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SunWalker 2


 Product Description

PackBoot Liners

It is no longer necessary to carry multiple pairs of liners. With the SunWalkers all you need is one pair!

The SunWalker 2 is 10" tall for sizes 7 & 8; all other sizes are 12" tall (compared to the 8" height of the original SunWalker). This new size is appropriate for all of the taller snow boots that are available today.

The SunWalkers will generally fit most pack boots on the market. So if you have a current pair, upgrade to better insulation in warmth & moisture control.

Shell and lining are waterproof 200-denier oxford nylon. Insulation is Lamilite. the core of the sole 3/8 inch close cell foam. Will fit any brand of pack boot. You will wear out your pack boot before you wear out the SunWalkers. In addition they can be used as booties. You will never again be concerned about wet pack boot liners.


Please Note: Sleeping bags are sold via the outer shell color. The color of the interior lining is subject to change and may not match current photos on our site. If the interior color is important to you, please call us at +1 (866) 411-6465 to place your order.

Product Testimonials

  1. Really great as a slipper/ booties or in the Wiggy's Mukluks

    I had a hard time fitting these in my Kamik and Sorel boots but I prefer these to the booties. However, I just got the Mukluk's, however, and these fit great in the Mukluk plus the lamilite socks and I'm so toasty. I'm using this on a trip to Greenland and it's a fantastic product that is compressible and lightweight. Well done.

  2. Love These Booties

    I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing these booties either as a layer on my boots or alone like house shoes. Right now it is 3 degrees and feels like -13 degrees, I was just out riding my 4 wheeler in the snow and was super comfortable.


    SunWalkers weigh less than any other pac boot liner I’ve used, yet they are warmer. Warmer because your feet stay dry.
    Your pac boot uppers may be vapor permeable but the rubber bottoms aren’t and after even a short hike there’s always a puddle of perspiration down there. Conventional liners will be wet through to your socks along the footbed. With Wiggy’s Lamilite the outside of the SunWalker may be wet, but the inside is still dry!
    SunWalkers work great inside Wiggy’s Mukluks. Coupled with Lamilite socks it’s the warmest I’ve been in a treestand.

  4. Impressed with the Sunwalkers

    I'm in my late 30s and being from Canada I grew up in packboots, the old made in canada Sorels with the felt liner is what I wore 5-6 months out of the year.

    I bought new packboots 5 years ago from Sorel only to find out that the boots are now made-in-china junk, the company was bought by columbia sportswear USA and now everything is made in china.

    I only remember having cold feet with my made-in Canada ones on very rare occasions (-40c/-40F), but always had cold feet with the cheap Chinese-made boots, they're useless below -10c/14F, I tried very heavy-duty wool socks inside them and still cold feet.

    I suspect that Columbia sportswear being based out of Oregon has no clue about the cold and isolation, so they tell the Chinese to make the boots with thinner materials and the Chinese do and then the Chinese probably source the worst quality materials they can find so they can make a profit. That's the new sorel boots for you.

    Since the heavy wool socks failed, I started looking for quality liners. I decided to give the sunwalkers a try and wow, what a difference they make. it's like a brand new pair of packboots, these are better than the made-in canada felt liners from old.

    They are truly incredible, even wearing cotton socks my feet stay warm. Combining with the lamitlite socks it blows anything i've tried out of the water. You can really walk fast and hard and not worry about cold feet (my feet do feel clammy though, but when I touch them they are dry)

    Next year, I will be buying Kamik packboots for made-in Canada quality and combine them with the sunwalkers and lamilite socks for the ultimate winter combo.

    Once I buy my Kamik packboots, I'll get the sunwalkers booties tailored if they need it.

    They're simply the best liners I've ever had, if you're hesitant just stop, get the sunwalkers, and say goodbye to cold feet.

    If wiggys made kids sizes I would buy all sizes for my kids' boots.
    Please make kids sizes for the sunwalkers.

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