we received our 1st COVID vaccine shot because we’re old (we had covid back in November and it’s some nasty stuff!). My reaction was as bad as the virus itself but only lasted a day. During the night my feet were so chilled I just couldn’t get warm, I mean freakin’ freezing! I dug out the lamilite socks, put them on, and TA DA: my feet become warmer than toast allowing me to get much needed sleep! Thank you!

    2nd thing: Have you ever considered an over-the-calf model of lamilite socks, with just a tad of elastic to hold them up? I find the loose fit tempts me to put a pair of my regular o-t-c socks on over them (but I don’t). Just a thought...

    Thanks for quality! RJ Holz


    Unlike regular socks they always feel dry on the inside. The water leaving your skin by sweating and vapor diffusion is rapidly pulled away by the Lamilite.
    They arrive from the factory nearly odor-free, smelling only of clean nylon fabric. I can’t explain why they don’t become funky with use. I wore them for three months of weekend hikes, without washing, and they still didn’t stink. The only change was some loss of loft.
    After washing the original loft is restored.
    I wondered how durable they would be, but after a year they still look new.
    This is a fantastic product.

  4. Fantastic

    I bough two pairs of these based on the positive reviews I had seen and I wasn't disappointed.
    I wear them in my Wellington boots (what you would call rain boots I suppose) and they are amazing.

    The moisture is wicked away so that after being worn for hours, my feet are still dry even though the outside if the socks are damp and the lining of the boots are wet.

    I not sure what rating these had for insulation, but even though its never terribly cold here in Ireland, my feet are just warm enough (without being too warm). You forget that you're wearing them after a while.
    An added benefit is that because there's two layers (at least) of material between your feet and the soles of the boots, you wont get friction blisters if you are doing a lot of walking - something that has happened to me when my wool socks got wet and were gripping the insides of the boots

    My only regret is that I bought the shorter ones rather that the 13 inch because I figured I'd be wearing them in hiking boots rather that my wellies. But a new order will fix that!

  5. 13" socks in 90 degree heat.

    I've been wearing these as the weather got warmer. Local temperature has been in the low 90's a day or three. They work just as well as during the winter. When I remove them at the end of the day, the inside of my boots and the bottom of the liners are soaked, but my feet are dry. I'm definitely going to try the new lightweight summer socks. Thank you for all of the great products Wiggy's makes.

  6. previous testimonial

    Sorry, I meant to sign it but got distracted by that recaptcha thing!

  7. replacing my wool socks

    These socks do indeed keep my feet warmer than wool. They dry quickly, if soaked, and my feet don't seem to sweat. I know that they do, I just don't feel it because it passes through so quickly.

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